We live in a world today where any thing is possible. A world where everyone wants to be different but treated the same. Or treated different but be the same. I just haven't figured it out. You can see so many crazy things just by going to Walmart. Styles and the way people think often blow my mind.

There are so many things we wonder about. There are some BIG issues that surround us now with reasons some may ask why.

But hey. I'm not going to worry about the important stuff and just sweat the small stuff for just a moment. Those little things that really don't matter and never hurts any one but I have to cock my head sideways and just ask ..why?

  • Why do people wear socks with flip flops?
  • Why do pajamas have pockets?
  • Why do they call it a smart car? Is there an app for that I don't know about?
  • Why do people show off their guns on Facebook? I'd keep that a secret. Just saying.
  • Why do people put clothes on dogs?
  • Why do people let kids scream in a nice restaurant? 
  • Why fingerless gloves?
  • Why do they not make a camera for a lefty? The button is always top right.
  • Why do choir members never smile? 
  • Why do runners look like they are in pain?
  • Why do people wear toboggans in the summer?
  • Why do some people go to the beach and stay in the swimming pool? 

These are just name a few. Maybe I think to much.

Can you think of any odd questionable things you see daily that really don't matter but leave you asking, "why?"

This is just for fun and I didn't have anything else to blog about today.


  1. Fun write thank you for sharing.

  2. I have noticed, when you have NOTHING to blog about, your entries win the prize! That is neat.

    SMILE.. It is the one in the middle that gets to me:

    Why do people let kids scream in a nice restaurant?

    Amazing. It is bad enough at Tony's! LOL

    Thanks for the list, it became a list of SMILES!

    From out in the boondocks!

  3. Your questions made me smile. : )

    Why do we park cars in the driveway and drive cars on the parkway?