Darling Doily

I enjoy crocheting. I find it relaxing and rewarding. A lot of the things I make are just a challenge for the fun of it. I actually amaze myself sometimes. Some things I will make and never have a desire to make them again. Then there are things I make and sell.  

Want to know a funny fact about this crochet addict?  I do not like crochet items for myself. Nope. Its just not my style. 

While I was out shopping the other day, I seen spools of cotton yarn thread. This thread is finer than kite string but not as fine as sewing thread. I picked up a spool and threw it in my buggy. Nick looked at it sort of funny because he knew it was not the type of yarn I usually buy. 
“I think im going to try and make a doily”. 
He gave me one of those slow short nods. 
Then I said, “You know, like the ones we have stashed all over the house from grandmaw?”. 
“Um yea, I know” he replied sarcastically. Then he smiled and said, “You know you can make anything you want to make” 

I have never crocheted a doily before because they look so hard and complex to create. I went online and found a few different patterns to go by. After trying a few different ones, I realized it was just repeats of stitches and when I’d get lost or confused, I just carried own with my own thing. 

One TV show and 30 minutes later, I had completed my first ever doily. 

I was excited and couldn't wait to show my mom. I remember watching her crochet with thread when I was younger. She thought it was pretty and told me that she had a lot of that string yarn I could have if I wanted it. ‘Sure why not. I’ll take a couple spools”. 
She dropped off somes spools on her way to church that evening. 

This is “Moms version of a couple”.

I tell you what. I’m not sure how old this yarn is but some of the spools had 67 cent stamped on them. However, they were still strong and good to use. Some were still in the original plastic wrap.
So far, I made a large pink doily from the tread momma gave me. It may not be vintage made but im pretty sure the yarn is vintage. 

I don’t know how many doilies I want to make. I really have no use for them, but it’s a great relaxing challenge. The thin yarn was actually easy to work with. It’s a form of art that is always exciting to see the end results. Sort of like coloring. 

Wait. Not only did I make some doiles. I made a few pair of earrings too. 

These are currently in my shop if you would like to purchase a pair. I plan to make more of them if they seem to be a seller. 

Crochet earrings and other unique crochet items can be found in my ETSY shop. 



  1. Beautiful work! I have a friend who crochets Christmas ornaments all year long and tucks them in the Christmas cards she mails. I have a colection form her. She prints the year on a tiny tag. She does snowflake designs, stars, bells - all sorts of things.

  2. These are all so pretty. My grandmother used to crochet doilies, but that small thread always seemed too delicate for my hands. I love that you are keeping this art alive and well. Your work is so pretty.
    Connie :)

  3. Lisa, You have done an amazing job. I love it. I have near tried that before. Although I can crochet. I think you are very talented. Now one day in the far future your grandkids will be saying gram made these doilies. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. My mama could sew up a storm. Of course there wee doilies around the house but I am sure she did not do them. YOurs are great. Sherry and I are looking at them and wondering how in the world anyone can do that. Great stuff.

  5. Beautiful creations Lisa! I love that you crochet too! I make things for myself, but most of the crochet items I'm making right now are for customers or items that I made for Christmas presents. I've gotten a flood of rush orders this week, hence my absence on blogger lol! Have a wonderful weekend

  6. Oh- I had a whole bunch of doilies and antimacassar that belonged to my mother. I kept a few of them that my grandmother had made and donated a bunch of them. My daughters did not want any of them and I knew I would never use them...so...someone else is richer for the finding of them.

    You did a beautiful job on those, Lisa. Really sweet!!!! xo Diana

  7. Nice job, everything is so pretty. My gramma used to make doilies all the time and I still have some of them.
    Love the earrings.

  8. Wow Lisa you did a great job making these pretty doilies. It was so nice that your mom gave you so much of that yarn to work with too. Have fun making the doilies. :0)