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Sushi Balls

In the past few years I have learned to like Sushi. However, I will not eat the raw fish, octopus or eel kind of sushi. I will only eat the sushi that consist of veggies, crab meat or shrimp. Tempura means fried, so anything that says tempura is really good. No raw stuff! Smoked is still raw to me so none of that either. You just have to acquire a taste for it.

I do not have a way to make sushi rolls. It takes some special skills and utensils to get it right. But you can have sushi other ways. I have had a sushi bowl before where all the items are layered in a bowl. Taste the same as the roll. 

The other night I was in the mood for sushi, so I came up with my own little experiment and made Sushi Balls. 

-First I cooked some sticky rice using an individual size microwavable rice pack. 

-I turned over the rice into a glass bowl and mixed in a teaspoon of rice vinegar. 
This is important to get that flavor going. 
-Then I cut up some cucumbers and imitation crab meat into small pieces and mixed it into the rice. 
The rice is very sticky and hard to handle. It will stick to your hands like super glue and can get frustrating
-I took some small snack sized seaweed and dipped it into some water to make it soft and flexible.

-With a spoon, I scooped some rice mixture on each piece of seaweed wrap and formed it into balls. 
-I topped each sushi ball with a dollop of cream cheese and spicy mayo. (Hot sauce and mayo). 

These little fishy bites are delicious and taste just like the fancy sushi rolls you can get at the Japanese restaurant. 

If you have never had sushi before, head up to your local Chinese or Japanese Sushi bar and give it a try. It’s ok to ask questions and find out how it’s made and what's in it. They will let you watch them make your sushi roll. After several attempts to eat sushi, I just couldn’t do it until I came across a very nice waitress that explained it all to me. Once I knew what I was actually putting in my mouth, I was ok with it and have learned to like it.

UPDATE:  A friend just told me that you can dip your fingers or utensils in the rice vinegar and it will not stick! Thanks GF!

Favorite Face Products

People will ask me how I stay looking so young. I'm not sure if they say this to pay me a complement or just to make me feel good. I will giggle inside and blush a little because I know what I see when I look in the mirror.

Behind the make up and camera filters I see years of sun damage, sagging skin and crows feet around my eyes. I'll be 50 before long so I accept it. I am trying really hard to take care of myself as I grow older. I want to stay looking as young as I feel.

So for those who wonder,
First, I keep it pretty simple. I do not use any special cleansers on my face. I normally just use this Micellar Cleansing Water from Garnier. You can get it at just about any store like Target, Walmart, or Walgreen.

This stuff is awesome. It gently cleanses my face and removes any makeup. It's also safe to use on my eyes. There are no harsh chemicals or perfumes. After my shower, I will apply this cleaner using a cotton round and there is no need to rinse. Just wipe and go.

Second, I do not use any wrinkle creams. Believe me, I've tried several kinds and none of them work. What I use instead is this Baby Oil Cream. Yes that's it. Aloe Vera & Vitamin E.

It works better than any other moisturizer or wrinkle cream I have ever tried. I use the store brand from Walmart and it works just as good as the Johnson's brand. Don't let the "oil" part scare ya. It will leave your face soft without feeling oily at all. I love it. I have even applied it to my neck and shoulders. I notice in the mornings that some of my wrinkles and crinkles are plumped out and I look refreshed and less fatigued. Men, you can use it too.

Lastly, I do not like wearing a gooey base makeup during the summer. I like my face to feel light and fresh in the heat. What I use is this BB cream from L'Oreal. It is basically a light lotion with antioxidants and vitamin C&E. I use this as my foundation.

BB cream really is like a little magic skin beautifier. It comes in fair, light, medium or deep. This cream comes out of the bottle white colored but once it is applied to my face, it blends with my skin tone and evens everything out. I like the natural bare face finish. I also think it gives my skin a shimmery glow.

What are some of your favorite face products?

I was not asked, paid or given any of these products for my review. They are all purchased myself. These are my personal everyday choices and honest opinions..

Loreal BB Cream (Beauty Balm)