Sunday Notes

John 12:26- "Whoever serves me must follow me"

As the congregation began singing, Hymn number 305 , I stood to follow along. I usually don't sing. I don't know why, well, sometimes I sing just a little, barely moving my mouth. I guess I just feel so self conscience about how I sing. However, I do enjoy music and song in the church and I get most my blessings from them.

As I was following along with the song, I noticed scribble on the top left of the page. I thought to myself, " why would anyone scribble on church property?"  "Must be some kids playing around with their new red pen".

Or was it?

It read, "Aug 27 , 06 P.M.

By now, I have totally tuned out the singing and focused on the scribble.

What could this be? I looked at the date, then looked at the reference to the song "confession and repentance". Then I looked at the title of the song "I have decided to follow Jesus". Then again at the date.

Could this be when someone decided to follow Jesus? On this date, during this exact song?
I felt somewhat ashamed to have thought this was some kind of scribble of a young person, instead of possibly a reminder to the one who wrote it or to the next person that turns to this page of a special day and time in ones life.

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