Another Book Read "Remembering Big"

I've mentioned before, I'm not into reading. I hate to read. I failed literature in school over and over and over. I was always in special reading classes. I just never understood what I read. By the time I get to the end of the page, I forget what the beginning was about. Reading just never interested me.
However, I have no problem reading news articles, magazines, blogs or bulletins despite the fact that I've been called dyslexic before by my optometrist.

I have been working on my reading for the past few years. I have tried to read a book hear and there and I started this blog so I could sharpen my skills, spell correctly and put stories together. Between me and spell check, I think I've done a pretty good job.

I'm sorta ashamed to say I have only read four whole books in my lifetime. Not counting the Dick and Jane books from elementary school. Another reason I always failed in English and Literature.
I will say, reading is getting easier and I actually enjoy it at times.

Today, I read Remembering Big by Rick Watson. He is one of my blogging friends and I really enjoy reading his post. You can find his blog at "Life 101". I was excited when my autographed copy made it to my mailbox.

My plans to read it on my short beach trip failed when it was a wash out. So I settled reading it behind my desk.

I was caught up in "Remember Big" from the very beginning. It was full of several short stories. That's my kind of book! ha. Even though there seems to be about a twenty years gap between us, I could still relate to many of Ricks stories from the paddlings to burnouts, to playing hooky to keen hickory sticks. Some of the stories made me laugh and at least three of them made my eyes wail up with tears. It gave me the feeling of sitting in a porch swing and talking about the good ole days. It was an easy book to read and I didn't even put it down. I read it straight through. That was a first for me.....and a slow day at work.

Rick, if your reading this, thanks again for the book. The Medco Pharmacy story made my coffee come out of my nose. And I take it your a Chevy man.

You can find other books by Rick by visiting his website HERE.


We live in a world today where any thing is possible. A world where everyone wants to be different but treated the same. Or treated different but be the same. I just haven't figured it out. You can see so many crazy things just by going to Walmart. Styles and the way people think often blow my mind.

There are so many things we wonder about. There are some BIG issues that surround us now with reasons some may ask why.

But hey. I'm not going to worry about the important stuff and just sweat the small stuff for just a moment. Those little things that really don't matter and never hurts any one but I have to cock my head sideways and just ask ..why?

  • Why do people wear socks with flip flops?
  • Why do pajamas have pockets?
  • Why do they call it a smart car? Is there an app for that I don't know about?
  • Why do people show off their guns on Facebook? I'd keep that a secret. Just saying.
  • Why do people put clothes on dogs?
  • Why do people let kids scream in a nice restaurant? 
  • Why fingerless gloves?
  • Why do they not make a camera for a lefty? The button is always top right.
  • Why do choir members never smile? 
  • Why do runners look like they are in pain?
  • Why do people wear toboggans in the summer?
  • Why do some people go to the beach and stay in the swimming pool? 

These are just name a few. Maybe I think to much.

Can you think of any odd questionable things you see daily that really don't matter but leave you asking, "why?"

This is just for fun and I didn't have anything else to blog about today.

Happy Easter

Its early Easter Morning. Let me start with  yesterday afternoon. My daughter came home to stay the weekend. We like to do all the Eastery things. When she came in she had a handful of tulips for me. I love tulips so it was quiet a surprise. We dyed eggs, went shopping and made grape salad.

We got up early this morning so we could straggle out the door looking like boogers so we would not miss Easter Sunrise service. I always enjoy attending this meaningful event where we all gather at the crosses on the front lawn of the church and celebrate the risen Christ. 
However, It was gloomy with a mist of rain in the air. It was still all the same. I knew the sun was coming up under those clouds as the birds were singing.

Afterwards we enjoyed a nice home cooked southern breakfast. My Mom did all the cooking as we had a small crowd of about 40. 

We just came back home. Im having and another cup of coffee and visiting some of my favorite blogs. Now we will rest a while and dig into our Easter baskets before slipping into our new Easter outfits and head back to church for Worship.

After church we will enjoy a nice Easter dinner with family. Then sleep.

Tomorrow its back to the work grind...and healthy eating .

Happy Easter !


Yesterday was good day. I stepped on the scales and it revealed that I had finally lost 50 lbs! Yay!!
I have been sitting on a 47lbs loss since November but finally dropped the extra three I wanted so I could claim a 50 lbs loss. Now I will just continue to maintain....but not today...

If you have been following my blog then you know that just a few days ago I mentioned wanting a waffle maker. Well....Yesterday when I got home from work, my husband greeted me at the door as he usually does. He had a look of anticipation on his face. As I looked across the kitchen, there it was, a box of waffle mix and a waffle iron. I was excited.

It just so happened that he came across this unused, brand new iron at his fathers estate. It was the clam style and not the flip kind but I didn't care. I could hardly wait to practice. So after supper, I cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry and took my shower. Then I headed to the kitchen for a nighttime snack...waffles!!!

These were my first attempt. Wasn't sure how much batter to use or how long to cook them. 

They did not turn out perfect as I was a little skimpy on both the mix and the timing.

Boy were they delicious! 

It was a great treat to celebrate my weight loss victory. I may even gain 3lbs back. But not for long....I hope.

My friend Anne said she cant wait to see what else ill try to make in this thing. She said shes made waffles with can biscuits. I'm sure that's good too! So, "Anne, I'm heading online to Pinterest for some more Ideas. You know me well".

Jousting Peeps

Its that time of year again. The stores are full of those Peeps. I've never really liked them but I always have to grab a few around Easter.....Ok all the other other times of the year too. They are just too sweet and sugary for me but will settle a sweet tooth real quick. After I eat one, I'm done with wanting anything else sweet to eat and with only thirty calories per chick, this is a good medicine for the cure.

But hey, if you don't want to eat them, go grab your little one because they are gonna love this! Mom always told me not to play with my food but there are exceptions.

My Daughter had told me about this funny little game and I was ready to try it.

First we grabbed two peeps. Then we put a toothpick in them. (They say that the bunnies do better but we only had the chicks).

Let the fight begin!

Put them in the microwave for about 15 seconds (take out the turn table. You want them to stay in one place). As they rise, one will end up stabbing the other and that peep wins.

Pink wins!!!!

Cute huh?
Go ahead try it! I know you want to.

Some Old Things

We took a trip to the beach this weekend. It was rather nice. No sun, sorta cool but it didn't rain on us until we were ready to go home.

There was a car show at Myrle Beach this weeked. We didnt go because we chose to enjoy the campground and beach the only day we had. But, we didnt have to go far to see some old stuff. 

On the way down we stopped at our favorite half way mark. There we saw a really nice 1960 Ford Starliner. 

This purpleish color was the same color as Fireball Roberts old race car.

As we were walking around the camp ground, I fell in love with this tiny 1959 Metropolitan Nash. 

Somebody had the smart Idea to take an old fire truck and make a fifth wheel camper hauler out of it.

I thought that was the coolest thing.

Cars were not the only old stuff we saw. Im a sucker for the tiny campers. I want a 1960 something vintage camper to play with. But here are two (not so nice) campers but with potential. 

This one looked like a ice cooler to me.

And this one was ragged out. 

I bet it was stinky inside but I would still love to bring it to life with a nice restore.

We left this morning and it was 43 degrees and pouring rain. A camper is no fun to tear down in the rain, just ask my Husband about that. I did all the inside work. He was soaked and numb. We finaly got her locked up and hit the road. 

Im actually blogging from my smart phone as I ride. So excuse any mistakes. Im old myself and my eyesight aint like it used to be.

Here are a few other old stuff I saw on the rainy way home.

Stub nose Ford something. I liked it. I didnt get a shot of the front end because I didnt want to look like a creaper with a camera. In front of him was an old Chevy.
Here is a Chevy Truck

We saw more on the road but im running low on data so ill end it here. 
Happy Palm Sunday.

Which Waffle Maker?

It could be dangerous for me to have a waffle maker. I love pancakes and waffles but have never owned a waffle maker. I love all those waffles in the frozen food and bread isle but I refrain from buying them because I have a notion to eat the whole box. Making them myself would be more fun and I can add lighter ingredients without all that preservative stuff added.

I really want a waffle maker. But is it possible I'd ruin my diet? Or would I use it a couple of times then store it away?

There are so many recipes for things you can make in a waffle iron that are not waffles at all. I think I need this in my life.

My problem now is, I'm not sure which is the best? I don't want to put a lot of money into one just in case I really don't use it that much. But we all need one right? 

I looked around on line and noticed there are two kinds. The regular clam type and the flip type. This confuses me. Why would you flip it? Doesn't the clam type get the same temperature on the top and the bottom? Same with the flip one. I'm leaning toward the flip one because it looks easier to clean, but really? Is the flipping necessary?

Just crying out for a little help here. If there are any waffle masters out there, please clear this up for me. What is best to get and why?

St. Patricks Day

Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day.

It was not the same as usual for us. We normally cook a corned beef brisket with a horseradish dip and cabbage steaks. Not this time. We have just been to busy and a lot of things have been going on the past couple weeks that have thrown us in a little loop.

However, I did get my traditional Lucky Charms breakfast in. I found perfectly portioned cup of my favorite cereal. This keeps me from the temptation of eating the whole box. I love this stuff.

In just two weeks, Easter will be here. I'm not ready for that either. I  have not done any decorating. This is not like me. I want to get things done but its just not happening. I'm barley getting the house cleaned and ready for spring. I'll get there eventually.

My daughter came in tonight for dinner. She thought we were having the traditional meal too.
Instead, I drove around the block and picked her up some Japanese food while I had a Nurtrisystem meal and my husband had a salad.

I didn't let the day go without a little fun. After supper, I surprised her with a big green cupcake. 

She loves cupcakes. Then we headed to the kitchen to make a batch of St. Patrick's Sugar Cookies. 

She will be taking them back to her place later. I do not need them here. My willpower has been weak lately. I ate four.

I need to get out of this funk I'm in.

This weekend will be great as we plan to spend time in our home away from home. We hope for sunshine but they are calling for rain. It will still be a great getaway rain or shine. I need a get away.
I need to be refreshed.


All In A Sunday

Today was the first day of daylight savings time. I call it "Beach Time".
Saturday night we moved all our clocks up an hour and went to bed.

I'm an early riser so the time change suits me fine. However, I did sleep in about thirty more minutes than normal because the sun was yet to shine in my window. It looked like rain.

The day started with rain but when I got out of church, it was beautiful and warm with lots of sunshine. It felt like early summer.

We ate a small lunch and ventured out for what ended up a five mile walk.

I'm taking you with me because I saw spring,  I took some pictures along the way. Enjoy.
This is Ah Lea as in "Muhammad Ah Lea"- Named after a professional boxer. He lives around the block. Al Lea is a boxer too, he just doesn't know it. He's laying there giving me a look. He normally runs along the fence until I reach over and give him a hug. Today, he didn't like me having my camera out. He made sure to roll those eyes at me all the way up the road.

I've always called these "Yellow Bells". Not sure the real name for them or if I'm even correct but I loved seeing these trim out a neighbors yard.
Cherry Blossoms.....I think.

And Daffodils. or Butter cups. I don't know. I'll admit, Im not educated in plant life and usually just call things as I see them. you know, like a red bush here and a flowered bush there, etc.
The afternoon came, the sun slid away behind a clump of clouds and we had a nice hard rain for about ten minutes.
Later, we headed uptown to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for supper. I like to order the Shrimp tacos but occasionally try different items. I tried an "Al Pastor" Taco tonight and I didn't like it. So far that's the only thing I've ever tired that did not please my taste buds.

The Mexican restaurant sits small between an empty building and an art gallery.
As we entered from the back, I noticed sun rays bouncing off the moisture in the air so I had to snap another photo.
It was a beautiful Sunday. I look forward to more warm weather as spring leaps in.

DIY Cup Sleeve

Thanks to one of my bloggy friends, I've learned that the word for those paper coffee sleeves are called a "Zarf". Thanks Fran, did I just sound smart?

Well, forget those old paper cup sleeves that turn into unwanted trash. I'm introducing my newest idea that's completely washable and reusable day after day.

Shirt Sleeve Cup Cozy

These would make great gifts for your kids that have gone off to college or moved away. They can have have a piece of daddy's shirt to take along with them and keep them cozy while they relax with a cup of coffee or tea.

If you have a boyfriend or husband you want to keep close while they are away. This is a great idea. Not only can these cozies be sentimental, they are very useful and will be the talk of the coffee shop.

You do not need to do any sewing or gluing. Nope, just simply carefully and neatly cut the cuff off a mans shirt. It needs to be large or extra large. You can try it on the cup before cutting it off the sleeve. If your a seamstress, you can nifty the edges up a bit but I like them better with the distressed and used look.

I suggest using a flannel shirt because of the thickness and non-slip texture. Just slip one in your purse and and forget the cardboard. This works just perfect for protecting your hands from a hot cup. 

No matter where you are, you can squeeze the love out of his shirt sleeve. Its like holding his hand.

Now head to the closet and steal a shirt. Anyone can make one of these in about two minutes.

Don't want to make one? I have a set ready to go in my Etsy shop.

I'm No Coupon Queen

I really do try to shop wisely but I can't for the life of me get the whole coupon clipping and savings to work. I've tried. I even bought a cute coupon holder once so I could collect my savings. That didn't work. It was just awkward to me.

Here's what I go through with trying to use coupons.
  • I have to buy 4 of something to get 50 cent off.
  • but I only need one. Why would I spend another 3 dollars so I can save 50 cent? 
  • just not going to do it.
  • My coupon would be expired as of yesterday.
  • I find a coupon I could actually use, then
  • I'd leave it at home or get back home and realize I had it in my pocket the whole time.
  • I just forget to use it!
  • I'll have my merchandise ready to purchase with my store coupon I found online, or in the mail.
  • But it does not work on sales items.
  • And everything in the store is on sale today.
  • I find a coupon but its only good for card holders.
  • So, lets see, I can sign up for a credit card and save 10% then I can use my 20% off coupon.
  • but then my interest rate on the card would probably be 30%?  No thanks.
Just the other day, I had a coupon for Burger King. "Two hot dogs and two small fries for only $5.00. (I love hot dogs).
I get to the window and they ask. "How do you want your hot dogs? I say "all the way". Apparently that's not a choice. So I chose the one with chili.
With that choice, I can NOT use my coupon. The coupon was only good for the "classic hot dog". I ask, what's the "classic hot dog"? The lady at the register said the classic hot dog comes with ketchup and relish.
[sigh]......Ok, so when did relish dogs become "classic' In the south??

There are couple ways I do save however.

1. Walmart Savings Catcher- I just scam my Walmart receipts and it does all the work for me. It searches other stores and compares prices of the things I purchased. If they find an item cheaper in another store, they give me back the difference. I let it accumulate until I'm ready to use it.
It averages to about 10.00 a month. I then redeem my gift card and go shopping again.
Yes, I have been known to go buggy diving for left behind receipts from other shoppers. ha.

2. I created an account on Food ( I remember it being Food Town). I entered my VIP card number so now all I have to do is scan through the coupon link and click on coupons I want to use and it automatically loads it on my VIP card and takes it off at the register.
Now that's my kind of couponing, but even then, I forget to go online and load them.

Do you save a lot using coupons? What is your secret? I just can't ever get one to work toward the best for me. I'm definitely not a "Coupon Queen".

I voted

Early primary voting is now open here in NC  We always choose to vote early because we can just go together on our own time. I sat during breakfast and looked over the sample ballot one more time.

We had to wait in line for just a few minutes for the doors to open. I guess you can say we were early to early voting.

It seems the older I get the more I pay attention to the debates and direction our nation is going. Its really been a circus this time. It's definitely not as boring as I've remembered. They are really making a show out of it. It has been ridiculous at times and quiet embarrassing. The media is just as bad.

Choosing someone to run for President should not be this complicating. They seem to care more about their numbers than what they want to do for the country. I want someone who will make the USA a better place to live in. Clean it up, bring jobs in, build a stronger military and fix this darn Insurance. I don't care what silly things they did when they were in college or how big or small ones hands are. I just want someone who will do the right things. I also want someone in office that is Bible lead. I just can't find it all in one package here.

I honestly did not make my final choice until I was at the door of the voting booths. I was torn between two. One man has great plans and would fight hard to accomplish them. I think this because this man would hate to be proved wrong. Then there is the other that seems more compassionate and would get more people to reason with him.

After coloring in the little circle, I'm satisfied with my choice. Me and Nick both walked out feeling good. We looked at each other and announced who we voted for. We had the same idea. Then we snickered at ourselves like mischievous little kids. 

Now I will sit back and see who will be on the main ballot in November. I cant wait til its all over and we can get back to watching Andy Griffith reruns. 


Shamrock Eggs

It's March!
March excites me because Spring will be here soon! But first, we have St. Patrick's Day. I'm not Irish but I love the whole fun of this traditional holiday.

I made some Shamrock eggs to share with you. 

These would make a great breakfast on St. Patrick's Day. I'm actually eating them today because I traditionally eat a bowl of Lucky Charms on St. Patrick's Day morning. We will then do a corn beef brisket and cabbage for that afternoon. In-between that, Ill be working. 

The way I did these little clover eggs is, I cut a bell pepper in rings, just straight through. They come out in the shape of shamrocks. Cook huh? Then I placed them in a greased frying pan and let them cook some while I whipped up me egg.

Then I poured the egg into the pepper ring. I let it continue to cook at this point. When I figured the egg was done halfway through, I flipped the pepper to cook on the other side. Yes, the eggs leek into the pan a bit but thats fine. Top with some cheese and you have a healthy breakfast with a serving of vegetables. 

Pictured with the Nutrisystem chocolate frosted doughnut.

I enjoyed these! I will do this more often. They were full of flavor! 

This weekend I will add some green decorations to the house and find me a green shirt. 
Now if I can just get some green in my pockets!

Paper Kites

April showers bring May flowers. But then there are March winds.  

After work, I came home to a warm dinner (hot dogs. ha). My husband and I talked some about our day, then we set off for a nice afternoon walk around the neighborhood. The wind was blowing in from the East. Sometimes we swear we can smell the ocean. We close our eyes we hear the waves. 

Its been in the 50's and really windy here in North Carolina for the past few days. Great time to fly a kite. This is something you do not see many kids doing now days. They would rather sit inside and play video games. I'm starting to think that even TV is going to be something in the past for kids. 

I speak of kites because its days like this that make me think about when I was young. My Mom would send me and my siblings out to gather sticks. They needed to be at least 8 inches long and straight. It was like a little treasure hunt as we set out to find the perfect ones.

Once we brought the sticks inside, Mom would use old newspapers and make us a kite to fly in the yard. These kites would really fly and it was so fun. They didn't last long as each one of us would end up with our kite wrapped in a tree in no time. I mean, who sends their kids out to fly a kite in the woods? hahaha just kidding Mom. But no, really, we had lots of trees. We would often beg mom to make just one more, but she wouldn't. She would make us wait another day. When she said, "this is it", she meant it.  I guess kite string wasn't cheap.
Its the simple little moments that take me back. Like just a gust of wind, and there I am, thinking of the days we played in the yard, We would chase grass hoppers, and lightning bugs. We would build and climb tree houses. Rolly bat and kick ball was fun. The girls played Jack rocks and jump rope. If you had a big wheel you were cool. If you had a kite, nothing else mattered at the moment and everyone would stop whatever they were doing and watch.

Our kites looked something like this.