October Beach Weekend

Well as im typing this, I'm on the road heading home. We had a great time at the beach this weekend. It was a nice get away. The campground was recuperating from Hurricane Matthew but it did not effect us.

We did a lot of walking as usual. While I was waiting for my duck friends to gather around for breakfast, I  caught a shot of a spider web with the morning dew glistening off the silk. 

The weather was nice. It was in the high 70's most of the days dipping into the 50's at night. We didnt use our camper heat, but we did plug in the electic heater for the last night as it got a little too cool for my comfort. 

While walking down the beach, I caught a glimps of a fountain on the beach where the tide was washing in. 
I never seen this before. 


It also made a loud bubbly sound. Pretty cool huh?

We sat in our chairs a while and watched these fishermen getting drunk and having a good time. It was the only entertainment we had at the hour.


One of them was shooting his rod off with a homemade cannon thing.

The only mishaps we had was a soft spot in the corner of the roof. We got a crew coming to pick it up next week and repair it before its starts causeing problems. While they have it, they will seal our roof, and windows and get her cleaned up. That put an ouch in the wallet. 

The other problem we incountered was while pulling the slide in, a breaker tripped and caused it to stall before getting all the way in. Since the fuse box was in the back bedroom and the slide was blocking that door way, I had to climb through the underneath storage and up through the back bed enough to get a window open. Then climbed in. Good thing I'm small huh? While these things aggravate my husband, I get laugh out of it and make it a fun experience. Ya know, that rebal feeling you had when you were a teenager?

Now its back to work counting the days until our next trip which will not be until March. We will have a new president by then!!! Hopefully a Mr. President.


  1. I'm hoping for a Ms. President!!

  2. Thank you for sharing some moments with me.
    (I'm sure work is better than that)

  3. I do get a smile at the RV moments, since we do understand them. Yep the soft spot needs to be fixed. Too many folk wait too long.
    I was smiling watching (mentally) you worming your way to the breaker box. Good for you! Neat entry. Thanks for the ENTERTAINMENT!

  4. March! Are you kidding? You need to move closer to the beach.

  5. Glad you enjoyed your little holiday. : )

  6. Wow.... like that spider web shot.

  7. I've been wondering and hoping your camper was ok..
    glad it wasn't hurt that seriously...you will be glad you are having the camper worked on to bring it up to working condition. In March, you will have a nice camper, just waiting for you....
    I voted yesterday for MR. President...xoxo