Detox Water

Rumor has it, this water will help you maintain a flat belly by flushing out impurities in your system with a natural detox. Caught my attention!

When I think of detox, I think of sitting on the toilet all day. So I have always avoided all the cleansing frenzies out there. I do not think its the case in this recipe. I think this is purely just cleansing in other ways but I guess ill know later.

You see, most of us do not eat healthy. There are so many toxins that are put into our bodies through poor eating choices which compromises our digestive and immune system. With all the toxins in our body, we tend to have a drop in our energy levels, illnesses, and not feeling our best. This water is suppose to make you feel healthy and energized.

The recipe is for a large pitcher but I just made a jar to try it out first. It was delicious and I think I will continue drinking at least a glass a day for a while. I even think it made my breath fresh but that's just my opinion.
I read where you are suppose to drink a gallon a day for 3 days for a true detox cleansing. WOW.

Its filtered water with 3 ingredients and can be adjusted to taste.

Large pitcher of filtered or spring water
1 large Lemon - Lemon helps cleanse and alkalize the body.
1 cucumber- excellent for re hydration and also contains anti-inflammatory properties.
8-10 fresh Mint Leaves- adds a touch of sweetness and helps settle your stomach and aids in digestion.

I am not doctor so you may want to consult a doctor or nutritionist before trying this. If your wondering if this will effect medications, again, see your doctor first. I don't know.

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Feeling Nautical

I love the spring and summer. It will be here before you know it! I can hardly wait.
So I decided to crochet a couple little nautical items while I dreamed about the ocean.

I like to crochet baby items because they are just so darn cute. My patience do not take me far on doing big projects.

I really wanted to make a sailor hat so I went on line to find a pattern. I found a few but just couldn't follow along, however,I got a general idea and come up with my own way. I think it turned out pretty awesome.

I can just see this on a baby, sitting on the beach or in a sail boat, cant you?

I liked it so much,I made some matching items.

Yep, I made the whole kit and caboodle. A sailor hat, Beanie and matching booties.  See the little anchor on the beanie? The pattern I found was to big so I cut it down a bit and changed the bottom of the anchor just a bit. Here is the original anchor pattern.
I will have these items in my Etsy shop in case you can't crochet and would love to have one.
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Lemon Plum

This is a Lemon Plum.
I seen these cute little things at a local grocery store and thought Id give it a try. Not knowing anything about them, I bit into it. Was not too thrilled at the taste result. It was not sweet and sorta bitter then left a sour after taste. yuk!

If I had googled it before I ate it, I would have known that when they are sold around here, they are usually not ripe and need to sit on the counter for a couple weeks until they are red and ripe.

Just a little FYI for anyone wanting to try one.

UPDATE: It sat in my window for 3 weeks, turned red, but still tasted yucky and didnt look to pretty on the inside anymore. I do not think we live in a state that these are recommended.


Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentines Day. I spent the past weekend with my daughter at school. We did some shopping and exchanged Valentines Gifts. I miss those days when she was little and I would make her Heart shaped pancakes and a Valentine goodie basket before she headed off to school. Then I could not wait to hear her stories when she came in that afternoon.

This year I made her a batch of heart shaped brownies.

She made us this wonderful turtle cake. It was delicious.


I decorated my mantle just a little. I didn't spend much time on it, I actually left the Christmas greens up and added some heartsy things I found laying around the house.

My daughter did the famous art piece you see.

For my Husband, I hand made him this little tiny book that can fit in his pocket. I hand wrote 100 reasons why I love him.

The book charm was hand made by LowderCreations. You can find them on her Etsy shop. She shows a standard size but will make it to the size you want. I fell in love with these little things and just knew it would work perfect for my project.

Hope everyone has a LOVELY day full of sweetness and surprises, meanwhile, I cant wait to spend the evening with my Husband and maybe come up with a 101 reason I love him. Ha!
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Square PomPom Beanie

Well now that football is behind us and its now time for basketball, I decided to make something for basketball fans out there. I don't know about you but I like UNC Tar heels so I started with blue and made this cute little "square beanie" . Its different from the regular round cap beanies. This one has more style and cuteness with the double pompoms to add to the fun.

I will share with you how I did it. This is not a pattern. It's more like just an instruction, but if you can chain stitch, single stitch and double stitch, you can make this easily.

Unlike a round beanie where you start from the top and work your way down, This one you start at the rim and work your way up.

You can make it as big around as you want but I planned for mine to be for a little one. which is came out to be about 15 inches around

First I made 46 chains and joined them together with a slip stitch. be careful not to twist it. I had to keep redoing mine until it was not twisted. I still don't think I really figured it out, It just finally worked.

Then I chained one and did three rows of single stitches. At the end of each row, I would slip in the top of the chain one, then chain one to start the next row.

When I was ready to start double stitches, I did the same but chained two at the beginning of each row then double stitched, repeating this until I finished.

I did as many rows as I needed to make it about 7 inches deep.

To finish it up I turned it inside out and used a yarn needle to whip stitch the top closed.
I turned it right side out and attached pompoms to the corners. You can also add bows, scrap strips or strings to the corners to make it unique.
Here is a video how make a yarn pompom. Video

If you cant crochet but would love to have one of these. I may have one or more in my Etsy shop soon using different color combinations.

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Super Bowl Commercial Recap

Hope everyone had a fun Super Bowl Sunday. I'm sure most of you enjoyed it with friends and family and lots of food. This year (like last year) It was just me and my husband sitting around in our lounge pants enjoying the super bowl from our den. I have been on a diet for a week now, so I didn't want to ruin it by making alot of snacks. So, we just got some Chinese takeout and snacked on some fruit during the game.

To be honest, we don't really care about football, but we enjoy watching the Superbowl. Something always happens to talk about. This year was the lights going out, and did you see that 109 yard touchdown? Then the halftime show. Its always the halftime show. Beyonce was good but I don't think she out did Madonna's last years performance . And personally, I think the outfits for this performance get smaller every year and the dances get less modest. Perhaps there will be pole dancing next year. Ya never know.

What I like best of all are the commercials. Here is a recap of some of my favorite ones this year.

Budweiser Clydesdale "Brotherhood"
Ram Truck "Farmer"
E-trade "Save it"
and last but not least.......
Calvin Klein
I also kind of liked the Taco Bell commercial with the old people but It doesn't really sell me on eating there. I thought alot of the commercials were good but alot were distasteful.
What was your favorite commercial?

Sunday Notes

John 12:26- "Whoever serves me must follow me"

As the congregation began singing, Hymn number 305 , I stood to follow along. I usually don't sing. I don't know why, well, sometimes I sing just a little, barely moving my mouth. I guess I just feel so self conscience about how I sing. However, I do enjoy music and song in the church and I get most my blessings from them.

As I was following along with the song, I noticed scribble on the top left of the page. I thought to myself, " why would anyone scribble on church property?"  "Must be some kids playing around with their new red pen".

Or was it?

It read, "Aug 27 , 06 P.M.

By now, I have totally tuned out the singing and focused on the scribble.

What could this be? I looked at the date, then looked at the reference to the song "confession and repentance". Then I looked at the title of the song "I have decided to follow Jesus". Then again at the date.

Could this be when someone decided to follow Jesus? On this date, during this exact song?
I felt somewhat ashamed to have thought this was some kind of scribble of a young person, instead of possibly a reminder to the one who wrote it or to the next person that turns to this page of a special day and time in ones life.