Out and About

Me and Nick took a little ride. Nothing special, just wanted to get out a little bit since we been busy with all the Thanksgiving festivities.

We are almost done with Christmas shopping. This will be a first for us. We usually are shopping right up to Christmas Eve. But of course, I'm sure even this year, though we are ahead of the game, there will be that one thing we forgot to pick up and will be fighting the procrastinators on Christmas eve after all. Its all fun though.

While we were riding through the neighborhood we spotted a couple teenage girls selling cupcakes from a road side cupcake stand. Sign read "Cup Cake Sale". It was not for a charity, or for a church or fundraiser. I assume these girls were just trying to make some extra money for Christmas, so Nick whipped the car around. I rolled down the window, "Ill take a chocolate and a vanilla" as I handed them a couple dollars.

"You really going to eat those?" asked Nick. We both have this phobia of eating things from people we don't know. "Na, probably not" I said. I snapped a photo while we giggled about it. However, a few minutes later when he got out to pump me some push water into my car, I ATE THEM! They were really good. I handed Nick the trash papers as he just shook his head.

Of course later we ended up at Walmart to get some groceries. I came across this cute tea towel I just had to have.


 I'm a sucker for tea towels. Nick has been very careful not to mess it up as it sits near the coffee maker. I said " I don't mind you getting coffee or tea stains on it". It gives them character. So now it's serves as a spoon rest for the coffee spoons each morning.

I have a busy week ahead including another family dinner this weekend. It's sort of a family reunion mom and her brothers and sisters host each December.

Looks like I'll be doing some more baking.

Sweet Popcorn

My daughter was home all weekend. When this happens I end up making some kind of sweet stuff.
Keeping the calories low, I made some white chocolate popcorn. I experimented the other day and it was win so I had to share it with her.

I popped up a mini bag of (100 calories) popcorn. Then I melted one block of white chocolate in the microwave and poured it onto the popcorn. With a spoon, I tossed and folded the popcorn until it was covered in the chocolate. It will not be completely covered but each piece will have a taste of chocolate on in. I laid it all out on some wax paper so it would cool faster. You don't have to do this step but I was in a hurry. I added some sprinkles to the top and ...

Wah Lah we had home made gourmet popcorn.


It was just sweet enough. I was afraid it would turn soggy, but once the chocolate cooled, the popcorn was still crunchy and fresh for....well, at least as long as it lasted.

Now if I can find the solution to make dill pickle or salt and vinegar flavored popcorn, I will not go spend 5.99 a bag for it in the gourmet shop again.

The weekend After

Finally, I have a quiet moment to sit and write a little post. Its another beautiful day with an early morning temperature of 47 degrees. We have still not gotten any rain since October 10th.

Im recuperating from all the Thanksgiving offerings. We had two meals! One with my side of the family, and one with Nicks side. Except for one Brother and a niece,  Everyone was present around the tables this year. Its seems every year its gets harder for everyone to be there due to work or sicknesses. But this year was a good one. Oh, and I think I found the 50 lbs I lost last year.

My daughter is spending the whole weekend here with us. I love it. We do our traditional things. Last night we talked St. Nick into pulling the Christmas stuff out of the attic. We put away all the fall decor and now its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We are a little ahead this year as we have finished most of our Christmas shopping. I have to wait on payday to do any more. I have to make sure I save enough to buy groceries next week.


So now our stockings are hung with care, the tree is up, wreaths are on the doors and the candles are in the windows. I made these white stockings last year using an old sweater from the thrift store.


 My theme colors this are mostly silver and red. Im using my vintage aluminum tree again this year. Yes we have a rotating color light that makes the tree change colors at night. 

I still have a few things to work on then we can relax and enjoy the season. I can hardly wait to begin my baking.

Happy Thanksgiving

I do not have a post for today, yet. Im hoping after the day has ended, ill have time set down and share my day with you.
( My post are in real time. I rarely have one scheduled )

I just want to take a moment while I have a cup of coffee to wish everyone a

I have two cranberry salads made and ready. I have my stuffing (or dressing) ready to mix. My house smells like celery and onions right now but it smells so good. (Excuse me while I walk outside a moment for air).

I will be heading to my home town of Belmont for dinner #1 at moms with my side of the family. Later, we will leave from there and head to my inlaws for dinner #2 with Nicks side of the family.
Sometime between the two dinners we will stop by the house to check on the turkey breast that will be cooking for dinner #2 and cook the dressing (or stuffing).

Its going to be a busy busy day.

By the way, Is it stuffing or dressing? I assume its dressing since I dont put it inside the turkey.
Am I correct?

God bless you all and all be Thankful.

Three Most Requested Recipes

Thanksgiving is only a couple days away.
This post will be short because I have cleaning to do, blogs to read, and some preparation in baking to get ready for the big day.

Every year I have friends and family ask me for recipes. Today Im just going to post the three recipes of mine that are the most requested during Thanksgiving and Christmas season. 





Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!

~If your only prayer is "thank you", It would be suffice.~

Treasures From Moms Kitchen

Last weekend during our family get together, I was going to help mom with the dishes when she came in like usual and demanded I stop. " That's what I have a dishwasher for", she said.

While puting away the few clean dishes that were sitting in the dishwasher, she pulled out two tiny bowls.

Now if you have been reading my blog or know me at all, then you know my addiction to vintage dishes like Pyrex, Fire King, and Corning ware.

These bowls are Fire King "Summerfield". 

"Oh, I remember usung these when I was little!" I said with excitement.
Mom said, "Well you can have them if you want them". She explained, "I used to have four and now I only have two and rarely use them, so yes, you can have them".

I was so excited. I could see Nicks face across the room as if hes thinking, "oh dear, she doesn't need anymore bowls!" Looking at him from the corner of my eye and a smerky smile, I carefully tucked them in my purse.

We carried on in the kitchen. Mom mentioned that I could also have the matching casserole to go with those little bowls. What? 
I opened her top cabinet and it revealed not one, but a whole slew of corningware and fire king dishes. 
It was like "Hallelujah!"

I dont think she uses them much any anymore, but it brough back many memories of her home cooked meals while I was growing up. Needles to say I didn't take any of the big dishes home with me but I know now where a matching casserole is to my cute little bowls.

Birthday Soup

My mom always has each one her kids and spouses a birthday dinner. We either go out or she cooks. Everyone prefers her to cook. Depending on how she feels we do one or the other.

My husbands birthday was in October but with delayed beach trips and some sicknesses, the dinners kept being put off. Mom finally fit a dinner in this past weekend. 

She always asks us what type of meal we want and what kind of dessert. My brothers and sisters usually request a southern meal complete with mash potatoes and gravy. Nick decided he wanted to be different and he requested soup and salad. This was a perfect choice since half of everyone is watching their weight. However, the big boys in the family may have pouted up a little while looking for the fried chicken. But it was all good.


She made homemade vegetable soup and salad at his request and a cherry tarte for dessert.
I'm glad because cherry tarte is my favorite! He knew that {wink wink}.
However, I did put in another request. Cornbread. Yes! Nothing like dark crusted cornbread in an iron skillet.

Move over veggie soup, I had a taste for cornbread and milk.

Man I love this stuff! The cornbread has to be hot and the milk cant cover it. With each bite I get both warm and cold. 
I ate two bowls and of course I had a bowl of veggie soup and three helpings of cherry tarte. (Yes three).

For the record: I only gained two lbs. that weekend.

Eye Clinic- Rant

My insurance usually allows me one free routine eye exam each year. I have been going to the same Optometrist for a few years now but unfortunately he retired. Last year I met his replacement. Also a nice man.

This year I decided to give another eye clinic a try. I have heard a lot about this particular clinic as being voted best in town. So I made an appointment for a routine eye exam. I have no problems with my eyes except the age of them. Can you believe they have gotten older than me?

I'm sitting in the waiting area with many others. My chair seat is rather nasty. Maybe I should leave them my Stanley Steemer business card. 

Unlike the other eye clinic, this one had many front desk clerks. I'm sure each had a job to do. But as I wait, you can hear them giggling and cutting up. I'm not against having fun on the job but not where customers can hear you.

"Mrs.D.?" That's me.
I walk up the front desk.
"May I see your insurance card please? It will be a $25.00 copay and if we find a medical condition it will cost $50.00. You will pay on your way out".

I could see where this was going.

"Mrs.D?" That's me. "Come on back with me please".
I look into the machine at the tiny balloon as a puff of air shots into my eye. Assistant Betty gives me a spoon patch to hold over each eye as she does the eye chart thing with me.

I got all the answers right.

She then applies the eye drops to dilate my eyes and said "the doctor will be right with you.

"Hi Mrs.D, I'm Doctor L. Do you have any problems with your eyes today?"
"No sir, I'm just here for a routine visit to see if I need to go any stronger on my over the counter reading glasses".
He shined a light into my eyes. "Oh you have allergies I see".
I replied: "Yes, I do. I take Allegra for that and my eyes feel fine".
He suggested that I have dry eyes and gave me a name for a good over the counter eye drop.

I've already misplaced it.

"Your all done. Your eyes look good. I do not suggest a prescription lens. Just continue with the 1.50 reading glasses you can get at a local drug store." Then he shows me the way to check out.

At check out:
"Hi Mrs. D. That will be $50.00 for today".
I replied, "I don't think so! Everything was fine."
"Well you have an eye condition". She said.
"What kind of eye condition?" As I look at her like shes crazy.
"Whatever the doctor told you". She replied.
I spoke with more concern, "All he said was that my eyes were fine and he saw signs of allergies."
The clerk then says, "Well that's a condition!"

Lets just say, I got that dropped by talking to management and walked out only paying the $25.00 copay that I thought was going to be a "free" visit. I got home and looked up my insurance plan and sure enough, This year, they tacked on a $25.00 copay. As if 500.00 a month is not enough!
Oh well. That's fine. It is what it is.

I know an extra $25.00 may not seem like much to argue about but I'm tired of everyone taking my money. I pay a lot for insurance and have never gotten a prize out of it. It pisses me off. They need to do something about these places trying to rip people off to make money for their pockets.

Extra $25.00 because I have allergies? NO!
I will not go back to this place and will continue my next visits at my regular eye clinic. At least there, they don't have an assistant doing all the work. The Optometrist actually sits down and takes his time looking at my eyes.

Rant over.

Towel Bear

Christmas is coming sooner than you think. It will sneak up on us before we are ready.

Do you need a quick gift Idea that is really cheap, useful, easy to make and you can create it in less than 3 minutes? Then keep reading.

I'm going to share with you this really cute Idea I found online. Nope this one is not my own. I just do not have anything else to write about today so I'm gonna share this cute little "Towel Bear" I made.

You will need:
1- Hand towel. (I got mine at Walmart for .98 cent).
3- Hair ties. ( you can use rubber bands but the hair ties can be re-used on hair).
1- Ribbon.

Click HERE for a video showing you how to fold the towel and make this adorable little teddy bear.



Just add a lotion, soap, hand sanitizer, gift card, candy, etc to the bear and you will have a useful gift in a spur of the moment that they are sure to love.

These would make great gifts for teachers, employees, neighbors, secret pals, friends or even homeless shelters. They would also be great gifts for your college students.

Everything in this craft can be put to use. The best thing about it is, it requires NO sewing or glue.
You do not even have to be crafty. You just need to know how to tie a bow.

Mountain Fires

There have been eighty major wild fires burning across the Southeast. Eighteen of those fires are in the North Carolina Mountains. Those mountains have been burning since October 23rd. 

"Lake Lure"

The winds have been up and we have not had rain in about thirty-five days now. According to the weather view, there are no chances of rain at least for another week. 


Its dry, its windy.

We now have a "no burn" ban going on all around the area. Though I live aproximatly a hundred miles from these mountains, we are almost smothered by the smell while the smoke is filling the air. Its hazy and smoggy. The air quality in my area is at Orange. 

I pray we get some rain soon, especially in the mountains of North Carolina.

(Photos were found on social media)

I Want a Bar

I have been doing some wishful thinking. Actually it seems like the only thinking I've been doing lately.
Everyone in my house hold, all two of us, love coffee. But when family and friends visit, they also are big coffee drinkers. My daughter is one of the worst. I blame her maw maw and paw paw for that as they would give her coffee when she was a baby. So shes been hooked for a while. Ha!

I want a coffee bar. Yes please.

All I need is an empty wall, or space on a counter. I actually have a single corner counter space that would work perfect. Its where our microwave currently sits.  If I can talk the husband into letting me rearrange the kitchen appliances, I could make a coffee bar work. 

Below is are some examples I fell in love with.  Enjoy.

no source

no source
No source
OK that's enough for now. Cant ya just smell the Joe brewing?

Move over Starbucks!


Today is November 8th. Voting day! Get out there and vote! Its your right. Its a privilegeYour vote DOES count!

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Please come back tomorrow!!!

Granny Square Shrug

It's been a while since Ive posted any of my latest crochet projects. I've made quite a few special orders for pet toboggans from my shop. I can whip one of those up in no time. I use the money I earn from my shop to help purchase Christmas gifts for my family.

I wanted a project to do that I could work on a little each night after I settle down to my heated recliner and watch TV.  Something I didnt have to rush with. 
Ok confession: If I dont do something while I watch TV then the TV works as a lullaby and I fall a sleep.

So. I have been wanting to make something for myself. Every year I create something for me. It might be a scarf, a hat, or slippers. But this time, I wanted to take a shot at a bigger project. I seen this granny square cocoon shrug on Pinterest and I wanted to give it a try. 

Here is the one online that inspired me.


Though granny squares are the first thing crocheters will learn, its the last thing I've learned and still not sure if I'm doing it right. 

So I ran up to Hobby Lobby and grabbed three skeens of yarn and started working on this shrug. I didnt use a pattern. I just read a few instructions. Basically its just a process of crocheting a large square then sew the sides together to make arm holes. Simple huh? Been working on it since August. Ha. Yea, I kept putting it down, turning my interest on other things because I get bored doing the same stitch and color for a long period of time. I have a total of about four hours into making this shrug. 

Last night I finally decided to finish it up. 

Here is the one I made:


I think it turned out pretty good. It hangs below my pant pockets and is snuggly and warm. Its just not quite my style really, but I may end up using it. Im thinking maybe it will go with my boots and jeans.
I even made a hat to match.

Next project: I plan to make a baby blanket for a niece due in March.

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Growing Old Together

I sit here in my recliner watching tv while I crochet. I look over at my sweet husband. His once long dark hair and thick dark beard has now turned the colors of salt and pepper. He catches me staring at him and we both smile at each other, blow little kisses and wink. Then continue watching TV.  He is still as handsome as he ever was.

I have a gray hair in my eye brow and a wild hair on my chin. "I need to fix that", I whispered in the mirror. He peers into the bathroom where im standing, we give each other a wink and a smile. He continues down the hall. He doesnt even notice the new wrinkle I just found around my nose.

I squat down to get a pan from under the lower cabinate. My knees don't cooperate as I struggle to get up. Before I reach for the counter, his hand is there to help me up. We look at each other and giggle, a stroke on the check, a wink and we carry on with cooking. 

His shoulder aches from years of working, I go to get him a tylenol. They were pushed somewhere between the daily vitamines and blood pressure pills. "Wheres the aspercream? He asks. "I dont remember where I put it", I said as I slipped on my glasses. He rolls his eyes, I shrug my shoulders and we go on a search. Found it.

Its time for bed, our bones sound like popcorn as we make our way to the bedroom. Hes goes ahead of me as I stop to brush my teeth. He's hiding somewhere down the hall. He will jump out and try to scare me, then we will race to the bed laughing and giggling. We will lay there and joke about our day, fight over the covers and pick on each other before finally settleing down to go to sleep. We forget we are not 21 anymore as we tire out easily at the end of the day. As I scoot in close to him, I say, "awwwe we are growing old together", he replys with, "yep, just like we wanted to do" . 

Good night.

Election Is Near

In a few more days we will have a new President elected. 

This has to be the craziest, most corrupt election I have ever seen. I'm sure dishonesty and unfairness have been around in the debates for ages. Maybe its just that I'm paying more attention to this one.

I can not believe the way these two candidates are tearing the world in half. Most people have no clue why they are voting one over the other rather than what the media feeds into their heads. It's like they are watching a boxing match and getting a thrill off the punches! 

I wish people would really stop and think about what these candidates believe in, what they plan to do for Amercia. 

The biggest change I hope for will be with insurance. I currently pay 500.00 a month for health insurance and still cant afford to get sick because my deductable is so high. Its going up 100.00 more dollars next year. I could get a break on the price if I worked less and brought home less. Something just aint right with this set up. I feel like they want to force people to live off the Government and thats a disaster in the making. 

I also dont want American run in the ground, the flags burned, guns taken away and fear of speaking Gods name. I want our boarders protected and start getting things cleaned up around here. 

The world right now is so morally messed up where sin is awarded and glamorized and your a hater if you dont like it.

Sadly I fear neither candidate will make it to a term. Call it a conspiracy theory but I think this. I think BO has a something sneaky up his sleeve no matter who gets elected. It's going to be interesting thats for sure.

Now, get out there and vote. Pray about the future. Give it some deep thought. There is no wrong or right person to vote for. Dont let the media persuade you who to vote for. Listen to their plans. Make smart choices thats best for you and America. 

Good luck on your choice and may the best Man win.