Air Fryer S’mores Oatmeal

For the past two weeks, I have been doing a smoothie for breakfast. I’m getting tired of it. I like to eat my food, not drink it but I am always looking for healthy meal options. I have also been taking my lunches to work instead of coming home for lunch and pigging out. I have to limit my meals. Portion control is what I have to do if I want to lose weight. It’s not as much about what you eat but how much you eat. 

This morning I wanted to make a solid breakfast for a change. I started making an egg but ended up burning it. I guess I was out of sync. I used to always make an egg. I consider myself an omelet pro and I love my eggs over easy too. We grew up calling it “an egg with a moon on it” Only momma knew what we meant. 

So, since my egg didn’t turn out well, I resorted to a recipe I found for S'mores Oatmeal. I’m not a big fan of s’mores but this was a winner. It was like eating a dessert instead of breakfast. This is still considered “healthy”, It’s easy and can be made in your air fryer within 7 minutes. 

1/3 Cup Quick Oats
1/2 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
1/4 Teaspoon Baking Powder
1/3 Cup Almond Milk
1/2 Sheet crushed Graham Cracker
Chocolate Chips
1/4 Cup Mini Marshmallows

Mix together, oats, protein powder, baking powder and Almond milk.
Pour into a Ramekin.
Stir in a few of the chocolate chips and marshmallows.
Top with crushed graham crackers, and the rest of the chocolate chips and marshmallows. 
Cook in air fryer at 350 degrees for 7 minutes. 
SPECIAL NOTE: Mash your marshmallows down a little so they do not fly around in the air fryer. 

After I ate breakfast, I went outside and ran/walked 3 miles. So I guess I can say this breakfast wasn’t heavy. But the 20lbs I have put on this year sure was. 

Original recipe was found at jhydefit on Instagram.
Follow her for more easy, quick and healthy foods. 


  1. Looks good. YOu cannot beat oatmeal. I completely replaced my Satin with oatmeal and it worked.
    We have a giant Air Fryer and seldom drag it out. We might get a smaller one for the coach and use it this winter. WE do enjoy it when we use it.
    The best to you from between the rivers.
    Sherry & jack

  2. That looks really good. I love my air fryer - first learned about it from you. :)
    Sounds like you have a good plan for losing those extra pounds.

  3. Wow! That sounds good to me! Chocolate chips marshmallows and oatmeal and it's healthy. I'm up for it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'll have to pass this along to my daughter in law. She loves smores.

  5. Looks wonderful Lisa. The kiddos would love this oatmeal. I am happy to feature this at Love Your Creativity.