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Car Thinking

I have read two blog post recently about “cars”. One was on Shipslog and the other at Life101.  Both bloggers love old cars. Jack at Shipslog will usually post a vintage car at the end of his posts. This made me think about cars. It’s about time for me to get a new one.

I grew up in a family where the boys were all about cars. I remember my brother had a 1970 Ford Torino GT. 

He sold it and bought it back a couple times. I’m not sure why whe would do this, but after a few years he would go on a mission to find his old Ford. Sure enough, he would find it and buy it back. My dad was always a Dodge man and My brothers are more into Fords. 

My husband is a Ford man too, so all the cars I have ever owned since we been married have been Fords. I am on my 5th one. I currently have a Ford Escape. This is my second one of those. I truely love it and it will be paid off in July. I am already thinking about my next car. I like to keep a new vehicle for warranty and trade value purposes. I do not mind making a small car payment, it beats having to put a few hundred dollars a month into a worn out car just to keep it running. have had my share of those. I once had a MG-B when I was young and it left me stranded many times. It kept my pockets empty. Now days, safety is a big concern so I need something dependable.

There is a car I want. It’s not a Ford. It’s a Fiat. 

Yes, an Italian made car. The price tags start at 16k. I do not know what it is about them, but I think they are so cute and it would be fun to drive one. The only one I like is the Fiat 500c. They are almost a convertible. Nick says no. He has a truck, but when we go out or takes trips, we take my car and he drives. He said he is not driving a Fiat. He made that clear to me. Yes ladies, I listen to my husband. He knows more about cars than I do and I trust his intentions. 

After the first of the year, I will start looking at my options for another small SUV. It would be really nice if I could afford an everyday car and also a little Fiat. Maybe I will hit the lottery. 

Something I learned today: There was a Fiat 500c in the 50’s! 
Here it is. 
 The 1959 Fiat 500c.
I’d rather have one of these.

Rice Love Bags

I have been searching of a cute bag to carry on day trips or beach trips. I like the Bohemian look sometimes especially in the summer. There is Just something about the mix of colors and fun natural feel this style has to offer, so when I came across RiceLoveBags I immediately fell in love with the look of these back packs. 

I’m a little skeptical about things I find online or social media. When I see something I like, I will dig into it to make sure it’s legit. I want to know where my money is going and what companies I shop from support. RiceLoveBags caught my attention first with the look of the bags and then their cause.

For every bag purchased through RiceLoveBags, a family is fed. How cool is that? 
In India, 37% are below the poverty line and living on just 1.25 a day.  For a low income family, rice is the primary source of calories. 
These bags are made in India by using real recycled rice bags. Every bag they make, 1 kilo of rice goes toward a family. Once they have 20 bags, 20 kilos are then given to a hungry family. 

Once the bags are made, they are shipped to a warehouse in United States. So by the time you get your bag, a family has been fed. Each bag is one of a kind and has a tag attached with a special code to go online and look up the family you fed. You can read their story along with a photo. Though RiceLoveBags focuses on feeding families, they also feed older women, widows, and single mothers. 

When I received my backpack bag, I was amazed at how well it was made and how big it actually was. It was soft, the colors were vibrant and it was lined with a soft cotton fabric. I also worried my bag would have a burlap smell, but it didn’t. I love my bag and it makes me feel good that I was able to put food on the table of a hungary family. Every time I use my bag it remindes me how fortunate I am to be able to purchase this bag while others feel fortunate to just be be fed. 

“Buy a bag. Feed a family”
Use coupon code: LILIDI_MEO at checkout and get 20% off