Man! It’s Cold!

I tell you what, It’s just cold here! I’m talking 11 degrees cold! Now I know some of you may laugh at that as it may be in the negatives where you are, but here, anything below 30 will put our schools on a delay. The kids around here can’t handle walking to school or standing at the bus stops if its below freezing. Aint that something? To hear my grandpa tell it, the kids used to walk to school up hill both ways in three feet of snow barefooted! 

I’m lucky to have a carport to keep my car under. I do not have to worry about scraping ice off the windshield. My sweet husband will make sure my car is cranked and warmed before I head off to work. 

I’m and blessed to have a job where I get to stay indoors all day. The boss wants me to keep the heat down in the office to save energy. I am the only one in the front office where there used to be four of us and I'm simply not worth a power bill. I keep a little space heater beside my desk blowing on me all day. Im comfortable. 

Before I leave work in the afternoons, I will set the coffee pot and lay out some cookies for the guys that come into work early in the morning. They are outdoors a lot during the day and I think its nice for them to have something warm and sweet to get the day started. They don't know it’s me that does this for them. The dispatchers and their manager get the credit, but thats ok. 

I do not even own a pair of Winter boots or a coat. I caved a ordered me a pair of warm boots to wear in the cold or snow. They are nothing pretty but will keep my toes warm on days like this. I still refuse to wear a coat. I will wear a sweater, jacket or vest but I hate a coat. If we ever have a snow to play in, I will just layer the sweatshirts. We have about two more months of cold weather then it will begin to start warming up. I cant wait! I hate the cold. Summer can’t get hear fast enough!

Oh did I mention, It was in the 60’s just last week and The beach 200 miles away from me has snow?


  1. I don't do COLD too well either. It's going to be 17 degrees in the morning, and that's here in Central Georgia. Brrrr

  2. One of my pipes was frozen yesterday, luckily we got it thawed out

  3. You guys should all move to Los Angeles, except that the freeways are ALREADY too crowded!!

  4. As the saying goes, There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes. : )
    To keep warm wear layers!! Make sure your feet, head and hands are warm.

  5. Yeah, we look at the forecasts of Gtown daily. Since I do have to worry about frozen pipes in a couple places in Belmont, we do cross our fingers.
    I love it when someone else still "CRANKS" a car. That term is on its way out, but I still like it. Anytime a mechanic looked at my car engine he would say, "Crank 'er up!" Stay warm up there, we will hit the freeze mark here in Florida and I might lose my tomato entire crop! ouch!
    Yep I bet those early guys do appreciate the coffee and cookies. SWEET!

  6. it's twelve below here, not including the wind chill. layer your clothes and try to stay warm there where you are.