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Beach Time

We took us a nice little beach trip this past weekend.
It's always nice to get away. We celebrated more of my birthday while we were down there. 

My daughter, husband and brother in law took me out to a nice dinner at LuLu's on Friday night. I failed to get any pictures of my plate as there was just too much going on. I know I know, as a blogger I should be required to take photos of my food. I just sometimes prefer to never bring my phone out at the table and this was one of those times. I enjoyed a fried oyster po-boy with fish soup. It was pretty good. It was not worth the price but the atmosphere is almost worth it. This was our 2nd time eating at LuLu's. Our first visit was back in October. You can read about it HERE.
Unless we are invited again, this will probably be our last time.

We never saw rain and were able to soak up lots of sun on the beach. It was in the 90's at times but there was always a cool breeze. We didn't even need to put up the beach umbrella for shade. It was gorgeous!

We normally get up and leave out in the mornings to head home but this time we stayed until after lunch. We spent the morning walking the beach and eating ice cream.

Later while Nick cleaned up some things around the camper me and my daughter sat around the pool until time to eat. We rarely visit the pool. I mean, why go to the beach if your gonna go to the pool? But we did.

Nick met back up with us and we sat around the campground lake to eat. Me and my daughter took a few photos then headed back to the camper to pack up and leave. It is a 4 hour trip and we made it home before dark. 

Our next trip will be in June. My little niece will be graduating and we want to be there to capture this special time with her.

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Sweat Treats Skin Care

I have mentioned before that I am trying to resort to more natural products for my skin and even in what I eat. I just feel that natural is always better when it comes to self care. When you use natural ingredients, you are eliminating harmful substances that can lead to health problems in the long run.

A couple of weeks ago I received some products from Sweet Treats and I can't be more excited to share with you these awesome items that are hand crafted with natural and safe ingredients.

Sweat Treats is a mother daughter owned company that have a passion for making quality natural bath and body products that are safe and effective for any skin types. Ingredients found in Sweet Treats skin care are sulfate free with no harmful toxins, or strong perfumes added. Best of all, no animals were used in making or testing of these products.

I have been starting each day using this Pearl Micellar Water. The pear brightens my skin for a more radiant glow. It works great as a toner before I apply my makeup in the mornings. In the afternoons I use it as a makeup remover. It even removes mascara.   

It is PH balanced to gently cleanse my face. I simply saturate a cotton round or cotton ball and gently wipe across my face. The best thing is, there is no need to rinse. Also, there was no burning or irritation and left my skin feeling fresh and clean throughout the day and night. It is gentle enough to use every day.

Another product I am enjoying is this awesome Coffee Face Cream

Wait, coffee on your face? When I first applied this cream on my face I could smell the aroma of coffee. I thought for sure I was going to smell like a Starbucks, but within minutes it had absorbed into my skin and there was no leftover coffee smell at all. 

I have been applying this cream to my face before bed or under my makeup in the mornings.
Coffee has been known to reduce signs of aging in mature skin. This cream leaves my face feeling firm and soft, and at my age, I sure could use something to fight those pesky wrinkles. After about the 3rd day, I could already feel a difference in my skin and complexion.

If coffee is not your thing, Sweet treats offers other face creams to fit different skin needs such as Green tea (great to reduce redness), Pearl (heals scars and acne), Papaya (antioxidants great for over night) and Orchid (prevents aging).

I can not wait to purchase some of the other facial, bath or even candle products they offer. It feels good to support small business while knowing your getting quality products that are naturally made. I do not like having to worry about allergic reactions due to chemicals or harsh ingredients.

As a bonus, I received the cutest lip balm also made with natural ingredients.

I like this lip balm because I can apply it any time I need to hydrate my lips and I do not have to worry about the waxy residue left behind like some other chap sticks or lip balms. I love anything made with coconut oil. Oh and did I mention, it smells sweet too?



These items were provided to me free of charge 
in exchange for my honest review. 
Results are after two weeks of use.
All opinions are 100% my own.