Behide but Moving Forward

Boy I am behind on my blogging. I have just been so busy. If you see my house right now you would know it’s not that I have been busy cleaning. My home has been neglected too. 

I just got a few minutes here at 10:46 at night to type a few words and read a few blog post. I can barely keep my eyes open. I will eventually read through all the ones I follow. It may not be until the weekend but I will get there. 

I have a good excuse why I haven’t been actively blogging these past two weeks..

1. I have been reading my Bible. I am trying to read through the New Testament. I am in Acts now. I have been reading this instead of blogs. I read some in the mornings and some in the afternoons. That’s when my eyes start feeling heavy. They say that reading the Bible will do that to you.
I have to say, “It is hard to read the Bible”. I am a terrible reader and have trouble understanding what I read. Add those biblical words and names and my brain becomes mush. I just hope it’s all sinking in and will come to me later when I need guidance.

2. I started a new job. I have kept hush about this one for a while until I actually started. I started Monday.
I accepted the job offer the first of July and put my notice in at the accountant office on July 5th. My last day there was last Wednesday. It was a nice place to work but I just couldn’t turn this one down as it has benefits. I am now an Administrative Support Specialist with the County. I will be working in children and family services. I think I'm going to enjoy it and so far everyone seems really nice and helpful. 
I can’t wait to go in tomorrow to see what else I can learn. 

I plan to get back to blogging regularly. Life just throws me loops sometimes and the older I get, the harder it hits. 
I need more hours in the day. 

Have you ever read through the Bible?
Do you read the book or use an app?
I have several Bibles in the house but I choose to use the Bible App as I can just click on the app anywhere I am and start reading. 
I love the plans and other features. 

Handmade Earrings

I haven’t been doing a lot of crocheting lately. I just ran out of ideas on things to make. I sell what I make but no one seems to be buying so it was costing me more to make things than I was collecting. So I have given it a break until some things start to sell. 

However, I have been playing around with macrame. I remember my grandmother and aunt used to make macrame items back in the 70’s. They made key chains, plant hangers and pocketbooks. They would go around in the laundry mat and sell things. Grandmaw would at least make enough money to buy us ice cream because thats where she would take us after she sold a few of her crafts.

I guess it’s in my blood because I have been making these macrame earrings. I love the boho look and they are quick and fun to make. 

Have you ever macremed anything?
Do you own a piece of macrame? Like …..The owl. Hahaha. I think everyone had a plant hanger or owl in the 70’s.

Email me if your interested in a pair of these earrings or you can find them in my Etsy shop.

Purple Potatoes

Ok, here’s a new one. Purple potatoes. Of course when I seen these in the produce department at my local grocery store, I had to get a couple to try. I love trying new foods. Especially if they are healthy. 

Purple potatoes not only add color to your plate but they have lots nutritional value.
They offer vitamins B6 and C.
They are less than 100 calories each and less than 1 gram of fat. That would register as zero fat on the label. 
These potatoes have more potassium than a banana and better for blood sugar than a white potato. 
Purple potatoes are packed with antioxidants and also helps with inflammation.

I loved the color. The skin is purple or blackish and vibrant purple on the inside even after cooking it. 
I can imagine purple mashed potatoes, purple fries or better yet, purple potato salad. I think kids would love it.

What do purple potatoes taste like?
They are sweeter than the white or yellow potato but not quite as sweet at the orange sweet potato. They have a nuttier, earthier flavor than other potatoes. I thought they were good. 

We cooked them in the microwave until soft then put them on the grill to make the skin tasty. I added lots of butter just like any other potato. We also had steak and veggies. 

It was fun to eat and nice knowing I was putting something healthy in my body. 

Have you ever heard of a Purple Potato? 

Trash to Treasure

They always say “One mans junk is another mans treasure”. I can prove it and it’s not the first time. 

We set out to take our normal afternoon walk. The next street over was a house that had just sold and they were gradually throwing trash to the side of the road on Sunday evenings. The trash truck would pick up on Mondays. This day as we walked past, I saw an old vintage step stool waiting for the big truck to come along and scoop it up. I pointed it out to Nick and said “I like that old stool. I could fix that up”. He just sort of shrugged his shoulders and had a look on his face that suggested I didn’t need any junk at that house. We kept walking and I didn't think much more about it. 

Before we turned down our road to finish our 2 mile walk, he said “Do you really want that stool? If you do, we can walk back over there and get it.”
Of course I said yes and we headed that way. I was hoping it was still there and it was. 


As I was carrying it back home, I was telling Nick all the ideas I had for it. I figured if I look at it a while and decide I didn’t want it, I would just throw it back to the curb or see if my neighbor wanted it for her little antique booth. 

I decided to keep it and use it as a plant stand on my patio. It looked in pretty bad shape and I was losing any hope that it would look good enough to ever bring into the house. I took my chances anyway and we headed to the hardware store. I needed some sand paper, paint and new leg tips. I also went to the dollar store and picked up a cheap thin rug to use for a step cover. 

2 hours and 10 dollars later, It did not look like the same stool. My idea worked. 


The rust was only surface rust and I was amazed at how well it painted. It took less than a can of spray paint and only one coat. 
I still plan to use it as a plant stand on my patio but I have it inside for now while I admire how cool it is.  

Cookie Dough Energy Bites

I am not a cookie dough eater. Home made cookies have egg in them so when I think of cookie dough (or any dough), I think of raw eggs. No thank you.
We used to lick the beaters when mom would make a cake but that was from the homemade frosting. Yum yum, that brings back some memories.

Now days you can find “eatable” cookie dough in tubs at the grocery store. I assume there are no raw egg in this type. I have never had intentions of trying it but I know a lot of people that love cookie dough. There is even cookie dough flavored ice cream, yogurts, and cereals. 

If you like cookie dough, you are going to love this recipe I’m going to share with you. This cookie dough is made with only 4 ingredients and no eggs included.  

I am always looking for a small finger tip snack and this is perfect and so easy to make. 

Cookie Dough Energy Bites

1 Cup- Almond Flour (or coconut flour).
2/3 Cup- Peanut Butter.
2 Tablespoons Honey. 
1 Tsp. Vanilla (optional).
1/4 Cup- Chocolate Chips ( minis are best).

Mix peanut butter, honey and vanilla until smooth.
Add Almond flour and mix/kneed until combined.
Add chocolate chips and mix until combined.
Roll into 1 inch balls.
Store in airtight container in fridge. 

Beware: It’s easy to eat too many of these. Each ball only has about 3 grams of protein and a little over 100 calories each, so take it easy if your trying to drop a few pounds. In fact, you may need to hide them from yourself. After one bite, you will get the urge to eat a few more. 

Cookie dough lovers, I guess you can just keep it in a bowl and eat it with a spoon. 

Independence Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I had a good weekend. It was a long weekend because my work place closed the office on Friday for the Holiday. My vote was to close on Monday but I was out numbered. However, having Friday off worked out great for me. 

My husband had to work on Friday so I headed down to Charlotte to spend some time with my daughter since she had the day of too. The plan was to get some bagels for breakfast around the pool at her little apartment. That didn’t work out as planned because it rained. So we had breakfast inside. 

After breakfast she wanted to take me to place on the other side of town called Camp North End where there were shops, art displays and restaurants. Once we got there, most of the shops were closed but we had a good time walking around and looking at the unique setting. 

Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch and the sun finally decided to make an appearance so we run out to the pool. 
We didn’t swim but instead, we sat around and talked about work, boys and fashion as we giggled at the little green lizards running back and forth under our chairs. 

It was a nice day.

Saturday, my husband had the day off so we got up early and went out for breakfast. He wanted to visit a little underground breakfast shop called “The Notary”  in the basement of one of the hotels in town. The food was delicious and the coffee is the best. I highly recommend the grits. 

On Sunday, The fourth of July, I was able to squeeze into my Independence Day dress that mom made me over 25 years ago and headed out to church for a wonderful service. You can always find my church services broadcasted on Facebook at “West Franklin Baptist Church”. 

Later that afternoon me and Nick grilled out steaks and watched random fireworks going off around the neighborhood. It was just enough to enjoy before we called it a day.

Now Back to the work week. 
Did you go anywhere to watch fireworks or did you stay in?


We got word the other day to be prepared to see gratuity added on your bill at all area restaurants at the beach. This is something new they are doing weather you have a party of two or a party of too many. You will see 20% added. 
They are doing this in hopes to keep their help. I am not totally on board with this idea. 

I have to say, “we are good tippers”. If you have ever worked in restaurant you know how important it is to get a tip. Most waitress make a small amount from the business and rely on tips to make up their wages. We always leave a generous amount no matter how well we liked or disliked our meal. It is not the waitresses fault if you do not like what you ordered. 

I know people that will go into a cheap restaurant and expect royal treatment from the waitress and only leave a dollar to no tip. 


I am against the idea of restaurants adding 20% gratuity to everyones bill. I think it should be up to the customer to tip out of generosity. Sure some will only leave some change but others will leave a healthy tip. It’s part of the job. It’s what the waitress signs up for. They have good days and bad days. I think service is important and feel like waitresses will not give good service knowing they will get a tip anyway. This will also eventually lead to waitresses trying to “up the sale” to make their tip bigger. 

We do not leave extra tip if we see it added to our bill and they would get more from us out of the gracious of our heart than if they add 20% to our bill. 

I will also tip the server when I pick up a take out order. They still have to prepare the order, bag it up, add the condiments and make sure the order is right and the customer is happy. 

I will only add change to tip jars on a counter. I am not big on tip jars. I have seen businesses hand money from the tip jar to beggars or take out extra change when they are shorted. While I think that is sweet, those tips are distriubted between the workers at the end of the day. I want to know my tip will go to the servers and cooks, not drunk Joe down the road. 

And I do not tip at fast food restaurants. They get paid a fair hourly pay and, well, fast food workers know tips are not expected when they sign up but then of course, I never really thought about it. 

How do you feel?

Do you always tip? 
Do you tip on take out orders?
How do you feel about adding gratuity on everyone?

Feedburner- Making The Switch

If you are a blogger, you may have already heard that as of July 1st, Feed burner will no longer work. 
Honestly, I didn’t even know what Feed Burner was. (Still don’t).

If you have the widget that says
 “follow me by email” or  “Subscribe by email”. 
It will no longer work unless you get a new platform. 

What does this mean? It means readers that have subscribed to follow your blog via email will no longer get updates on new post and new readers will not be able to opt in to get your new post via email. 

I started getting worried and didn’t want to lose my followers. I want to get the full benefits to my knowledge on my blog. 
So I contacted my Fairy Blogmother also know as Linda of Life and Linda

She has been transferring bloggers old feedburners over to Mail Chimp. This is the best way to go and Linda knows all about web design and what's best for everyone. 

For a small affordable fee, she patiently walked me through what I needed to do on my end to get things ready for the transfer.
I had to make an account on Mail Chimp which was an easy task then I went to my feed burner and downloaded my email followers. This was easy too, and wow, I did not know that many people were subscribed to my blog. I was tickled over this. 
She has a blog post HERE explaining it better than I can.

I gave her permission to administer my blog and she did all the hard work and now I have a nice new widget on my side bar. There is nothing else I need to do. My subscribers will continue getting post emails and new readers can subscribe to get an email every time I post a new blog post.  

If you are reading this from an email right now, 
you may not see the side bar on my blog page. 
To see this, just click on the blog title.

My side bar includes some other small things to read, advertisements, announcements, follow options
and even a tip jar if you’re feeling generous. Haha. 

Will you be making the switch? Let Linda know and she will have you fixed up in minutes. 

Coconut Pound Cake

I hope all you Fathers out there had a wonderful Fathers Day yesterday. Nick had to work but afterwards he was honored with a cake and a few gifts from the daughter. We let him nap all afternoon. We honored the fathers at church during the morning service and took the dads out for dinner that evening. It was a great day.

Now to the coconut cake. 
My daughter came home Friday night to aggravate spend time with her dad all weekend. They are always picking and playing. She likes to bake with me so I decide to make a coconut pound cake after seeing the recipe online. I did not plan to eat all of it so I gave half to my daddy. He loves any kind of sweet stuff. 

I love how it turned out and it was fairly easy to make. When I cook, I can make the biggest mess and it usually takes me more time cleaning up than actually making it. So if you saw my kitchen, you would think I struggled. It only took about 5 minutes to put it together and 65 minutes to bake. It had a light taste that was not too sweet. I think it tasted more like some sort of bread than a cake. It went great with a cup of coffee and only lasted 2 days. 

I let my daughter make the frosting. It was delicious and added just the right amount of sweetness. 

  • 2 cups- all purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp- baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp- salt
  • (You can use self rising flour and eliminate the salt and baking powder).
  • 3/4 cup- butter (room temp)
  • 1 cup- sugar
  • 1/2 tsp- vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp- coconut extract
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup coconut milk (or coconut cream)
  • 1 1/4 cup sweetened coconut
Whisk the flour, baking powder and salt together. In another bowl, use a hand or stand mixer and cream the butter, sugar, vanilla extract and coconut extract together. 
Add in the eggs one at a time then gradually add in the dry ingredients while alternating with the coconut milk. 
Fold in the coconut then pour into a prepared loaf pan. (Lined with parchment paper or well greased).

Bake 350 for 60-65 minutes. Test it with a toothpick or cake tester for doneness.

  • 4 tablespoons- butter (room temperature)
  • 2 cups- confectioners sugar
  • 2 tablespoons coconut extract
  • 1/4 cup- toasted coconut
Mix together the wet ingredients then gradually add in the powder sugar. 

*You can also add coconut extract to store bought vanilla or cream cheese frosting. 

Vintage Nesting Bowls

I had a great weekend. It has been a while since I had a weekend off. Nick had to work so I had most of the weekend to myself. 
It was nice getting up in the morning, having my cup of coffee (or three) and not worry about having to put on make up and dress clothes. It was also the perfect time to meet up with my parents for brunch. They call it breakfast but since they eat their first meal around 11:00 am, I call it brunch. I met them at a diner in town and enjoyed some bacon, eggs and grits. 

After brunch I went down to their house for a little visit. They are still unpacking and sorting through boxes since their recent move in last month. 
I noticed some cute little nesting bowls. I vaguely remember mom using these bowls as I was growing up. I always admired them. She said she was planning on throwing them in the trash because they were cracked and useless. I grabbed them up and said, I’ll make use of them somehow. The large one could still be used as a fruit bowl or I can use the bowls for planters. I would not cook with them anymore or eat from them because of the cracks. They are old. 

These are made by Watt Pottery. I always thought the pattern was a cherry but it’s actually their most popular print of an apple. 
The Watt company started in 1922 but did not start marking them until the 1940’s. They have the marking of  “Ovenware Made in the USA”. Some also had a number on the bottom stating the size of the bowl. 

1949 is when they started hand painting them with a simple county design. This was to make production run faster. 
The apple print was the 2nd print made in 1951. They produced it for a year until the next design. 
From 1949-1953 was the busiest time for Watt Pottery. Patterns produced during this time are the most popular. They made more than just bowls such as pitchers, butter dishes, S&P shakers, etc. 
The factory burned down in 1965 making Watt Pottery even more popular as no more were made. There have been “fake” replicas made but they are recognized by mis-markings, colors and quality. 

Doing the math- These bowls are 70 years old. Wow. 

Do you have any vintage finds that you have decided to keep? 

Tried Something New

We were able to get a couple days off work last week so we made a four day weekend. Of course we headed down to our camper at the beach. 
Our four hour drive was a wet one. We drove through rain 90 percent of the way. Once we got to our camper, it was cloudy but no rain. 
We unpacked the car and I made the beds and set up the inside of the camper while Nick hooked everything up on the outside. It takes us about 45 minutes to get settled in.

I clicked on the campground app and seen where they now have paddle boats, kayaks and paddle board rentals on Saturday. 
I got all giddy because I have always wanted to try stand up paddle boarding. He was not happy about it. He said, “I do not think it’s a good idea. You can’t swim”. I was not worried because I knew they would make me wear a life jacket. “What if you fall off?” He questioned. “I will just get back on”. I was determined to do it. I like adventure and trying new things. The fear of getting old and not being able to do things bother me.

The lake at the campground will sometimes have an alligator visit. It is also full of fish, turtles, and families of ducks. 
But this was my chance. We walked to the kayak shack as soon as it opened and they helped me to a life vest and a paddle board. 
I told them I have never done it before, so they suggested I start out on my knees and when I feel comfortable, I can stand up. I slipped off my shoes and got onto the board. With a tiny push, I was in the deep waters of the lake. 
(Note: the alligator was in the lake just last week but I did not know that until a friend told me later that she saw him).

It was not a wide paddle board as I expected. I tried several times to stand up but I was afraid I would loose my balance so I headed back to the shore so I could bottom it out and stand up. Another little push and I was back out on the water. 

This time I was standing. My legs were shaking and I was a little wobbly, but I was paddle boarding for the first time and I was so excited. Nick took videos and snap shots of my little adventure. He was so afraid for me. He was relieved when I told him I was finished. I only stayed out for about 20 minutes. It felt like I got a nice little workout. My legs got tired easily and I didn’t want to be dinner for the alligator. 

Afterwards, we ate lunch and headed out to the beach. It was cloudy and raining most of the time with little peeks of sunshine. We enjoyed our stay regardless of the weather. But don’t ask Nick. On our last day, He had to tear down the camper so it could go back into storage. It was pouring rain and he was drenched. Here is a picture of him standing on the picnic table trying not to get wet but he finally gave up. We had to be out by noon. 

Now Back to work.

Keto Crackers

I am not on a Keto diet. I do not think it is a healthy diet to stick too but I do like to make some Keto dishes because I am trying to stay away from breads. One of my favorite is the Chaffles I shared in another blog post. I also made flourless Bagels and Cauliflower bread sticks before. 

Today, I want to share with you these delicious Keto Crackers made with only two ingredients. 

➞2 Cups Almond flour
➞1 Egg
➞ Spices (optional)
Place it all in a food processor until the dough is formed. 
(Mine looked like little beads until I kneaded it in my hands).
Put the dough between two pieces of wax paper and roll very thin. 

Cut into squares or rounds (any shape of choice) and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet 
and bake 350 for about 10 minutes. 
Keep an eye on them. Once the edges start browning, they are done. 
(You can also poke holes in them to give them a different look)

Some of mine were thinner than others and those browned quicker. 

These crackers are sort of bland so you may want to add salt or seasoning of your choice. I added “everything bagel” seasoning and they were delicious/  
If you leave them plain, you will think your eating those nasty communion wafers served at what us Baptist call “The Lords Supper”. 

My husband took one then asked where the wine was. Ha ha. 
He was just kidding because mine were full of flavor from my added spices and would be great served with a veggie dip or cheeseball. 
They didn’t last long.

These would also be great served on a Charcuterie board which I would love to do one day. 

Two Week Notice

The time has come that I can no longer keep up working two jobs. Between my full time job and my part time job, I was working 12 hours a day a few days a week and every Saturday and Sunday. Even though my husband helped a lot, he works a lot of mixed hours as well and things were not getting done around the house. I didn’t have time to throughly clean the house. We rarely ate at the table anymore together, My supper sometimes included a pack of crackers during the 30 minutes I had between jobs. I am always tired,  missing church and Nick said I am getting grumpy. Two weeks ago, I formally put in my notice. June the 2nd will be my last day at the department store. I will be back to my normal routine of working 8 hours a day and off on weekends. 

But here is what’s weird.

I really enjoyed my part time job. Everyone liked me and I got along great with employees, managers and customers. Though I would go home tired, I was usually upbeat at work, Always speaking to everyone, and made sure I put on my smiling face. 

BUT once I put in my two week notice....
The enjoyment and fun seemed to stop. I felt ignored the past two weeks. There was nothing else for me there. I was given positions and hours that no one else wanted. I was miserable there for the first time in 8 months. There were days I never even saw a manager, I was no longer involved in any conversations, meetings or memos. It has felt a little weird. I started feeling like the new employee again. Was all the friendships fake? Do they even care that I’m leaving? The store manager commented to me the day after I gave him my notice and told me I was valuable and they will miss me. But will they really? 

This has made me think.
(and this is were I would like my readers to comment their thoughts).

Did I really need to put in a two week notice in a part time job?
I know it’s the right thing to do in a full time position. It is usually so the business can get a head start on hiring a replacement. 
It is a time period I could have trained a new employee.. None of this happened though they complain about not having enough help and that they are rapidly losing employees. (They have had several applicants by the way).

Soon , none of this will be my worry.  I will finally get back to normal. I will be able to eat a meal at a decent hour, take those long walks after dinner, get back to blogging regularly again and take better care of myself. 

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day today. I finally have a day off. The first day off I have had since May 9th. 

Wild Daisies I picked out of the parking lot at work yesterday. 
It’s the little things that bring me joy.  


Purse Strap

I am always looking for a new pocket book. I can not afford one of those fancy expensive kind so I have to make do with cheaper brands. 

I recently bought a cute Liz Claybourn purse on clearance, plus my employee discount. It’s not a high end pocket book, but in my world, it was pretty pricy before the discounts. I like the color. It’s a neutral off white color. I like it but getting tired of it. I have had it since December. 

One of the girls in the office was telling me how cute my purse was and it would be perfect for one of those fashionable purse straps. It has the clip on strap that can be removed. That got me thinking which led to shopping. Replacing the strap with some fun added colors would make me like it and give me that new feeling again. 

I found this cute strap on the internet to try. When I put it on my purse, I was excited. I loved how fun it makes my drab purse. 

My daughter bought me another one for my birthday. Now I can keep switching the straps depending on what I wear for the day. I found it to be more comfortable to wear on my shoulder and does not slip off like the original strap. 

Apparently this is the new thing with purses as you can find a lot of different colors and patterns to match your mood. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my new straps. 

You can find them on Amazon by searching “bag strap”, “Purse strap”or “Guitar purse strap”.

If you noticed in my post I used both the words “pocketbook” and “purse”.
What do you call it?
Is there a difference? 

As an Amazon Affiliate, this post includes a Marketing Link, 
which means I make a small percentage on the sales 
but it in no way affects the price a buyer may pay.
 Opinions are my own honest reviews

Vintage Sewing Ottoman

My parents recently purchased a new home and during the moving process, they asked us kids if there were anything in the house we would like to have because they were wanting to downsize. 

The only thing I could think of was an old vintage ottoman mom always had in her sewing room all my life. For some reason I have always liked that little stool. It has a hinged padded top that opens up for storage. I always wanted to know what she kept in there. 

I never expected her to give this to me now. I was thinking I would take it if she passed away before me. As healthy as my parents are in their 80’s, they will probably out live me. I was excited when they brought it over to me. 

It is worn, discolored and stained from years of use. This stool is from the 70’s so It’s probably 50 years old. 

I took the stool in and probably moved it to a hundred different areas around the house of where I might want to place it. It ended up in my bedroom but I am not sure if I want to keep it there or not. 

I spent some time this past weekend and cleaned it up the best I could. 

It still shows some stains and markings but I do not mind as it gives it that vintage character.

It makes a great stool to sit on while I put on my shoes. I am just in love with it. Thanks Mom!

Mothers Day Corsage

To all past, present and future Mothers! I hope you have a happy Mothers Day. May your day be filled with love, happy thoughts and memories.

(Your not having deja vu, some of this is a repost but I wanted to share it again)

I remember when I was little, Mom would carefully lay out corsages for me and my sister and boutonniere's for my brothers that My Grandmother made. One by one, mom would pin our corsage to our Sunday outfit and to church we went. I hated it. I despised having to wear that big scratchy corsage that smelled like grandmaws basement! I was too young at the time to realize the reason of her making sure we all had a corsage to wear on Mother’s Day. 

The Mother’s Day corsage started in the 1800’s. Everyone wore one on Mother’s day. The corsage did not indicate that your were a mother, but rather that you are wearing something to honor your own mother. The flowers were usually made with an orchid, carnation or rose. The type of flower was not as important as the color. If your mom is living, you wore a red or pink flower. If your mom is deceased, you wore a white one. 

Sadly the tradition of the Mothers Day corsage has stopped. You will rarely see anyone wearing them anymore. I admit, I have not worn one in years. 

So, this Mothers Day, I have decided to make my own corsage to proudly wear over my heart in honor of my Mother.

I am who I am today because of her. She worked hard making sure all four of her children had everything we need. She showed us unconditional love but would also show us what a hickory stick was when we did wrong. She made sure we were in church every Sunday and raised us with Christian values that we still hold on too today. My mom is very pretty, smart, strong and always smells good. 
I made my mom laugh and cry. I have rebelled and hurt her feelings many times. I will always hold that guilt but I know she prayed and loved me through it all. That's what moms do. 

As a mom myself, I find and l learn new obstacles with my own daughter that make me think about the challenges and sacrifices my mom went through. Everyday, I am more thankful for the lessons she taught me and how much she has inspired me. Next to God, she is my foundation. 

My daughter is home this weekend to spend Mothers Day with me. Nick has to work so we plan to spend some Mother Daughter time together. We may do lunch somewhere and maybe try the new Açaí Bowl place uptown.
In the afternoon, the whole family will meet for dinner with our mom. It's going to be a mommy kind of day!!!!

If The Walls Could Talk

My family has been busy. My mom and dad decided to move from the home we grew up in. They had 30 days to move out 46 years of “stuff”. They had the house built 46 years ago. My youngest brother was just a baby when we moved in. 

With them being in their 80’s they have found it uncomfortable and sometimes a struggle to go up and down the stairs so they purchased a one level house they liked just a few miles away. They are actually closer to me now and I like that idea.

It was bitter sweet seeing them let go of my old home place. There were lots of stress and mixed emotions during the process. Due to work, I was unable to visit the old house one last time before closing. I was hoping to see it empty but maybe it’s best to remember it full of memories.

If the walls could talk it would have many more stories than I could tell...

It once housed 4 kids, 1 grandchild and several foster siblings.
It was a place where we brought our first dates and where we cried over our first breakups.
There were fights over the telephone and laughs over dinner. 
It seen a lot of spankings and groundings along with lots of love and hugs.
This is were we learned to ride a bike and parked our first car.
Our handprints are in the cement around the well.
We had tree swings, bonfires, and Tree houses that over looked a yard where many loved pets were buried and lots of bare feet run. 
Where we would spend hours running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day and sit by the fire place eating tv dinners and jiffy pop on a cold Winter evening.

The house was just too big for my parents and they really needed to downsize. Now it is time for mom and dad to settle down in their new home and we already can’t wait to start new traditions and make new memories. After all, It’s the family that makes a home, not the house. 


Pebbles On The Beach

Here it is the middle of April. We usually have already been to the beach but with us both having new jobs, our vacation time is limited. Fortunately, I work for an accountant so he set aside April the 16th as a tax holiday and gave us girls the day off. Nick was able to get off too so we jump at the opportunity to head down to the camper. 

Once we unloaded the car, and got everything set up and in order, we headed out for a walk on the beach. It was rather chilly with the temperatures in only the 60s. The wind made it even cooler. We walked about three miles. During our walk, I kept seeing these little burlap bags washed up on the sand. They were tied tight, but curious me had to see what was inside. 

Inside each bag were little rocks or pebbles. They seemed to have been in the water for a while as they were covered in sand that had settled into the bags  over time. 

I didn’t keep them. I put the pebbles back into the bags and returned them to the sand for someone else to find. I did not see any on our way back so they must of either washed back out into the ocean or someone else came alone and scooped them up. 

I just wonder what the intentions were or if they were just washed away from someone on accident. 

We ended the day with dinner at Hamburger Joes and a trip to Walmart for a some camper needs and few snacks.
Now we are back at the camper. We have had our showers and now relaxing a bit before we call it a day.

I can’t wait to see the sun tomorrow and enjoy all day on the beach. This will be our only full day as we will head back home on Sunday. I do not get a real vacation until August. That is just too long to wait. I plan to ask for a couple days off in June. I do not know how well that will go but it’s worth a shot.

Pro Keto Shakes

Summer is coming and that means it’s time to start thinking about cold drinks and smoothies. I have fallen into some bad eating habits since December and it’s beginning to show. I plan to replace one meal with a smoothie or healthy shake. I need something that is low in calories and high in protein. 

I think I may have found the remedy to loose the extra pounds that I have put on in the past few months. I am currently giving these Lean180 Pro Keto shakes by Skinny Jane at try. 

I am surprised at how delicious and creamy they are. They do not have that gritty or chalky taste like other protein shakes. I am also impressed at how easy they mixed. You just add one scoop of powder and 6 ounces of water or milk of your choice with a 1/2 cup of crushed ice. Place it all in your favorite mixer cup and shake. The powder dissolves quick and does not leave clumps. I didn’t even have to use my blender. 

They come in 3 different flavors; chocolate, vanilla and salted caramel. I chose the vanilla because I think there are more “Mix in options” to change the flavor such as strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. However, I liked the shake alone with no other flavor than the rich vanilla flavor it has to offer. It was like having a cupcake in a cup. 

Skinny Jane Lean 180 Pro Keto Shakes have a lot of benefits to help you lose weight and not feel hungry. 
Suppresses appetite.
Low Carbs.
Only 100 Calories.
2g Sugar.
20g Protein.

Lean 180 speeds up weight loss by boosting metabolism and increase energy. This is good news since I have a beach trip coming up soon. I could feel results in the first 3 days. I felt less bloated and I stayed satisfied until my next meal. 

You can get your own Lean180 shakes at 

 These shakes were provided to me free of charge 
in exchange for my honest review. 
All opinions are 100% my own.


I remember back when I was a little girl. I always had bad dreams. I remember just about every night, I would wake up in tears and go to my parents room. I would stand on daddy's side of the bed and stare him awake. He would let me get in the bed and he would cuddle me until I dozed off then I would have to go back to my room. 

Mom would place a Bible under my pillow at night and told me it would keep the bad dreams away. I had less nightmares but would still have them. I’m sure they tried everything to keep me out of their room. They finally got where they would lock their door at night. I remember standing on the outside of it crying until one of them would come tuck me back into bed. I was not spoiled, I was absolutely frightened at night by my dreams. 

I still dream but they are not as scary anymore and I am now, what is called , a “Lucid Dreamer. Meaning I can control my dreams. I guess I fought them long enough to have this power. When I am having a dream, I know I am having a dream and can control the outcome. Most of the time I wake up a soon as I realize I’m dreaming. Other times I can make a bad dream a good dream just by realizing it’s not real. Some Lucid Dreamers can decide on what thy want to dream about. That would be pretty cool. If I could do that, I would go on vacation every night. 

I am debating on keeping a “Dream Journal”. It would be a great way to jog my memory and learn what’s going on in my mind. It could also be weird and comical. I mean, last night I dreamed a baby Elephant jumped on me while my husband was chasing a chipmunk that was tearing up the yard. Yea, that’s way out there. But I also have some serious dreams. Vivid dreams that I can’t seem to get out of my mind. Sometimes I have good dreams and do not want them to end. It would be interesting to write all of these dreams down. I would also like to know if I have the same dream more than once or if any of them come true in the future. 

Have you ever heard of a dream journal? 
Do you think it would be a good idea?

I’m Still Here

In case your wondering,  I’m still here. I think this has been the longest I’ve ever gone without writing a post. 

Blogging is on mind every day but I have had trouble finding any time to sit down and post. I have to be in the mindset. My life is crazy right now. 

I work 12 hours a day a few times a week. I work in an accountant office full time from 9-5 then head to my side job at a department store after I get off and work til 9 at night. 

The side job started out as a “temporary seasonal job” during Christmas and somehow I’m still here. In fact, I’m working a slow and boring position tonight and I am currently typing this post from my cell phone while greeting customers at the same time. Now that’s multitasking! 

I tried to quit but they asked me to stay and just fill in when someone lays out. Lately that’s been a few nights a week and almost every weekend. When I finally get time at home, I spend it cleaning and doing laundry. then I zonk out. I need to find time for myself again.

When I get home tonight I have to jump on the phone and do a call in to the home shopping network and share my success  story with Nutrisystem.

It’s been over 5 years now and they still ask me to share it which I enjoy in hopes it will inspire someone. 

Meanwhile, I’m trying to get it together and get back to blogging. I’m trying to find myself in this thing called life.

Water Motivation

I have to admit. Dinking water is not one of my favorite things. However, for years I have disciplined myself to drink water with every meal. Occasionally I will drink sweet tea with a meal and usually only at the beach will I treat myself to a fountain cola in a styrofoam cup. 

I start each day with a big glass of water to chug down my vitamins then it’s coffee til noon. I keep a bottle of water at my desk or on the counter at home to sip on throughout the day. Some days I drink a significant amount of water but most days I just forget. 

I have decided that I want to start drinking a healthy amount of water my body needs each day. 
They say “64” ounces. 

I had to start with a water bottle that I enjoyed using (that usually includes a straw) so I headed to Amazon and purchased a motivational water bottle by Keepto. It holds the amount of water my body needs each day. This way I do not have to think about it and wonder if I had enough water today. A whole days amount is with me at all times. Your body will mistake thirst for hunger so if I sip water all day, it will curb my appetite and just maybe I will stop grabbing those Reese's cups from the break room.

I love that I can use it with or without a straw. It’s leak proof and has nice carry strap. Though it’s a half gallon, it does not feel heavy and it’s easy to drink from by holding the built in handle. I get a little motivation from the time stamped indications as I drink throughout the day.

Here are some interesting facts about drinking water.
  • 64 oz is just an average amount. Some people need less and some need more. A person that is active and sweats a lot may need more. Your body will naturally tell you when it’s thirsty so drink water when your thirsty or sip on it throughout the day. Don’t guzzle water just to get the daily dosage over with. Listen to your body.
  • Water curbs appetite.
  • Drinking a lot of water will help with constipation, UTI’s, kidney stones and skin hydration.
  • Coffee and tea count as water.
  • Foods such as fish, meats, eggs, fruits and veggies supply water in your body.
  • You can tell how much water you need by the color of your urine. It should be clear or pale yellow.
Do you drink enough water? What are some ways you motivate yourself to drink enough water?

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