All In A Sunday

Today was the first day of daylight savings time. I call it "Beach Time".
Saturday night we moved all our clocks up an hour and went to bed.

I'm an early riser so the time change suits me fine. However, I did sleep in about thirty more minutes than normal because the sun was yet to shine in my window. It looked like rain.

The day started with rain but when I got out of church, it was beautiful and warm with lots of sunshine. It felt like early summer.

We ate a small lunch and ventured out for what ended up a five mile walk.

I'm taking you with me because I saw spring,  I took some pictures along the way. Enjoy.
This is Ah Lea as in "Muhammad Ah Lea"- Named after a professional boxer. He lives around the block. Al Lea is a boxer too, he just doesn't know it. He's laying there giving me a look. He normally runs along the fence until I reach over and give him a hug. Today, he didn't like me having my camera out. He made sure to roll those eyes at me all the way up the road.

I've always called these "Yellow Bells". Not sure the real name for them or if I'm even correct but I loved seeing these trim out a neighbors yard.
Cherry Blossoms.....I think.

And Daffodils. or Butter cups. I don't know. I'll admit, Im not educated in plant life and usually just call things as I see them. you know, like a red bush here and a flowered bush there, etc.
The afternoon came, the sun slid away behind a clump of clouds and we had a nice hard rain for about ten minutes.
Later, we headed uptown to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for supper. I like to order the Shrimp tacos but occasionally try different items. I tried an "Al Pastor" Taco tonight and I didn't like it. So far that's the only thing I've ever tired that did not please my taste buds.

The Mexican restaurant sits small between an empty building and an art gallery.
As we entered from the back, I noticed sun rays bouncing off the moisture in the air so I had to snap another photo.
It was a beautiful Sunday. I look forward to more warm weather as spring leaps in.


  1. That was a GOOD day!!

  2. Love the pictures. We have worked up to about 5 miles also, but today we cut it short as the clouds moved over us from GAstonia. We didn't get wet, but it did shower some once we were home.
    I too wish they would leave the time one way or the other.

  3. Hi, Lisa,
    Thought I would "stalk your blog and leave a comment" ;) after reading your comments to me today. You made my day!

    I think the plants in your photographs are forsythia (the yellow flowering bush) and 'saucer magnolia', also called Japanese magnolia, (the pink blooming tree).

    Thanks for taking us along your Spring walk. It's always interesting to see other parts of the world.


  4. I saw bees the other day. Spring is here

  5. Always like to hear of others walks. : ) Walking is my passion.
    The yellow bells are forsythia but I like your name for them better.
    The daffodils are beautiful and a sure sign of spring.
    I don't care for the time change because now I'm back to walking in the dark. I'm an early riser too but rather have it light when I go for my morning walk.

  6. Thank you for sharing this piece of you

  7. Spring has sprung all around :)
    Love the pictures.