Egg Blowing & Mod Podge

Hope everyone is ready for Easter!

I have to admit, I'm a little slow on it this year. I did not even put out my decorations until this past Tuesday!

I was waiting on my daughter to come home from college for Easter so we could do eggs! This year I have opt for a different approach to decorating my eggs other than the ordinary food color dying.

We did Mod Podge eggs. Whats Mod Podge? Mod Podge is a milky white liquid that dries transparent in less than 10 minutes. Use it as a finish for decoupage. It seals and glues in one application. Really neat stuff. This is actually my first time using it.

First I had to figure out if I wanted to use fake or real eggs. I chose to use real eggs. Oh, but I did not boil them, I blew them.
I found a sharp object and carefully made a small hole on each end of the egg and blew out the insides.

Yep. The insides will come out easy through this little hole. I decided not to post pictures of me blowing the junk out of them because its looks pretty nasty.

Once all the inside was out, I submerged in water and blew them out again to rinse. This can be done days or even weeks before your ready to decorate them. They will not go bad at this point, and you now have a perfect porcelain eggs to keep.

I then put them in a pot of boiled tea bags to give them a tan tint. I wanted to give them an antique or wooden look. Some were left longer than others making them darker and spotty. You really just need to leave them in the pot a minute or so and roll them around. This was new to me too.

Now they were ready to decorate. We used spring pictures, designs and flowers to decorate our eggs. You can actually use real flowers to Mod Podge on the eggs. Being that Easter came so early this year and I do not have any flowers that are bloomed and not frost bit, I have to go with paper.

I think they turned out pretty good and they were fun to do.

Lastly, check out the little crocheted peep I made. It was fast fun and easy.

You can find the bunny peep pattern HERE.

Now its time to go out and find a new outfits for Sunday morning and make Easter baskets. Yep, I'm really behind.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend and remember Jesus is the reason for season!

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Beach with a chance of frost

Beach with a chance of frost? Yes, frost was in the forecast for the weekend we decide to go to the beach. Last weekend it was sunny in the 60s and this weekend it was rainy and in the 40's.

When we got down to coast it was surprisingly sunny, but windy, and in the 50's. Our camper was sitting pretty under the sun and palm trees. We knew the temperature was going to drop down into the 20's at night so we had to pack for all types of weather. Packing for a three day trip was like packing for a week. 

After everything was set up and unpacked, we took a walk on the beach.

 I tried to walk with my feet in the water but the water was so cold it would numb your toes.

After a freezing cold night, the next morning was the same as the day before. Sunny and windy but cooler and in the 40's.

Beautiful as ever. I could live down here without a second thought.
Then come Saturday with 100% chance of rain. And rain it did. all day long. But that still didn't stop our morning walk. We walked in the rain, it was cold but it was fun. I have to say, this is the first time, that I can remember that I've ever walked on the beach with shoes on.
It ended up poring hard on us after we were about a mile up the beach. Needless to say, we got pretty wet and really cold.

The birds had no problem playing in the waves.


They were lovely and graceful. Well, graceful until they saw a fish and splashed dived into the water. hahaha.
We spent the rest of the day shopping and meeting some family for dinner at our favorite hamburger joint.
I'm already looking forward to several more trips to the beach this year just like every year. This is our home away from home. 

Windows EIGHT

A few post back, I had asked some of my readers their opinion on what would be best to purchase for my personal computer. Either a tablet or a net book. Most recommend a tablet or Ipad but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted a normal key board. I do alot of typing.

I had a net book and loved it until I dropped it, so I went with a net book again since I mainly want to use it to take on vacations so I can load photos, look at emails, search the Internet, and blog. ok, well thats all I do anyways on my laptop and desktop but I like having a keyboard for all that jazz.

Anyway, little did I know I would have another choice. Windows 7 or Windows 8?
I went the little more expensive route and choose the Windows 8. I was aware it would be different and confusing since all the feed back it gets is negative. I figured this is what everything is coming to and I like a challenge anyway, so... Here I am....on my desk top. Ha ha.

I turned on the little net book last night and played around with it for about an hour and WHOA, It was really different! Colorful though, don't ya think?

The desktop looks nothing like I've seen the past 20 years. It works alot like Ipads and tablet. You load apps from the Windows store and they appear here. There is not a start screen.
This is mostly made for touch screen computers which my new little net book does not have touch screen therefore making it a little more challenging. I can get through this! If I cant, there is actually an app that takes me to a desktop that looks familiar but I'm gonna try and use the app version first.

There are alot of videos and sites that explain how to use Windows 8 and Ive been exploring. Here are a couple. Check them out.
I think I will like it once I get used to it. It takes me to a whole new world of computers other than what I'm used to. I will take if for a spin this weekend. First I have to find a blogger app. Wish me luck.

Homemade Granola Bars

Ive been trying really hard not to make alot of sweets and keep my snacks more healthy. That's why I decided to make some granola bars.
A while back I attempted this and it was a complete fail. We literally ate it out of a jar with a spoon.

I decided to try in again with a different recipe I found at It took me two tries to get it right even though this recipe is really easy. I'm thinking its all about cooking the glaze just right so it will stiffen some and making sure the granola is pressed really tight to hold it together.

First I gathered up all my Ingredients. I change them up a little bit from the original recipe I used but not much, for hers was perfect.

In a large bowl, combine:
2 cups quick oats
1 cup Rice Crispy cereal
3 Tablespoons wheat germ
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup Craisins (3 small boxes)
1/4 cup chopped pecans

In a saucepan:
melt 1/4 cup butter
add: 1/2 cup honey
1/3 cup dark brown sugar

Bring to a boil, reduce heat
add, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla and cook for 2 minutes*.

Pour over dry mixture and toss until coated.
Pour granola into a parchment lined 9x13 pan and press really firm*.
put in refrigerator for 30 minutes then cut into squares or bars.
Ready to eat.

*Make sure you cook it for 2 minutes after the boil! Also make sure you press it really firm.
These to instructions are crucial.
I missed doing these two parts and this is what it turned out like....

YIKES! Just fell apart and made a big mess. I put it in a bowl and will have to just scoop it out.
(deja vu).

My second batch did better.

I added some mini chocolate chips on top before placing them in the refrigerator.

I kept some for myself for morning snacks and sent the rest to my daughter in college.

You can add all kinds of different things to fit your taste. I liked the Craisins better than raisins
and added nuts.

oh....and chocolate. :)

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Perfect Day for a Photo

My daughter is fixing to graduate college [insert tear here]. I decided to have some senior pictures taken of her and since I know a wonderful photographer in town, so I knew exactly who to turn to. Her talent and prices are great! You can find the website HERE.

The photographer had made a date and perfect time for the shoot. It was my last chance since my daughter was home for spring break this weekend.

The photographer chose a spot for us to meet. Once we were at the location, my first reaction was , "Is this the field she was talking about?" My eyes could only see trees and some brush.
I did not loose trust in her decision and began walking into the area. It was then that I could now see it all coming together. It was the perfect spot. I found myself surrounded by the beauty of golden straw, a cat tail pond and the sound of nature that gave me piece of mind.  I was able to sneak a few photos with my phone camera.

The photo shoot began. My daughter had a fun, feeling like a model getting ready for her big debut. The weather was perfect, and the sun was hitting just right.

It was not to cold and the wind was perfect only to graze her with a hint of breeze to make this day perfect for a photograph.

Can you say proud mom? I had to brag a bit.

Question For my Blogger friends

OK this is away from an ordinary post but I'm really in a limbo here about a device to buy.

I have a desktop computer and a large laptop computer. I used to have a netbook which I really loved to carry with me and blog from. This is the key work "Blog".  I fell while holding it the other day and broke it beyond repair.

You all know how relaxing it can be to find a quiet place a blog with your own personal little computer. I loved my netbook and I mainly only used it for blogging. I have an IPhone for apps.

I'm debating on getting another netbook or small laptop or a Tablet. Probably not an IPad because its too expensive, but there are alot of nice tablets on the market today and the netbooks seem to becoming extinct.

Here is my question and hope to get some helpful answers.
Netbook or Tablet.

I kinda want a tablet because they look to be so portable and handy but how does blogging work? Do any of you blog from a tablet? How awkward is it to type alot of words on one when the screen lays flat?  Does the screen look the same as the live view from the reading pane of a regular computer? I use Blogger and just wonder how friendly it is to use these devices.


47 Calorie Cookies

Most of you that read my blog often have noticed I have not been posting alot about sweets anymore. That's because I have been trying really hard to cut back in that department.

Unfortunately, It has not been that successful for me.
My goal weight is to be 125 lbs.
For 4 weeks, I tracked my calories using a " myfitnesspal " app on my I phone.
I entered my weight which was 161 lbs (I don't mind telling it). I wanted to loose at least 15 lbs so it gave me a 1200 calorie a day goal. I would like to loose more than 15 lbs but I was just taking it easy. I remember the days until I was 30, I couldn't get my weight over 110 lbs.
Anyways, In four weeks I lost only ONE lbs. That's all! Needless to say, I gave up the app.
I have a general idea now of how many calories are in most foods and plan to continue eating less and exercising more. I gave up my zumba dance classes back in October due to the expenses and time so I got the Zumba for Wii and I love it. Its not the same as a live class, but it is a good workout, and I can do it on my own time.

Enough about the my diet and on to the cookies!

"Banana Oatmeal Cookies"

Theses little cookies are healthy and do not taste all that bad. I just didn't really like the texture. They were sweet enough though. They make great snacks without feeling like you ruined your diet. And they contain no artifical flavoring or dairy products, therefore they are perfect for your health.

Banana Oat Meal Cookies
1 6oz jar of baby food bananas-140 cal
1 cup of Quick oats- 300 cal
2 Tbs honey- 120 cal
1/2 tsp Cinnamon -0

Mix all the ingredients together. spoon onto a cookie sheet and bake 350 degree for 15 minutes.
Makes 12 cookies = 47 calories each
(53 cal each if using ripe bananas which would prabably taste better).

I think I will make these again but add some raisins or fruit.

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