Happy Halloween

Ive had a pretty fun Halloween this year even though the most fun was when my girl was little. Now that shes grown, it just takes the fun out of it.

 Me and my Husband usually dont celebrate Halloween. Until this year, the last Halloween party we attened was a church fall festival, probably fifteen years ago. This year we were invited by our neighbors to their "Hallowedding". It was definately a different kind of wedding.

But first, my costume reveal. If you follow me on facebook or Twitter, you've probably already seen it.

You guys had some good guesses at my costume. BJ was the closest. She was just one TV channel away from guessing. Go check out her blog. You will fall in love with her.

Are you ready to see who I am?

"Im creepy and Im kooky, 

mysterious and spooky,

Im all together ooky.........

I'm Wednesday Addams!!


Pretty funny huh?

Back to the wedding. Everyone came dressed up. There were clowns, super heros, draculas and witches to name a few. There was dancing and lots of food. The wedding was held in my old Middleschool gym. Cramerton Jr. High is also where the bride and groom attended. They chose this place because its where they met many years ago and fell in love. Though both went their seperate ways, married and had went on with life. They reunited a couple years ago and realized they still loved each other. Some love story huh?.

Here is the photo of the Mr. and Mrs.

And the cake

We had good time. Nick dressed tacky for the wedding and fit right in. I was excited that he went all out for this halloween shin dig. Like I said before, this is out of our comfort zone. 

While standing in the food line, they played the Addams Family song and everyone turned and looked at me. With a serious face, I did the finger snaps on cue....hahaha, its all I had. 

Here we are together. The black lipstick was gone after I ate and forgot to bring the tube in with me. Shucks! It made up thirty percent of my costume. 


Me with the bride and groom.


I saw a few people I went to the Jr. high school with. The old gym brought back a lot of memories. From the smell of the polyurethane on the floors to the old cold brick walls. The school was closed down a few years ago and turned into apartments. A new Cramerton middle school has been built in new location. 

I have to go to work today but no costume. Ha. Later on, me and Nick will probably go out to dinner. We do not plan to hand out candy. Not many on our street open their doors for trick or treaters. We stopped handing out candy when the kids started comming in car loads from other neighborhoods, without costumes and holding pillowcases. Even the parents would ask for candy. 

However, I did make these treats for the neighbor kids. Chocolate covered pretzel sticks. I still have to add the finishing touches to the wrapping and they will be ready. 


What are your halloween plans?

Hope everyone has a spooktacular day!



Dress: GoodWill
Sock & Shoes: Gabes
Yarn Pigtails: My own yarn basket
MakeUp: Revlon

My Costume Is Ready

I do not usually dress up for Halloween other than throwing on a witch hat while handing out candy.
However, I have always come up with good creative, homemade costumes for my daughter. I never bought one from a store. Now that shes all grown up, I don't get to have that fun anymore. She will buy her costumes each Halloween and they include a lot less fabric than I would recommend.

Last year I played around and found something in my closet. I put it on long enough to get photo to share on Facebook just for the Halloween fun of it. I had put on a yellow raincoat, white socks and black shoes while holding a container of salt and umbrella. I was the Morton Salt girl. Pretty swell huh?

This year is different. I actually have somewhere to go this Halloween weekend which is mandatory to dress in a costume. Its a Halloween wedding. Yes A Halloween Wedding. Creepy huh? Way out of my comfort zone but me and the hubby have decided to attend. We have never in over 20 years went out wearing a costume! This could be fun.

I made a trip to the GoodWill thrift store. I love that place by the way.
I had intentions on dressing up like "Beetle Juice" but I could not find any black and white stripe pants or coat. So then my idea switched to dressing up like Peter Pan. I had brown leggings, and brown boots. All I had to find was a green tunic or short dress to cut up into this fantasy Disney Character. I even bought some felt to make a hat.

Then something else caught my eye that gave me a better idea. I will keep this one a secret until the reveal. I got all of the outfit I need at this GoodWill and It costed me all of  $7.00. I'm going to have fun dressing like this character. Using my creativity, I will add the finishing touches. Though I am not going to tell you who ill be just yet, I will give you a hint.

Its a prop I made using an old "Juice" bottle, printed label and some paint. I will be carrying this around with me at the wedding and actually drink out of it while I'm there too.

Can you guess who I am? (comment below).
I will reveal it in my next post.

Almost Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. Every year the question arises, "What day will the kids be trick or treating"? Saw an article in the paper just today. Supposedly its better or worst to observe Halloween on certain days of the week with parents working, schools in session and church activities going on.


I don't know about yall, but when I was a kid, Halloween was Halloween. One Day! October 31st. It did not matter what day of the week it fell on. If it fell on a Sunday then us heathens would go after church.
Our church does a "trunk or treat" each Halloween. The grown ups decorate their car trunks with a theme and hand out candy and church tracks. Its a safe place for kids around here to grab candy and a blessing all at the same time.

Go after dark.

That's another thing. Kids come out too early. Wait til its dark! Its more goolish that way and the parents have time to get home from work and get the candy bowls ready.

Those that do not like Halloween will not hand out candy or go out dressed up no matter what day of the week it is so just let those little devilish, candy hungry goblins enjoy Halloween on Halloween.

Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy a little boo peep in my cocoa.


October Beach Weekend

Well as im typing this, I'm on the road heading home. We had a great time at the beach this weekend. It was a nice get away. The campground was recuperating from Hurricane Matthew but it did not effect us.

We did a lot of walking as usual. While I was waiting for my duck friends to gather around for breakfast, I  caught a shot of a spider web with the morning dew glistening off the silk. 

The weather was nice. It was in the high 70's most of the days dipping into the 50's at night. We didnt use our camper heat, but we did plug in the electic heater for the last night as it got a little too cool for my comfort. 

While walking down the beach, I caught a glimps of a fountain on the beach where the tide was washing in. 
I never seen this before. 


It also made a loud bubbly sound. Pretty cool huh?

We sat in our chairs a while and watched these fishermen getting drunk and having a good time. It was the only entertainment we had at the hour.


One of them was shooting his rod off with a homemade cannon thing.

The only mishaps we had was a soft spot in the corner of the roof. We got a crew coming to pick it up next week and repair it before its starts causeing problems. While they have it, they will seal our roof, and windows and get her cleaned up. That put an ouch in the wallet. 

The other problem we incountered was while pulling the slide in, a breaker tripped and caused it to stall before getting all the way in. Since the fuse box was in the back bedroom and the slide was blocking that door way, I had to climb through the underneath storage and up through the back bed enough to get a window open. Then climbed in. Good thing I'm small huh? While these things aggravate my husband, I get laugh out of it and make it a fun experience. Ya know, that rebal feeling you had when you were a teenager?

Now its back to work counting the days until our next trip which will not be until March. We will have a new president by then!!! Hopefully a Mr. President.

Beach Finally

After our plans were flooded last week from hurricane Matthew, we finally got down here around noon.
Everything was well with our camper. Its 87 degrees and sunny. There were men working on getting the dunes back that were washed away.


Nick prepared for damages and bought new vent covers for the top before we left. He was thinking IF we needed them, the supplys would be hard to find down here with all the damage. He thinks like that. Always expects the unexpected. Not me, I keep an optimistic view on things. But there have been times that im glad he was thinking ahead. 

Since he had to climb on top of the camper to assess any damages, he went ahead and replaced one of the vents that was old. He also did some caulking around the seams as he seen a corner that was needing some attention. Again, thinking ahead.

While he was working on the roof, I got the car unloaded, food put away, sheets on the bed and made a few tomato sandwiches for lunch.
When I was finished, I sat back in the chair and looked across the park. It was rather empty as I gazed across to some newly built houses beside the campground. I thought about how nice it would be to own one of those. Then I noticed just a couple spots over, between me and my view, sat a vintage camper that I would also love to have. Then I thought, what if I was given the choice? That would be a tough one.


Now we are trying to stay awake to see the Orionid meteor shower that suppose to happen tonight. How cool that would be to see over the ocean. 

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Squares

I have to admit..."I'm not a big fan of pumpkin flavored foods". But I found this simple recipe that is out of this world....Well, I want go that far, but it is really good. 

I was in one of those moods to make something and I just happen to have all the ingredients to make this.
  • 1 box angel food cake mix
  • 1 15oz can Pumpkin
  • 3/4 Cup water
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 8oz pkg.cream cheese

I sat my cream cheese out for a couple hours while I went on a nice little walk with my husband. It was such a great evening to and I admired the beautiful leaves along the way.

Once the cream cheese was soft, I put it in a bowl and mixed it until creamy. I added a little water to help in this process.

In a separate bowl, combine the rest of the ingredients and mix well.

Just look at that Angel food cake mix fizz!!!

Add half of the pumpkin mixture In a 9x13 (cooking sprayed) Pyrex and dabble some of the cream cheese on top. Repeat this process in layer with the other half of mixture and top again with cream cheese.

Use a butter knife and cut through and swirl around until you have a nice marble look. Then pop it in the oven for 35 minutes at 375 degree.


Just look at that yummy chunk of cream cheese in the center!
I'm one of those that can't wait to dig into a fresh cooked batch of anything. So I immediately cut into this and ate a piece. I was a little surprised that it was not as sweet as I expected and seemed a little gummy. So I let it set for a while to cool down and later, It was perfect. I cant wait to get another piece later. Its full of flavor and heavenly goodness!


Livermush is a Southern United States food product composed of pig liver, head parts, and cornmeal. It is commonly spiced with pepper and sage. (Source).

If your not from the south, you probably have not eaten livermush. I love it fried thin and crispy. My daughter and husband prefer it thick and a little mushy in the middle. Either way you eat it, its good on bread. It sits beside the tomato or grilled cheese sandwich on a southern home table. Its good with eggs for breakfast too.

Today we left the house and headed to Shelby North Carolina for the annual livermush festival. I was going to get a good ole liver mush sandwich for lunch.


Not the case. When we got there, the streets were full of vendors, crafts, beer, dog shows and of course, yes, livermush stands. 


However, the lines were so long it would have been time for meal three before I would have gotten one. Im one of those that will not stand in a long line for something, though a livermush sandwich seemed worth it. 


We walked around a little bit then headed back into town. A little disappointed that I didnt get a livermush sandwich but its ok. I know places around town that can fry one up in a jiffy. Our high school used to sell it at the ballgames and it was a big hit.

One cool thing my husband bought at the festival was this t-shirt.


It has actually been dyed with North Carolina Red dirt. Hmmm. I knew that stuff would be good for something. I wonder how many Moms it took to figure this fad out?
Pretty cool huh.

Haha, my husband just said "are you really blogging about the livermush sandwich we didnt get?"

Change Of Plans

A week ago I figured I'd be snuggled up in my camper at the beach celebrating my Husbands birthday today. 

Thanks to hurricane Matthew, our plans had to change. The campground where our camper is stored will not let anyone in until Friday afternoon. That would cut our time in half. We are still unclear if there is any damage to the camper or not. They called those with sugnificant damage first and are still in the proccess of calling those with minor damage, we have not gotten a call so we assume no news is good news.

I went on into work. Now the plan is to go next week instead. I think that is a better choice any way. It could be crazy down there this week with everyone assessing the damages. 

After dinner, we went for our afternoon walk. I came across this bush. It was unusual but really pretty. Can anyone tell me what kind it is? I have no idea.


On down the road I spotted these Spider Lillies. We used to have these all over the yard at our previous house. I used to call them October flowers. Never found them to be pretty and would usually mow them down.


Seeing these made me think of how I miss that little house. 

After our walk, we celebrated his birthday with a plate of cake my sweet daughter brought him yesterday. We plan to make next weekend part of his birthday too. I plan to take him out to a restaurant of his choice and whatever else he wants to do. I can hardly wait to get my feet in the sand and keeping my fingers crossed we will not be patching up anything from the storm.

Happy Dishes

I lost my husband in the mall. No not really. He lost me. I told him to "go ahead, I'm right behind you". Next thing I know I was taking photos of the cutest little dishes! I looked up, he was out of sight. I was sure he would back track and find me, but instead, he sat on a bench near the exit waiting on me.

When I caught up with him about 10 minutes later, I said "you have to come over here and see these dishes! I want them. I want them all." No fancy china for me, no no. I like this simple french or country looking stuff. I want it.
His response was "you do not need it" with an eye roll.
"We have to much stuff as it is, and besides, that's for rich folks. 

Have you ever seen a kid in Toys R Us getting pulled out of the store by their parents while gazing back with concern in their eyes, wondering if a tantrum would work at this moment? That was me.

The brand was Mud Pie. There was a dish for every item with a saying. Everything was there. Laid out for me. From coffee mugs to butter dishes, to turkey platters and biscuit holders. I loved it all. Here are the few photos I took. 

The prices were not too bad so I might go back and grab a piece....or two...or three.
If I entertained, I would invest in some larger pieces. Unfortunately, its hard to get family all together for a feast anymore. I'm thinking they will go lovely in my future beach house. Yes? 

The Aftermath

Looks like our plans to enjoy our last days of vacation for the year may have been put on hault. Matthew has swept down the East coast taking out piers, property and power. 

We are sitting here with a warm cup of coffee in the comfort of our home on this beautiful cool Sunday morning. Its 48 degrees here. Yikes.
We are scoping out social media in search of some answers on how things are going down at the coast where we have our camper stored close to the ocean. 

Im sharing a few interesting photos to give you an idea of the damage Matthew (at just a category one on contact) has caused. Im sure we will see more photos and hear more news as the day goes by. My brother in law lives a mile from our camper. As soon as he can get into our campground, he is going to check on it for us. If the camper is damaged, we will have to make a way down there to fix it. If the camper is ok, then we will just wait til the coast is clear to go for a little vacation. (No pun intented)

These photos were mostly taken by my brother in law who lives at Apache or stolen off facebook and the internet from friends of friends of friends. They are not my own. If you wish them not to be published here, send me a message and ill be glad to take them off.

Myrtle Beach North- This is the Apache Pier. Its the longest wooden peir on the East coast. Open 365 days a year. Brings in many fishermen.
It has survived many storms but was no test for Matthew as the end has been swept away.

Myrtle Beach North- Here is Myrtle Beach Travel Park. 
Now, under water. Booooohoooooo!

Here is another look at the Apache pier (one mile from Myrtle Beach Travel Park). Look how high the waves got! 
Myrtle Beach South- Here is a view of some wash out at Ocean Lakes Campground. Just look how it bent the poles over. 
Just kidding, they are made that way.

Devistating fires to homes in North Myrtle Beach as wind is causing it to spread. Fire trucks had a delay getting to the scene due to flooding and down power lines.

 Here is a look at Sunset Beach Bridge. Scary!

A lot of the damage was ripped off underpin and siding. This permanent camper sits at Apache.
Some trees down. 

North Myrtle Beach- Here is Ocean Drive. Under water.

Mother Nature is nothing to play with. Its amazing how wind and water can do so much damage. I feel like God allows these things to happen so we will slow down and stop a moment to take a look around us and to bring people together. Turn away from politics and madness in the world and look at magnificents of his creation.

Waiting The Storm Out

Im two hundred miles from the South Carolina coast. Here, we have had a rainy Friday as hurricane Matthew makes his way up the coast of Florida and across the Eastern coast. Im a wierd one that would love to be down there in the middle of it. I love storms. Before our camping days, we rode hurricane Irene out from the balcony of an evacutated hotel.

Our home away from home is sitting within walking distance from the ocean with only the dunes to protect it from the surge. It should be packed pretty tight in the camper storage yard but who knows. About the only thing that we suspect could happen will be maybe some vents blowing off the top. 

What is bothering me the most are my friends down there right now fighting against the wind. My brother-in-law lives only a few feet from the ocean. He has boarded up and headed inland (we think). I have a school friend who lives in Conway. Im pretty sure shes in far enough to be safe. Then there is my blog friends Jack and Sherry. Two love birds trying to remodel a new found home in Florida. I think they have shifted away from harm as well. 

We have plans to head down to the coast next weekend for our last vacation of the year. We hope all is intact and the flood waters have rolled back into the sea. My husband is being a little pessimistic while im the optimistic one. I think by next weekend, it will be beautiful. I know what it looks like down there after a hurricane. All the shops are boarded up and the place looks like a ghost town. I hope its all clear and back to normal when we see it next weekend. Until then, we will wait it out.

Prayers to all in the path of this storm. Stay safe!


UPDATE: Just read where Jack and Sherry are ok and the storm has passed in Florida. They are heading back to work on their new home tomorrow.

Whats Poppin

This past weekend we visited a couple places we have never visited before. One was a new antique store in town and the other was a popcorn shop.


I got news from my sister in law that there was a gourmet popcorn shop in Belmont. I just had to check it out as I love popcorn. So we took a drive that way.

I was in awe as I walked into the tiny shop as barrels of popcorn were covering three walls from floors to ceiling. They had over 200 flavors. Every flavor you can think of, they had it. 


They had every drink flavor from beer to cola, they had coffee and lemonade flavors as well.
There were savory flavors from cheese and jalapeno to bacon and butter.
You can name any candy bar and they had those flavors too.
You like cheese cake, birthday cake or pound cake? Yep, they had those flavors too.


It took us a while to decide as we were only allowed four samples. I walked out with a bag of dill pickle flavor and Nick chose salted caramel latte.


I loved the pickle flavor and have called that my favorite already. But for the price, I will not be able to visit often. Two small bags costed a whopping $12.00 and lasted about 12 minutes!

Do you have a favorite gourmet popcorn flavor?