Beach with a chance of frost

Beach with a chance of frost? Yes, frost was in the forecast for the weekend we decide to go to the beach. Last weekend it was sunny in the 60s and this weekend it was rainy and in the 40's.

When we got down to coast it was surprisingly sunny, but windy, and in the 50's. Our camper was sitting pretty under the sun and palm trees. We knew the temperature was going to drop down into the 20's at night so we had to pack for all types of weather. Packing for a three day trip was like packing for a week. 

After everything was set up and unpacked, we took a walk on the beach.

 I tried to walk with my feet in the water but the water was so cold it would numb your toes.

After a freezing cold night, the next morning was the same as the day before. Sunny and windy but cooler and in the 40's.

Beautiful as ever. I could live down here without a second thought.
Then come Saturday with 100% chance of rain. And rain it did. all day long. But that still didn't stop our morning walk. We walked in the rain, it was cold but it was fun. I have to say, this is the first time, that I can remember that I've ever walked on the beach with shoes on.
It ended up poring hard on us after we were about a mile up the beach. Needless to say, we got pretty wet and really cold.

The birds had no problem playing in the waves.


They were lovely and graceful. Well, graceful until they saw a fish and splashed dived into the water. hahaha.
We spent the rest of the day shopping and meeting some family for dinner at our favorite hamburger joint.
I'm already looking forward to several more trips to the beach this year just like every year. This is our home away from home. 


  1. I love the beach!! Even when it's horrible weather the sea is nice to watch. Where is this?

    1. We stay in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Its a four hour trip from our home. I love the beach too!