Homemade Toothpaste with MorningPep Xylitol

I am no tree hugger, but I do believe natural remedies are the best. They are healthier and will save me money in the long run. If it saves trees, then I'll take that as a bonus. With that being said, I've been introducing myself to more natural products lately. I want to be more natural and rid myself of as many toxins as possible.

It is hard to find items and ingredients that do not contain harmful junk in them such as toothpaste. I mean, have you ever looked at the warning label on your toothpaste? There is stuff in there that I cannot even pronounce. Do I really want to use that? It hasn't hurt me in all these years, but really, who knows?

I was just looking at the branded toothpaste the other day and there are warning labels containing statements such as, “If ingested contact poison control." I'm pretty sure we all have eaten toothpaste before. I also read " Do not use more than 4 weeks." So, what are you supposed to do after 4 weeks? Stop using toothpaste? I’ll admit, I do not have real good teeth, but I have brushed my teeth regularly all my life. I’m ready to try alternatives. I believe things are put on this Earth for the good. Therefore, natural is best.

I have been wanting to make my own toothpaste for a while so I began doing some research on natural options and found the perfect concoctions.

One ingredient I used is Morning Pep Xylitol 100% pure natural sweetener (made in the USA).
This sweetener is perfect for coffee and baking as it looks and tastes just like sugar (without the bitter after taste other sweeteners can leave behind). It contains 40% fewer calories than sugar, low carb and glycemic index, making it safe for diabetics. There are also no wheat, soy, dairy, corn, or gmo found in this product. It is also declared safe by FDA.

So why am I using this in my natural tooth paste recipe? Other than adding a pleasant sweetness to my tastes buds, Xylitol also has many dental health benefits. Here are just few just to mention:
  • Starves and kills bacteria for better oral health.
  • Protects tooth enamel as it has the ability of materialization deep in the layers of enamel. 
  • Great for bone health (so remember that when using it as a sweetener for ingestion). 
  • Fights yeast bacteria.
  • It even reduces inner ear health by killing bacteria in the mouth that can cause ear infections. 
Are you ready for the recipe to this remarkable tooth paste using only 4 ingredients? Well wait no longer. Start bettering yourself with this and other safe natural home remedies.

Natural Homemade Toothpaste

1/2 Cup -Coconut Oil (also kills harmful bacteria)
3 Tbls- Baking Soda (for whitening)
1 Tbls- Xylitol (sweetener with dental benefits )
1 Tsp *Mint Flavoring.
*I used pure mint flavoring but you can also use cinnamon or essential oils.

Melt the coconut oil in a glass bowl for about 30 seconds in microwave.
Once melted, add remaining ingredients and mix until smooth.
Place in a small glass jar with lid and let cool completely before using.
(The oil will separate, so I would just shake the jar a couple times during cooling to keep it mix up 
or you can simply mix it before using. 
Either way makes a nice paste)

To use: Dip toothbrush directly or use small spreader or spoon. 
You can also add the paste to a small silicon squeeze bottle then apply to toothbrush. I found my little bottle at the dollar store. It’s actually a salad dressing holder and it works perfect. 

I will be using this MorningPep Xylitol sweetener in a lot of my baking and as a necessity for my morning cup of Joe. 
So stay tuned for some healthy sugar free recipes coming soon. 

Where to shop:

I have been financially compensated for this post. 
The opinions are completely my own based on my honest experience. 

WARNING: Xylitol can be toxic for dogs.

So Much Rain

Oh my gosh Betty! It has rained so much here in North Carolina. I think it has rained every week since August. I think rainy days are cozy and peaceful but it has been non stop all this past week with only a few peeps of sunshine when the clouds break up a little. We have flood warnings. I have never seen a flood here other than low spots in yards aound the area.

The temperatures go from 30 to 60 on any given day and we have even had some thunder and lighting. They say 10 days after Winter thunder, snow will fall. I’m not sure about that. 
I try not to complain about what the Lord throws down on us, but I really need some sunshine. 

It’s so wet that that I’m trying to save earthworms around here. Haha. 

Then there was this puddle in the yard I have been anylizing all week through the living room window. I made it an oppertunity to try out my handmade sail boat I made from a peice of dift wood I found on the beach. 

It did float and I had a little fun. Who cares if I looked like a weirdo playing in mud puddles at my age. 

Whats the weather like in your area?

Best Wax Melts

I few months ago I purchased a cute little electric wax burner for my work office. I'm not a fan of burning candles in my office because of fire hazards in the work place so this works perfect. 
(It's not dirty it's just painted that way).

Once again I logged into my favorite candle shop "GooseCreek Candles". They offer more than just great smelling clean candles, but they also have the best wax melts.

With over 120 different fragrances in the wax melts. It always takes me a while to decide on the one I want.

I have enjoyed almost all of the ones I've tried, but my favorite so far is the "Frozen In Time". It has a clean scent that is not too sweet or floral. There is just something about this one that works well with my allergies. Combinations of vanilla peppermint, frosted grapefruit, citrus, and frozen snowdrops give off an aroma that's comfortable on my sinuses and make me feel warm and cozy all day.
Now if I can figure out how they got the frozen snowdrops in there. ha.

These wax melts/tarts are better than any other brand you can get from a local store. They never lose there scent and stay strong for 50 to 80 hours. I will turn my wax burner off at the end of my shift and simply turn it back on the next day. One melt will last me all week. Everyone that walks into my office wants to sit and stay awhile just to soak in the good smell.

Goose Creek candles and wax melts are made right here in the USA with high quality fragrance that do not include any chemicals. You can to relax in your home or office without worrying about your health.

Each wax melt container comes with 6 wedges ready to use. They are inexpensive and shipping is quick. What are you waiting for? Go check them out today.

Shop for these wax melts and more.

This product was purchased by me, for me. 
Reviews and honest opinions are all my own.

How Do You Handle The Negative?

We all know people that are always negative. Those that kill your mood with negative and pessimism.

I turn on the Internet and TV and all I hear is negative news, complaining and conflict! I decide to Turn on music instead. I log onto my social media and all I see are negative post and stories. I will hide these people from my view. But then I think being positive is not ignoring the negative, but instead, overcoming it. But how?

What about family members or friends that can never find anything positive to say? The ones you love and want to see do better, but unwilling to better themselves and continue complaining about it. No matter what you say, they come back with a negative remark. They will always find bad in everything good. They hate life and dwell on bad news.

I know a person that will complain about their weight but instead of listening to my advice, they return a photo of themselves eating a dozen donuts or a pint of ice cream and think its funny. people will do this to discourage you from reaching your own goals by trying to prove it's not possible.

What about that person that hates the way they look? No matter how you convenience them they are beautiful, they get mad at you and call you a lair. They simply will not accept a compliment. So you snap back and tell them before anyone else can like them, they have to like themselves. This is true fact by the way. I get tired of wasting my time trying to change someone that is not willing to change themselves.

Image result for Negative people meme

I am proud of myself for losing 50 lbs. But it does not always come with sparkles and rainbows. I more often walk into a room and hear people say, "you make me sick" or "it must be nice to be able to lose weight", than hear anyone congratulate me. I have to remember to smile and hold my chin up. It took a lot of work to get where I am. I refuse to let them bring me down to their level of unhappiness.

Negative people will suck the optimism right out of you. They wonder why they do not have friends and its because the heave a reputation of always being negative. No one wants to be around that.

I have decided to limit my exposure to these kind of people.

How do you handle negative news or negative people?

Valentine Date

Hope everyone had a happy Valentines Day. My Valentine surprised me with some candy, wine and reservations at a fancy restaurant up town called Webbs Custom Kitchen. The reservations were for 6:00 so I took off work a little early to make time. This was our first visit to this restaurant but it was not the first time inside this building.

Webbs Custom Kitchen gets it name from it's history that dates back to 1920 when it was a popular movie house call none other than the "Webb Theatre" housing one screen and 826 seats. 

Here it is back in the 70’s

Here it is today

The streets were blocked in front of the restaurant because they were filming a Hallmark Movie. I was hoping to walk in the fake snow but unfortunately they had already taken it away.....here is a secret. It was only cotton and they just toss it in the trash cans afterwards. 

Walking into the restaurant brought back some memories. I remember daddy taking me to my first movie back in 1976 here. The movie we saw was King Kong. It frightened me and had me in tears at the end. Feels like just yesterday. I also remember daddy taking me to this same movie theater to see the first Star Wars Movie.

As we entered, it was like walking back in time. The original projector was on display and there were other preserved pieces of  history displayed through out. Even though the old building has had major renovations and a new modern look, you can see flashbacks of the rustic brick walls, arched ceiling and balcony that still remain. They had a movie screen showing old black and white (silent) movies during dinner. It themed well with the atmosphere like live art work.

We were seated on the lower section but the staff insisted we go to the balcony seating to get a good view of the movie screen and open view kitchen. They also encourage you to walk up to the kitchen window and take a look at the cooks preparing the meals.

We started off with an appetizer  of “Duck Cigars’”. (We call them duck egg rolls.)
Excuse the blurry photos but I tried to be discreet taking photos at the table. But I mean, A blogger has to do what a blogger has to do.

For our dinner course, we both chose the filet mignon medallions topped with blue cheese on bruschetta.  

I fell in love with the taste of this chocolate Martini. This was the first time I have ever had a Martini. I’'m sure they are not all this good. It was so sweet and creamy.........and small. 
But I just had too...Did I mention it was Godiva?

Oh speaking of desserts, we shared a piece of New York Cheese Cake to finish off the meal.

We took half of our meal and cake home with us because we did not want to leave feeling stuffed, but did leave feeling satisfied and now Nick has enough left overs for another meal while I resort back to Nutrisystem. 

This was a nice valentine treat from my love and we talked about doing it again soon. The food was delicious and the staff was pleasant.

We had a Hollywood night.

Crochet Halters

Today your getting another crochet post. In case your wondering what I have been working on lately,....Com on, I know you have...

Well, I wanted to make some socks....and I did but, Oh my gawsh! While they are cute, they are not something I enjoy walking around on hardwood floors in. Talk about rough on the feet. I felt like I was turning my heels into waffles.

Needless to say, my crochet socks were a fail. Knitted socks are way more comfortable so if anyone would like to make me a homemade pair I would love you forever.....I'm serious.....I'll send you my mailing info, just ask.

So, I decided to crochet these cute little Simple Summer halter tops.

No, silly, not for me.
At 49 (almost 50) years old, I do not think I can rock a halter top.....Ok maybe I'll try this summer who knows. But for now, I just hope to sell them in my Etsy shop so I can have some beach money.

They are simple to make (says the fiber artist). I found a basic pattern and added a few of my own special touches. I also played around with a different stitch..

I made a granny square halter a while back. It still sits in my shop waiting for an owner. Again, I can't pull the look off, but some cute little beach babe or boho chic could.

I think they all turned out adorable and were fun to make. I would pair them with a pair of shorts or boyfriend jeans.

Handmade halters and more at LiLiDi on Etsy

Distressed shorts- Rue21.
Earrings- Sashka Co.
 Fedora- Ebay

Free Pattern to the Original Simple Summer Halter can be found at

Ready For Valentines Day

Valentines day is one of my favorite days of the year. I do not usually get flowers or boxes of candy but there is just something about the love in the air that makes me happy all day. Me and my Valentine plan to have a nice dinner somewhere but nothing fancy, unless hes has a surprise up his sleeve. 

I celebrate Valentines by decorating a little around the house. I have my handmade heart garland on my mantle and lots of red linens and decor throughout the house. I also love wearing something Valentiny (is that a word?)

This year I'm choosing to wear this little heart print sweatshirt to work. It's bright fun and comfy.

After work I'm wearing my favorite pink crop sweater and high waist jeans paired with a pair of patent black sock booties. 

My daughter came by and we had her a little gift bag full of valentine treats. (Did I mention shes 27?) She will be back home on Friday to spend the weekend with us and I plan to make her the traditional heart shape pancakes as I have done every year. This is always a fun treat. I'll also be making heart shape brownies and muffins. Even my drinks will be served with heart shaped ice cubes.

The other day I showed off my favorite Nutrisystem "Whoopie Pie" dessert on Instagram. I decorated with a dollop of cool whip and heart shape sprinkles. It was divine!

By the way, If your on Instagram, I’d love you to follow me at LILIDI_MEO. 

The past two Valentines Days we had cold snowy weather. This year it suppose to be in the 60s. Maybe me and my Valentine will enjoy the weather and take a little Valentine power walk after dinner. Maybe we won’t [wink wink].

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?

Pink Crop Sweater- Wild Fable -Target
High Waist Jeans- YMI- Wanna Bigger Butt Jeans - Belks
Valentine Heart Top- Forever21 -Forever21
Black Patent Sock Booties - Bamboo- Charlotte Russe

Woven Slip Knot Bracelet

Holy cow! I just made this slip knot bracelet using a cracker box. Seriously! Just wait for it....

I have been seeing these cute weaved or braided slip knot bracelets online and in stores. During the 80's and 90's, we called them friendship bracelets. They are making a come back and the market is flooded with them.

I knew I could make my own if I could just figure out how to make the slip knot. I used to know how to make all kinds of knots when I was younger. It seems like every kid was taught this in school. Maybe it is some kind of survival technique we will need in the future. But now, I just want a cute little bracelet, so I freshened up on my knot course.

(excuse the blown out tattoo)

I didn't have any wax string needed to get the original look so I turned to some crochet thread instead.
The thread was too thin. I looked to see how I could crochet in some thickness. That's when I came across an idea of using a piece of cardboard cut in a circle with a hole in the center and 8 slots around. The way the string is moved around the board creates a weave that magically comes out of the hole in the center.

Ok, I had to try it, so I put down the crochet hook and ran into the kitchen where I knew there was an empty cracker box that Nick just finished off. I cut and slotted it then headed back to the instructions.

By golly it worked. It was sort of a long process, but it actually created a tight weave using 7 strings of thread. It was so easy a kid can do it. I just suggest thicker string for a quicker process.

After I had the length I needed, I tied if off. I made it adjustable by adding a slip knot and decorated it with a couple beads. I like how it turned out. I also like how it looks paired with my Alex and Ani string bracelet.

Instructions I used for the woven bracelet can be found HERE.
Alex and Ani Bracelet can be purchased HERE.

Game Day Sunday Dress

Did you watch the big game this past Sunday? Me and the Mr. are not a big football fans but when the Super Bowl comes on, we make it a thing. We complete all our errands, pick up a couple snacks from the grocery store and stay in. We do not go out to any Super Bowl parties. We just do our own thing.

In light of Super Bowl Sunday I usually will wear a dress to church in my favorite team colors. I did not have a color of either team in my closet. What I did have was a dress I purchased this past Fall off the clearance rack at TJMaxx.

(Unfortunately I accidentally permanently deleted my original Sunday Morning photos,
 so today your getting cheesy mirror selfies after a long days work!)

This dress has been hanging in my closet for months because I did not know how or when to wear it. I wasn’t a big fan of it. The only reason I bought it was because it was only $2.00 and I didn't want to turn down such a bargain. (It's a girl thing).

My plan was to wait until spring and wear it for fun with my white Adidas tennis shoes, but for now, I took my chances with black tights and booties. The temperatures were in the 60's so the quarter length sleeves and nylon fabric felt nice. With the floral print and sports stripes on the neck line and sleeves, I thought it made the perfect dress to wear to church on Super Bowl Sunday.


After church we went out a little while then took a power walk around the neighborhood. Once we were settled in, we made burritos for dinner. While waiting on the game to start, I cooked up a batch of homemade granola. It was delicious eaten alone but would also be great as a topping to yogurt, ice cream or cereal.

Needless to say, I thought the game was rather boring and the commercials were not funny. I actually thought they were mostly ridiculous and my attention went to doing more crocheting.

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl?
Did you go to any Super Bowl parties or have your own?

Dress by: TACERA (find similar here)

Pho Feel'n

Whenever a new place to eat opens up in town, we like to visit it then we talk about it all the way home. Does anyone else do this?  We decided to try a new Asian Cuisine restaurant in town during restaurant week called "Pho Feel'n.

As we entered, we were greeted by a very friendly staff and a cute little hostess as my eyes were drawn to the original rustic wood floors of the old building and rows of pillows along the wall seating in the dining area. I'm weird, so I chose to sit in a chair at the table instead of a pillow lined bench. I just can't touch loose throw pillows in a public place not knowing who or how many people have been wollaring on them. That's just me. But it was cute. 

After we were seated, we took a look at the menu and made our choice. Or should I say choices. We ordered twice! We had intentionally decided to just share a few different appetizers as our meal. We ordered the Lemongrass chicken skewers, Fresh Summer Rolls with peanut sauce and Spring rolls.

While we waited, I decided to try a bubble tea. I have always wanted to try one. After the waitress explained the different flavors and some of the customer favorites, I decided on the Thai Tea flavor (I think). It was creamy and made me think of a caramel or butterscotch flavored milkshake. 
Bubble tea is a tea based drink with milk or fruit and chewy tapioca balls and jelly added. 

I loved this bubble tea. It was fun slurping the large chewy tapioca balls through the extra fat straw they supplied.

Once we finished our appetizers as a meal, we were still not satisfied (I really should have stopped here) so we decided to share the "Pork Banh Mi". 

This was on french bread with marinated pork, Japanese mayonnaise, cilantro and carrots. No complaints on this sandwich either as we devoured it in few quick bites. Yum.

What did we think about it?

Everything we ate was delicious and made with fresh ingredients. The meats were tender and the breads were so soft, it melted in our mouth. We thought the Spring rolls were the best we ever had. Even though everything was made as ordered, we did not have to wait a long time on our meal. Service was quick and the staff was very friendly and informative. 

They are adding some new items to the menu according to their facebook page
We will definitely visit again. We have even talked about just stopping in and getting a take out of just Spring rolls alone. Seriously, They were the best..

If you are looking for a new place in to eat in Gastonia, 
This is worth trying pho sure!.

Located on Main street, Gastonia, NC