Beach Finally

After our plans were flooded last week from hurricane Matthew, we finally got down here around noon.
Everything was well with our camper. Its 87 degrees and sunny. There were men working on getting the dunes back that were washed away.


Nick prepared for damages and bought new vent covers for the top before we left. He was thinking IF we needed them, the supplys would be hard to find down here with all the damage. He thinks like that. Always expects the unexpected. Not me, I keep an optimistic view on things. But there have been times that im glad he was thinking ahead. 

Since he had to climb on top of the camper to assess any damages, he went ahead and replaced one of the vents that was old. He also did some caulking around the seams as he seen a corner that was needing some attention. Again, thinking ahead.

While he was working on the roof, I got the car unloaded, food put away, sheets on the bed and made a few tomato sandwiches for lunch.
When I was finished, I sat back in the chair and looked across the park. It was rather empty as I gazed across to some newly built houses beside the campground. I thought about how nice it would be to own one of those. Then I noticed just a couple spots over, between me and my view, sat a vintage camper that I would also love to have. Then I thought, what if I was given the choice? That would be a tough one.


Now we are trying to stay awake to see the Orionid meteor shower that suppose to happen tonight. How cool that would be to see over the ocean. 


  1. Glad to hear everything was ok, when you got to the beach. Back in the day, I would have chosen the house. But now, I like our little place. It's a breeze to clean leaving more time for play.

  2. Glad that it was all ok. And yes, to see the Orionid meteor shower would be beyond cool

  3. I love the fact there was a pause when thinking of the home or the vintage RV.My thoughts exactly. I am missing this one already with a house out there hoping to take its place.
    Not really, I am thinking this will be more of another home base.
    Glad you got to the beach, Nick be a smart dude. YES much better to re-caulk before the leaks start. I am so glad there was no major damage, that was a tough hurricane.

  4. oh...maybe Sissy would enjoy a drive to the beach so I can skygaze.

  5. Glad to hear you had no damage. I'm not a beach person so I'd pick the camper and go up to the mountains. : )

  6. That's great about there being no damage. I'm a beach person, so I envy that you have one so close!

  7. I am reminded of how I said your vacation time will be alright.
    Enjoy the show