Christian Door

Do you have a six paneled front door? We do. We also have six paneled doors on our three bedrooms. I’m pretty sure they are the original doors that were built with the house back in the 70’s. 

Did you know this style of door is called a Christian door? Why?

In colonial England, the six paneled door had stiles and rails that suggested a cross at the top half and an open Bible at the bottom. They were also called Cross and Bible doors. 

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These kind of doors have been around since the 1700’s. They became popular again in the past 10 years.

Six panel doors were not created to represent a cross or a Bible. The cross panels were there to make the door stronger. People have added the Christian door story later on. Early American used to hang these doors with the cross symbol to ward off witches. That was just superstition. 

Either way you look at it. You will now always think of the cross when you see a six paneled door. Your welcome. 


  1. What a fun fact! I had not heard that story but do have this style door inside my home. I will think of this now.

  2. Some fables/stories make you think. I have never heard this but you are right, I will think of it now as I open our door. ;-)

    Love from near South Point High & the new Middle School.

  3. Haven't heard that before - interesting.
    No, we don't have those doors at this house, but did at other places we've lived.

  4. I never heard that before. It is interesting. I have them throughout the house. Love the story.

  5. I now want to buy these door for every doorway in my house.

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  7. That's so interesting. I just looked at my front door and it's a six paneled door. I will have to remember that. Love that the top part looks like a Cross. I didn't see that before. Thank you for sharing the story behind the Christian door. : )