Growing Old Together

I sit here in my recliner watching tv while I crochet. I look over at my sweet husband. His once long dark hair and thick dark beard has now turned the colors of salt and pepper. He catches me staring at him and we both smile at each other, blow little kisses and wink. Then continue watching TV.  He is still as handsome as he ever was.

I have a gray hair in my eye brow and a wild hair on my chin. "I need to fix that", I whispered in the mirror. He peers into the bathroom where im standing, we give each other a wink and a smile. He continues down the hall. He doesnt even notice the new wrinkle I just found around my nose.

I squat down to get a pan from under the lower cabinate. My knees don't cooperate as I struggle to get up. Before I reach for the counter, his hand is there to help me up. We look at each other and giggle, a stroke on the check, a wink and we carry on with cooking. 

His shoulder aches from years of working, I go to get him a tylenol. They were pushed somewhere between the daily vitamines and blood pressure pills. "Wheres the aspercream? He asks. "I dont remember where I put it", I said as I slipped on my glasses. He rolls his eyes, I shrug my shoulders and we go on a search. Found it.

Its time for bed, our bones sound like popcorn as we make our way to the bedroom. Hes goes ahead of me as I stop to brush my teeth. He's hiding somewhere down the hall. He will jump out and try to scare me, then we will race to the bed laughing and giggling. We will lay there and joke about our day, fight over the covers and pick on each other before finally settleing down to go to sleep. We forget we are not 21 anymore as we tire out easily at the end of the day. As I scoot in close to him, I say, "awwwe we are growing old together", he replys with, "yep, just like we wanted to do" . 

Good night.

Election Is Near

In a few more days we will have a new President elected. 

This has to be the craziest, most corrupt election I have ever seen. I'm sure dishonesty and unfairness have been around in the debates for ages. Maybe its just that I'm paying more attention to this one.

I can not believe the way these two candidates are tearing the world in half. Most people have no clue why they are voting one over the other rather than what the media feeds into their heads. It's like they are watching a boxing match and getting a thrill off the punches! 

I wish people would really stop and think about what these candidates believe in, what they plan to do for Amercia. 

The biggest change I hope for will be with insurance. I currently pay 500.00 a month for health insurance and still cant afford to get sick because my deductable is so high. Its going up 100.00 more dollars next year. I could get a break on the price if I worked less and brought home less. Something just aint right with this set up. I feel like they want to force people to live off the Government and thats a disaster in the making. 

I also dont want American run in the ground, the flags burned, guns taken away and fear of speaking Gods name. I want our boarders protected and start getting things cleaned up around here. 

The world right now is so morally messed up where sin is awarded and glamorized and your a hater if you dont like it.

Sadly I fear neither candidate will make it to a term. Call it a conspiracy theory but I think this. I think BO has a something sneaky up his sleeve no matter who gets elected. It's going to be interesting thats for sure.

Now, get out there and vote. Pray about the future. Give it some deep thought. There is no wrong or right person to vote for. Dont let the media persuade you who to vote for. Listen to their plans. Make smart choices thats best for you and America. 

Good luck on your choice and may the best Man win.