Whats Poppin

This past weekend we visited a couple places we have never visited before. One was a new antique store in town and the other was a popcorn shop.


I got news from my sister in law that there was a gourmet popcorn shop in Belmont. I just had to check it out as I love popcorn. So we took a drive that way.

I was in awe as I walked into the tiny shop as barrels of popcorn were covering three walls from floors to ceiling. They had over 200 flavors. Every flavor you can think of, they had it. 


They had every drink flavor from beer to cola, they had coffee and lemonade flavors as well.
There were savory flavors from cheese and jalapeno to bacon and butter.
You can name any candy bar and they had those flavors too.
You like cheese cake, birthday cake or pound cake? Yep, they had those flavors too.


It took us a while to decide as we were only allowed four samples. I walked out with a bag of dill pickle flavor and Nick chose salted caramel latte.


I loved the pickle flavor and have called that my favorite already. But for the price, I will not be able to visit often. Two small bags costed a whopping $12.00 and lasted about 12 minutes!

Do you have a favorite gourmet popcorn flavor?


  1. Wow, that sounds like so much fun - I've never seen a whole store dedicated to POPCORN!!!!

  2. Popcorn doesn't float my boat. Probably just as well at those prices.

  3. Better than all that popcorn... I can just imagine how excited you were. Great fun

  4. I guess the only flavored popcorn came in a box, seems like it was 'Cracker Jacks'. Today I am a microwave 'low fat' butter 'flavored' popcorn. Imma tell you nothing excites the taste buds like smelling popcorn!

  5. Dang. That's now no my list of places to visit.

  6. Sounds like a fun place but I'm sure there are a lot of flavors I wouldn't touch. Count me out on dirty shoe popcorn or rotting eggs popcorn.

    While that's a joke, that would be crazy if that was real

  7. I didn't know they made so many popcorn flavors.
    I'm not really a fan of popcorn.

  8. That is popcorn heaven, Lisa♥ Happy Friday♥


  9. O, we loooove these flavored popcorns...and I think my favorite will always be the caramel corn..I love the other flavors but I always come back to the caramel.