Snow Capped Trees

We had our first big snow of the year. I’m sure those up North would snicker at what we call “big” snow. We ended up with 5 to 6 inches. The schools, churches and a lot of business were closed. My favorite part of snow is the snow capped trees. They held up the snow until the sun finally appeared in the afternoon. It looked like a wet heavy snow but the limbs held strong and high. The snow did not weight them down as it was a light, fluffy and dry snow. The sun on the snow caps sparkled as if the snow was filled with tiny diamonds. It was beautiful.

I got two snow days off due to the weather and slick roads. However, I did log into work from home and did a few things. 
My neighbor next door asked if I would like to build a snowman. At first I was iffy about it being too cold but then I text her back. I told her to give me ten minutes and I’d meet her outside. I had to round up some Winter wear. I had a little box stashed away with gloves, scarves and other snow essentials. I layered my shirts, found some old boots and doubled up on the socks. I was ready. We laughed and giggled while building our snow man (which was not easy to make with this powdery snow). It was impossible to roll the snow so we had to just mounded it up and sculpted him out. We felt like twelve year olds for a little while. It was fun. 

The roads are clear so It’s back to work in the moring. I’m going to miss spending all day with Nick. We had a good time snowed in together. I honestly feel like I get seperation anxiety when I have to leave him after a few days together. Most couples are not like that and would rather spend time apart. Not us. We are like two best friends. I was like that with my daughter while she was in college years ago, but I’m learning to get used to her now living out on her own in another town. She was planning on visiting before it snowed her in as well, but she had lots of friends to do things with. 

~I learned some things by staying in for two days. 
~I eat...a lot.
~I found the bottom of my laundry basket.
~I learned what eating a lot of Kale will do to ya.
~My house really doesn't clean itself.
~I think a 12 cup pot of coffee is really only 8 cups.
~and the trees were not the only thing that snow capped.


  1. The snow capped trees are beautiful - and I love your snow man too.

  2. Beautiful post. I am glad you and hubby had fun getting snowbound together. I miss my youngest daughter that lives 6+ hours away with her three kids..Facetime is just not the same as being there in person.

    Hope you have a great day at work tomorrow....AND...comical snowman. xo Diana

  3. I like how you feel about being around Nick. I used to laugh at men that said, "We need time apart. Sometimes we take separate vacations." I cannot think of separate vacations from my girl. We have no problem with closeness 24/7. i wonder why everyone wouldn't want that...
    Glad you had FUN!

  4. I was suppose to work at 5:30am yesterday but my whole car was frozen over

  5. exciting (not)

    A friend a ways out of Tampa posted a shot of her outdoor temp yesterday ... 26. That just ain't right for Central Florida.

  6. Brrrr, but beautiful. I can so enjoy this from afar.
    We moan and groan when the temperature gets into the 40'sF.
    Visiting from Wanda at Got a Minute.

  7. Beautiful photos! It was supposed to snow, but I only saw snow flurries that didn't stick lol.

  8. Oh, my dear!!! This is my first visit with you but it will not be my last!
    That last photo was a winner!!!
    Looking forward to getting to know you!

  9. lovely pictures of what you descibed. cute snowman too.

  10. Snow days are fun. We've had a few of those this winter.