In the News-Straw Law

“Straw upon Request”.
This is a new law that passed in California this week.
A law that makes providing a straw without being asked, punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. 
The reason behind this is to reduce the environmental damage from plastic that winds up in landfills, waterways and ocean.

I get it, but lets think about this for a minute....

Can they not go back to the paper straws? They may not be good at getting the broccoli out of your teeth but they work just fine for drinking and they can go in the trash just like the paper napkins.  
Why not ban plastic cups? I mean, those solo cups can be found everywhere on the grounds of a college campus.
What about plasic forks and spoons? Have you ever had your yard forked? 

But wait. This only applies to sit-down restaurants, not bars or fast food locations.
Really? I would think it would be the other way around. At least in the restaurant, your straw usually stays “in the restaurant”.

Sorry, but this is one of these craziest things Ive heard this week.

Now, let me humor you a bit with some other silly laws I bet you didn’t know about. 

North Carolina- It’s illegal to use Elephants to plow cotton fields.
Texas- It’s illegal to sell an eye.
Utah- It’s illegal to NOT drink milk
Tennessee- It’s illegal to share your Netflix password.
Virginia- It’s Illegal for kids to trick or treat on Halloween.
Washington- You can’t harrass BigFoot!
Wyoming- You can’t take a picture of a rabbit between Janurary and April without a permit. 
Ohio- It’s Illegal to get a fish drunk.
New York- You can’t wear slippers after 10pm.
South Carolina- You can’t keep your horse in a bathtub.
Florida- If you tie an elephant to a parking meter, It will cost the same as a car.
Alaska- You can not wake a sleeping bear to get a photo.
California- If a frog dies during a frog jumping contest, you can not eat it.
Alabama- It’s illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church.
West Virginia- Whistling under water is prohibited.
Hawaii- Coins can not be placed in someones ear! 

Ok that does it. I’m going to bed.

Quilt Of Memories

This is actually based on A post I had posted a few years ago and wanted to share it again. Enjoy.

I grew up in a home with one Sister and two Brothers. My Mother was a seamstress and made most of our clothes instead of buying them. Many times she would drag us out to a local cloth store and spend hours looking through pattern books for something new to make us to wear. She probably still has those patterns too. She always wanted to teach me to sew too but I didn't have the patience unless it was something crafty. I would make a pillow or an article for my Barbies but that was about the extent of it. 

Mom always kept a large barrel full of scraps from the clothes she made. Once the barrel was full, she would give them away to a quilt maker. Later on after I became a Mother and a wife, I wanted to make a quilt. I had no idea where to start except with that barrell of scraps. I was determined to make a quilt. So I did. 

I gathered up different scraps and cut them into 4x4 squares, found me a needle and thread and started sewing each square together one by one then row by row. I sewed enough together until it would fit a full size bed. This took several weeks. I would work on it while my daughter napped in her crib so it was just a couple hours a day. 

I purchased some batting and a flat full size sheet for the backing and put it together. I had just enough inches from the back to fold around to make a boarder. 

I still had no idea how to quilt but I went with my imagination. 

I stitched corner to corner of each square and then around to frame each square. It took me about six month to finish this quilt and did it all by hand and with only one needle! Yes really. ONE regular sewing needle. I did not know they actually have quilting needles. 

It may not be the prettiest quilt you've ever seen but I'm proud of it. I can just about remember each outfit that was made with each color. 
My Mom still sews every day at her own alteration business. The basic stitch or two I learn from her growing up was enough to make a memory.

Darling Doily

I enjoy crocheting. I find it relaxing and rewarding. A lot of the things I make are just a challenge for the fun of it. I actually amaze myself sometimes. Some things I will make and never have a desire to make them again. Then there are things I make and sell.  

Want to know a funny fact about this crochet addict?  I do not like crochet items for myself. Nope. Its just not my style. 

While I was out shopping the other day, I seen spools of cotton yarn thread. This thread is finer than kite string but not as fine as sewing thread. I picked up a spool and threw it in my buggy. Nick looked at it sort of funny because he knew it was not the type of yarn I usually buy. 
“I think im going to try and make a doily”. 
He gave me one of those slow short nods. 
Then I said, “You know, like the ones we have stashed all over the house from grandmaw?”. 
“Um yea, I know” he replied sarcastically. Then he smiled and said, “You know you can make anything you want to make” 

I have never crocheted a doily before because they look so hard and complex to create. I went online and found a few different patterns to go by. After trying a few different ones, I realized it was just repeats of stitches and when I’d get lost or confused, I just carried own with my own thing. 

One TV show and 30 minutes later, I had completed my first ever doily. 

I was excited and couldn't wait to show my mom. I remember watching her crochet with thread when I was younger. She thought it was pretty and told me that she had a lot of that string yarn I could have if I wanted it. ‘Sure why not. I’ll take a couple spools”. 
She dropped off somes spools on her way to church that evening. 

This is “Moms version of a couple”.

I tell you what. I’m not sure how old this yarn is but some of the spools had 67 cent stamped on them. However, they were still strong and good to use. Some were still in the original plastic wrap.
So far, I made a large pink doily from the tread momma gave me. It may not be vintage made but im pretty sure the yarn is vintage. 

I don’t know how many doilies I want to make. I really have no use for them, but it’s a great relaxing challenge. The thin yarn was actually easy to work with. It’s a form of art that is always exciting to see the end results. Sort of like coloring. 

Wait. Not only did I make some doiles. I made a few pair of earrings too. 

These are currently in my shop if you would like to purchase a pair. I plan to make more of them if they seem to be a seller. 

Crochet earrings and other unique crochet items can be found in my ETSY shop. 


What is it Really?

Me and Nick will sometimes argue about the ways we use words. Not mean argue, but just fun argue. 
For example:

One mentions going “Up town” while the other says “Down Town”. 
Which is it? Whos right? Well, me of course. I’m right or at least he lets me be.
We both agreed that it depended on which way your headed. 
We both were wrong. 
What is it really?
FACT- “Downtown”refers to the center of town.
“Uptown” refers to the surrounding areas of the center town.
So now I'm thinking you have to go uptown to get to downtown. Right?. 

It’s time to eat lunch. Nick will say, “It’s time to eat dinner”.
I call lunch “lunch”. 
I call supper “dinner”. (Unless it’s Sunday lunch and I will say “Dinner”) . 
What is it really?
I say its, breakfast, lunch, supper. 
FACT: If supper is formal,  it’s concidered “Dinner”. Lunch is still lunch.
“Ha, I knew it!”
When you make a cake, Do you “frost” it or “Ice” it?
I have always called it “Frosting a cake”. 
FACT: Icing is more of a glaze that is poured on a cake or pastry.
Frosting is spread on a cake or pastry and is thicker and more fluffy.
If you pour it on, its icing and if you spread it on, its frosting. 
I love them both.

Last but not all. This one is for Jack
Is it “crank” the car up? Or is it “Start” the car up?
I think you have to crank the engine to get it started. 

We all have our own way of using words. I think a lot depends on age or where you come from. 
I mean, everyone knows that us Southerners have our own way of explaining things. 
But incase you want to know the facts, just search it....... 
Or as I say it, “just look it up”.

Sweet Tart Smoothie

Ok most of you that follow my blog or know me, know that I lost 50 lbs on Nutrisystem. It took eight months. Fitting in a size small again and having more energy is why I stayed on plan. When I was chosen to be one of their success stories, It helped motivate me even more to keep the weight off. I have mananged to keep it off for a year now while switching to the A La Carte maintance plan. 
....Until the past couple months. 
I started eating more of my own foods since the holidays. How is that working for me? NOT SO GOOD. I tend to make poor choices on not only what I eat but how much I eat. My servings have doubled in size and with the cold weather and a few health problems this past year, I have not gotten in a lot of excersise. 

I have to say with regret that I have put on ten pounds. Yikes. That does not seem like a lot but it is enough to make my size 4 jeans feel like spandex! So starting now, I am going back strictly on the plan so I can get rid of the extra pounds I gained. I refuse to buy a size larger in clothes. I plan to eat better while continuing on the Nutrisystems mainatance plan. I need to eat more veggies and drink more water. I can do this and I will. (As soon as I finish off this bag of girl scout cookies).

If your looking to lose weight and just cant seem to find a diet that works for you. Nutrisystem really does work! It’s a plan that is easy to follow. The food is delicious and filling. You also learn healthy snack options for between meals. You will loose! I will have a link at the bottom of this post that will take you to a 30.00 off coupon on your first order. For all of you that are concerned about the price of the plans. You may get a sticker shock but stop and figure what it cost you each month at the grocery store. We all know that healthy food is not cheep (but neither are large clothes and gym memberships). With Nutrisystem meals delivered at your door, you have all you need besides your own veggies to get your weight off. Unlike the grocery store foods, nothing goes to waste or waist. 

Today I will share with you a healthy option for the Nutrisystem shakes that you will also recive in your first shipment. They are good alone or you can add any veggies or fruits to them as you wish. Either way, its your way. I actually need to go order some more of this mix from their A La Carte menu so I can have these instead of cookies ( I’m down to two cookies left by the way and I will avoid any cute little girl scouts from this day on). 

Now on to the smoothie....

Sweet Tart Smoothie
(Kale and Lemon)

2 scoops- Nutrisystem Turbo shake (or any protein mix you have on hand).
1/2 cup- crushed ice
1 cup- cold water
1/4- frozen banana
1 or 2 slices- lemon ( I freeze those too, peel and all).
Hand full- fresh Kale. (you will not taste it but its good for you).

Add all that to a mason jar (or mixer bottle). 
Mix well and Enjoy.

Did you see what I did there? Yes, most mason jars will fit most blender blades. Then you can just mix and drink without the mess. 

Oh and by the way, that cozy? I make those too. Etsy Shop.

Want to start NS today? Here is 30.00 off your first order. COUPON.

Snow Capped Trees

We had our first big snow of the year. I’m sure those up North would snicker at what we call “big” snow. We ended up with 5 to 6 inches. The schools, churches and a lot of business were closed. My favorite part of snow is the snow capped trees. They held up the snow until the sun finally appeared in the afternoon. It looked like a wet heavy snow but the limbs held strong and high. The snow did not weight them down as it was a light, fluffy and dry snow. The sun on the snow caps sparkled as if the snow was filled with tiny diamonds. It was beautiful.

I got two snow days off due to the weather and slick roads. However, I did log into work from home and did a few things. 
My neighbor next door asked if I would like to build a snowman. At first I was iffy about it being too cold but then I text her back. I told her to give me ten minutes and I’d meet her outside. I had to round up some Winter wear. I had a little box stashed away with gloves, scarves and other snow essentials. I layered my shirts, found some old boots and doubled up on the socks. I was ready. We laughed and giggled while building our snow man (which was not easy to make with this powdery snow). It was impossible to roll the snow so we had to just mounded it up and sculpted him out. We felt like twelve year olds for a little while. It was fun. 

The roads are clear so It’s back to work in the moring. I’m going to miss spending all day with Nick. We had a good time snowed in together. I honestly feel like I get seperation anxiety when I have to leave him after a few days together. Most couples are not like that and would rather spend time apart. Not us. We are like two best friends. I was like that with my daughter while she was in college years ago, but I’m learning to get used to her now living out on her own in another town. She was planning on visiting before it snowed her in as well, but she had lots of friends to do things with. 

~I learned some things by staying in for two days. 
~I eat...a lot.
~I found the bottom of my laundry basket.
~I learned what eating a lot of Kale will do to ya.
~My house really doesn't clean itself.
~I think a 12 cup pot of coffee is really only 8 cups.
~and the trees were not the only thing that snow capped.

First Snow Day 2018

First!!! I would like to wish one of my favorite people and blogging buddy JACK a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today !!!!!!. Pop over to his blog Shipslog and wish him a happy birthday. While your there enjoy his stories. 
I’d also like to wish a Happy belated Birthday to another one of my favs, Rick of at Life101. His birthday was Monday. 
Go check him out too.
Both of these men are great book authors too!!!

Now for the snow day. Yes we have our first snow day of the year. Finally, it snowed. Our temperatures have been going up and down the past week or so from the low teens to the upper 70s. Its crazy. This morning we woke up to an inch of snow and its not suppose to stop until later on this afternoon. The fellows at the office told me to stay home. We get a day off. Whoopee!! 
Now I am not a fan of the snow, but a day off, YES. I’ll take it. 

I will spend the day doing some house cleaning and if the snow fall will slack off a bit, me and Nick will venture out for a walk. So far it’s coming down like a blizzard so I choose to stay right here snuggled up to a cup of coffee...In my pajamas. I just hope I don’t end up eating all day. 

For the record, its suppose to be back up in the 60s this weekend. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK and RICK!

News Story-Rant

Ok, I think its about time I do a little rant. I see in the news so many things I disagree with. Mostley political left winged stuff but I try to keep the politics out of my blog post because I could argue to the end and it wouldn’t matter. Everyone sees things differently and that’s ok. It’s not worth the fuss. 

It’s the little things that burn me up. For example, I read a news story and the headline was this. “School experiments with deskless seating options”.
Think about that for a moment. For some of you, it may sound like a really good idea. Probably because you are only thinking back to when you were in school. How nice that would have been. For me, I think it’s a bad idea.

Children go to school to learn and heaven knows, it’s probably the only place they get any decipline now days. Making a child go into a class room, sit in a desk, be still and listen, is not a bad thing. It’s called manners and dicipline. School should be the foundation to jobs in the future. 

Its not a good idea to let the kids sprawl out on the floor as they wish and try to do class work. First of all, where is structure in this? How is this good for posture?  If they let kids go to class every day and do as they wish it would be like....well It would be like you see in a lot of restaurants. The parents that approve of this classroom method are probably the same parents that let their kids run wild in a restaurant while running up to a spoon to be fed a bite of food every few minutes. This is because in todays society, kids rule. (Dogs rule too but thats another story). Parents (not all parents) simply do not teach kids dicipline. They are not taught to sit at a table to eat. They are not taught to be quiet when they need to be. They are not taught to go to bed at a decent hour. Now they are going to allow the school to let them behave in the class rooms as they wish? Wait, thats already happening. 

I just feel like, by letting kids sit and lay around in the floors at school is taking away the last little bit of dicipline they had left. 

Rant over.

Bible Journaling

I have decided a to try a new thing called Bible journaling. I’ve never did a journal but wanted to give this a shot. There is all kinds of journaling. There is study journals, blog journals, personal journals and even baby journals.

For decades, people seem to stay away from marking in their Bibles, thinking it defaces them or that it’s disrespectful. For those people, “you obviously have not seen my daddys Bible”. He is the biggest Bible marker I know. He takes notes, highlights his verses and marks his prayer list in there! It’s so colorful! Can you believe he even questioned me when I told him I was going to start Bible journaling? He’s been doing it for ages and didn’t even realize it. 

Let’s face it. The Bible is not the easiest book to read or understand. I am not an understanding reader therefore I hate reading. I really would like to read and understand the Bible more. So I went online and began searching ‘Journal Bibles’. I found the perfect one. It’s called “My Creative Bible”. It has 400 hand drawn line art illustrations. The single column pages leave space to create my own inspriational artwork with two inch margins on each page for notes. 

I didn’t know where to start so I prayed about it and then just opened it. The first page it opened too is the one I read and studied for the first night. I had to read a chapter over and over to understand what it was saying as by choice it’s the King James Version. (KJV is thou Hardith to understandith) I had to research some things on my Bible app in a different version just to understand it better. And just like that, I did my first very own Bible journaling. 

Writing in your Bible can be rather intmidating. I’m not that good of an artist and I want it to be pretty. But that’s not what it’s about. It’s not what you put in it that counts but what you get out of it. It’s your own expressions, your own thoughts and your very own way to undertand the word.

There are several online illustrations and blogs with guidelines and verses to read to help you get started. I will be resorting to those soon.

This is not a Bible you take to church with you every Sunday. The pages will become covered in ink. The verses may become unreadable in places but its ok, It’s your own study and journaling Bible. Also called “Devotional art”. You can choose to pass this book down to your children or grandchildren so they can add to it as the years pass. What a great gift that would be.

I used “micro-line” colored pens which were recommended but pricey. 
However, these pens DID bleed through even though the creative Bible has special paper for marking and the pens say they will not bleed. This really upset me, I plan to resort to colored pencils in the future.

Any marking pen suggestions are appreciated.

My Creative Bible can be found in most book stores, also including Amazon, Walmart, Hobby Lobby and other craft stores.

Toboggan and Chili

It was a bitter cold weekend here with temperatures in the lower teens in the morings and upper twenties in the afternoon. That’s just too darn cold for me. We went out and about on Saturday and it was so uncomfortable. I froze. I almost put a coat on. Almost. The schools have been delayed due to the cold. Yep, that happens here in the South. If it gets below freezing, either our school busses will not run or the kids can’t stand at the bus stops. But hey, I don’t blame them. I can’t stand in the cold long either. 

When I got up late Sunday morning. We actually stayed in bed until almost 10:00am. I’m normally a 7:00 riser. After getting out of the bed, I was just too lazy to get ready for church and brace the chill again so I skipped service. I’m surprised my dad hasn’t called me already, wondering where I was. I sat around the house all morning with a heater on my toes. We have heat in the house and it’s comfortably warm. I just chose to add an extra bit of warmth while I ate breakfast and sipped coffee.

I finally found my “get up” and put on my yoga pants and hula hooped for thirty minutes before hitting the shower. It warmed up to just below freezing after dinner so we headed out to the grocery store. This time I was more comfortable as I wore two shirts and a toboggan.

My daughter got me a cute toboggan for Christmas. I have never worn a toboggan in public. I never feel pretty with one on. I always feel I look like something between the Grinch and the dude off Waynes World.  I usually will only wear one if we go out for a walk or play in the snow (if that ever happens). Sunday, I caved and wore it to Walmart. You can wear anything to Walmart. 

I’m not sure I was even wearing it right as It felt like it was mashing my eye lids down to my cheeks. I have a short tiny forehead. I had to text a photo to my daughter to get a fashion approval. I had it all wrong. 

After I moved the hat up to the top of my eyebrows, and slouched the ball to the back, She gave me a thumbs up and I took off to Wally World. 

Later that afternoon my husband decided to make a batch of his home made chili. It always hits the spot on a cold Winter day. He makes it with ground turkey instead of beef and adds tomato stuff, chili stuff and light red kidney beans. 

It was delicious and we had enough left over to freeze and save for another cold afternoon. 

“Hurry up Summer!”

Tune In

It’s that time of year again. It’s when a lot of people start their new diets and make new plans to stay healthy. 
The diet commercials are filling our TV stations and the gyms are promoting membership specials. 
Guilty! I am one of those people.

I actually started the Nutrisystem diet on Janurary 5th of 2015. I lost 50 lbs! I was even chosen as one of their success stories. I will not go into all the details again but feel free to click the menu tab at the top of my page and read all about my weight loss journey and short time of fame. 

I’m still eating Nutrisystem but also doing a lot of my own meals now as I maintain my weight loss. This has been a struggle for me especially during the holidays. I tend to make bad eating choices on my own but through Nutrisystem I have learned how to eat healthier and maintain my successful weight loss. 

Speaking of Nutrtisystem. If your up and awake tomorrow night, January 7th between 11:35pm and 11:45pm (EST), tune into the QVC channel as I will be calling in to share a little about my success. So if you want to hear a tid bit on how well Nutriststem worked for me (with a southern drawl), mark your calenders and set your station! 
Tune in earlier if you want to hear other wonderful success stories and catch some great specials to get your weight loss started.

This will not be the first time I have done this but that does not mean it gets easier. I suffer from speaking anxiety. The struggle is real.
I do not know what I will be saying or what will be asked of me. It’s not prerecorded or practiced. It’s live and genuine. 
I get so nervous and tongue tied. I’m always aftraid I’ll say something stupid.  

Wish me luck. Hope you can tune in.  


Bombogenesis (or bomb cyclone)- The word sounds scary but its not. Its just a word used by meteorologist to describe when the low pressure system’s central pressure falls 24 millibars in 24 hours or less. This can create blizzard conditions and coastal flooding. 

Photo by MyrtleBeachTravelPark

This is what my freinds on the East Coast are experiencing. They woke up this morning to snow covered beaches and icy roads. 

Photo by MyrtleBeachTravelPark

This storm has affected the East coast from Florida to New England. While some just seen a dusting of snow, others seen heavy winter storm conditions with as much as 18 inches of snow.. 

I live 200 miles from the coast. We only have freezing cold temperatures here. Not a drop of anything wet is coming out of our skies. And im ok with that.

Here are more photos of South Carolina beaches courtesy of @beachbound4life via Twitter. 

Thats it! I think I need to ride down to the coast and scrape the ice off the camper. 

Man! It’s Cold!

I tell you what, It’s just cold here! I’m talking 11 degrees cold! Now I know some of you may laugh at that as it may be in the negatives where you are, but here, anything below 30 will put our schools on a delay. The kids around here can’t handle walking to school or standing at the bus stops if its below freezing. Aint that something? To hear my grandpa tell it, the kids used to walk to school up hill both ways in three feet of snow barefooted! 

I’m lucky to have a carport to keep my car under. I do not have to worry about scraping ice off the windshield. My sweet husband will make sure my car is cranked and warmed before I head off to work. 

I’m and blessed to have a job where I get to stay indoors all day. The boss wants me to keep the heat down in the office to save energy. I am the only one in the front office where there used to be four of us and I'm simply not worth a power bill. I keep a little space heater beside my desk blowing on me all day. Im comfortable. 

Before I leave work in the afternoons, I will set the coffee pot and lay out some cookies for the guys that come into work early in the morning. They are outdoors a lot during the day and I think its nice for them to have something warm and sweet to get the day started. They don't know it’s me that does this for them. The dispatchers and their manager get the credit, but thats ok. 

I do not even own a pair of Winter boots or a coat. I caved a ordered me a pair of warm boots to wear in the cold or snow. They are nothing pretty but will keep my toes warm on days like this. I still refuse to wear a coat. I will wear a sweater, jacket or vest but I hate a coat. If we ever have a snow to play in, I will just layer the sweatshirts. We have about two more months of cold weather then it will begin to start warming up. I cant wait! I hate the cold. Summer can’t get hear fast enough!

Oh did I mention, It was in the 60’s just last week and The beach 200 miles away from me has snow?

2018 Goals

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve we stayed awake long enough to watch the ball drop, then headed to bed. I have to say, I think it was the worst I’ve seen. They just could not keep politics out of it. Made me sick. I just wanted to pretend I was on the streets of NY with one of those cool hats and slaps sticks while bringing in the new year with all those happy people out to have a good time. Not listen to racist or political comments all night. Gheez. 

We were up and at it early this morning perparing our annual New Years Dinner for my family. We got through it again with ten pounds of collard greens, ten pounds of meat, ten pounds of potatoes, blackeye peas, CrockPot macaroni and cheese, rolls and two fruit cobblers. We expected seventeen people but only twelve showed up. That meant everyone went home with leftovers to last them a day or two. 

I did not keep any left overs because holidays have added a few inches to my waist. You know what that means....Yep back to strictly Nutrisystem. I never stopped eating Nutrisystem after I lost 50lbs but I did cut back to eating a lot of my own meals. It will be fine. I’ll have the extra pounds gone in a couple weeks. No fret.

The new year brings new beginnings. I do not make resolutions. I make goals. Me and Nick talked during our breakfast about the goals we have for this year. My goals are, to eat healthier, get in better shape, and find a new job. His were similar. 

I have a few changes I want to make too. I plan to stop worring so much about things in the news, family matters and people around me. I plan to keep possitive vibes and stop letting things get to me. ( I think I just ruined that one at the first sentence) I will not worry when friends or family do not stay in touch or how the work flow goes. I’m simply gonna just focus on keeping my heart and mind happy, I need to focus on my own business and not everyone elses. Life is just to short for that. 

I wish you all health and happiness for the whole year long.

Do you make resolutions? 
Do you eat a special New Years Dinner?