Toboggan and Chili

It was a bitter cold weekend here with temperatures in the lower teens in the morings and upper twenties in the afternoon. That’s just too darn cold for me. We went out and about on Saturday and it was so uncomfortable. I froze. I almost put a coat on. Almost. The schools have been delayed due to the cold. Yep, that happens here in the South. If it gets below freezing, either our school busses will not run or the kids can’t stand at the bus stops. But hey, I don’t blame them. I can’t stand in the cold long either. 

When I got up late Sunday morning. We actually stayed in bed until almost 10:00am. I’m normally a 7:00 riser. After getting out of the bed, I was just too lazy to get ready for church and brace the chill again so I skipped service. I’m surprised my dad hasn’t called me already, wondering where I was. I sat around the house all morning with a heater on my toes. We have heat in the house and it’s comfortably warm. I just chose to add an extra bit of warmth while I ate breakfast and sipped coffee.

I finally found my “get up” and put on my yoga pants and hula hooped for thirty minutes before hitting the shower. It warmed up to just below freezing after dinner so we headed out to the grocery store. This time I was more comfortable as I wore two shirts and a toboggan.

My daughter got me a cute toboggan for Christmas. I have never worn a toboggan in public. I never feel pretty with one on. I always feel I look like something between the Grinch and the dude off Waynes World.  I usually will only wear one if we go out for a walk or play in the snow (if that ever happens). Sunday, I caved and wore it to Walmart. You can wear anything to Walmart. 

I’m not sure I was even wearing it right as It felt like it was mashing my eye lids down to my cheeks. I have a short tiny forehead. I had to text a photo to my daughter to get a fashion approval. I had it all wrong. 

After I moved the hat up to the top of my eyebrows, and slouched the ball to the back, She gave me a thumbs up and I took off to Wally World. 

Later that afternoon my husband decided to make a batch of his home made chili. It always hits the spot on a cold Winter day. He makes it with ground turkey instead of beef and adds tomato stuff, chili stuff and light red kidney beans. 

It was delicious and we had enough left over to freeze and save for another cold afternoon. 

“Hurry up Summer!”


  1. I never knew a tobaoggan was a hat. I always thought it was a kind of a sled!!

    1. A sled in the South is called a trash can lid. .

    2. We always called the stocking caps a toboggan when I was growing up, but then again I grew up not too far from where Lisa is now...

  2. You would look adorable with a feed bag on your head. Here in the north we call sleds toboggans. I think that term is probably a southern term for a knitted hat if I remember right. Glad you were wearing that and not a sled on your

    Chili sounds good but it does NOT like me! xo Diana

  3. Cindy made a pot of chili today too, she has started using ground chicken for the meat and I really like it this way.

  4. we also call sleds toboggans. so i got a big kick out of seeing the hat on your head. keep warm.

  5. Our weather was great down here for a change. My girl just said today, "I need a toboggan." The chili looks good, I bet it was good.

    Love from warm Florida (as it should be)

  6. I made chili yesterday.
    If the kids didn't have school here when it was cold, they wouldn't go to school much. : )

  7. What a cute tobaoggan! I'm hopping to get back into crocheting sometime this week! The chili looks delicious! Btw, I saw your call segment on QVC Sunday night! Great job!

  8. The secret to wearing a toboggan is to own it. Act like you're a model for them and anyone who doesn't look like you when they wear one isn't wearing it right