My Costume Is Ready

I do not usually dress up for Halloween other than throwing on a witch hat while handing out candy.
However, I have always come up with good creative, homemade costumes for my daughter. I never bought one from a store. Now that shes all grown up, I don't get to have that fun anymore. She will buy her costumes each Halloween and they include a lot less fabric than I would recommend.

Last year I played around and found something in my closet. I put it on long enough to get photo to share on Facebook just for the Halloween fun of it. I had put on a yellow raincoat, white socks and black shoes while holding a container of salt and umbrella. I was the Morton Salt girl. Pretty swell huh?

This year is different. I actually have somewhere to go this Halloween weekend which is mandatory to dress in a costume. Its a Halloween wedding. Yes A Halloween Wedding. Creepy huh? Way out of my comfort zone but me and the hubby have decided to attend. We have never in over 20 years went out wearing a costume! This could be fun.

I made a trip to the GoodWill thrift store. I love that place by the way.
I had intentions on dressing up like "Beetle Juice" but I could not find any black and white stripe pants or coat. So then my idea switched to dressing up like Peter Pan. I had brown leggings, and brown boots. All I had to find was a green tunic or short dress to cut up into this fantasy Disney Character. I even bought some felt to make a hat.

Then something else caught my eye that gave me a better idea. I will keep this one a secret until the reveal. I got all of the outfit I need at this GoodWill and It costed me all of  $7.00. I'm going to have fun dressing like this character. Using my creativity, I will add the finishing touches. Though I am not going to tell you who ill be just yet, I will give you a hint.

Its a prop I made using an old "Juice" bottle, printed label and some paint. I will be carrying this around with me at the wedding and actually drink out of it while I'm there too.

Can you guess who I am? (comment below).
I will reveal it in my next post.


  1. Darth Vader?

    yes that was meant as a joke

  2. My stupidest costume was a Hawaiian grocery clerk.
    I got an apron from a Safeway in Maui.

  3. hahhaa...this is sooo funny.I am working on a post of this same subject...we are going to a Halloween party IN COSTUME...I am having so much fun..part of my costume was hanging in my closet and I spent $2.98 at walmart to complete it. I am not going to share until after our party on fun

  4. Never heard of a Halloween wedding before.
    Sorry just can't come up with a guess.

  5. Imma thinking, maybe a Pirate? Or just a Sailor on liberty? NO! you are going to be Foster Brooks?

    I love the idea you created your daughter's costumes, we did our boys' also.

  6. Thanks for the post...I enjoy all of them!

  7. Jilda and I attended a Halloween wedding last year. It was fun.
    You costume will be a hit.

  8. Bewitched...??? Lilly, The Munsters...???
    NOOOO....don't tell me...I want to SEE you all dressed up...