Happy Dishes

I lost my husband in the mall. No not really. He lost me. I told him to "go ahead, I'm right behind you". Next thing I know I was taking photos of the cutest little dishes! I looked up, he was out of sight. I was sure he would back track and find me, but instead, he sat on a bench near the exit waiting on me.

When I caught up with him about 10 minutes later, I said "you have to come over here and see these dishes! I want them. I want them all." No fancy china for me, no no. I like this simple french or country looking stuff. I want it.
His response was "you do not need it" with an eye roll.
"We have to much stuff as it is, and besides, that's for rich folks. 

Have you ever seen a kid in Toys R Us getting pulled out of the store by their parents while gazing back with concern in their eyes, wondering if a tantrum would work at this moment? That was me.

The brand was Mud Pie. There was a dish for every item with a saying. Everything was there. Laid out for me. From coffee mugs to butter dishes, to turkey platters and biscuit holders. I loved it all. Here are the few photos I took. 

The prices were not too bad so I might go back and grab a piece....or two...or three.
If I entertained, I would invest in some larger pieces. Unfortunately, its hard to get family all together for a feast anymore. I'm thinking they will go lovely in my future beach house. Yes? 


  1. Those are great. I have multicolored dishes which make me smile every time I use them!!

  2. Throw a tantrum! HaHa....now that's funny! I don't know, those dishes might be worth it. They're super cute!

  3. Been there, Done that.
    Could't see wife's new dishes.
    My eyes were glazed by all her kisses

  4. Oh I love them too. : )
    Maybe he'll get you some for Christmas?!
    It is nice to get a few pieces at a time.

  5. I ain't saying nothing. We have been discussing dishes today. Sherry found 'a few of her dishes', we have no idea where the rest are, however she has a BRAND NEW, IN THE BOX, set of cheapies.
    The ones she wants are an expensive set, we bought them from a couple who got them in Germany. She used to use them on Christmas and Thanksgiving ONLY. Now she just wants to use them, if they get broken it is too bad. Now that she planned to use them, they are gone... I do understand her disappointment. They used to stand displayed in a glass China hutch., Imma thinking, they are in Belmont 'somers'.
    I hope you get what you want for your beach house and USE them!

  6. I go to the mall for hot dishes too. *wink*

  7. They are so cute, Lisa! No wonder why your hubby had to stand strong ☺☺

  8. OOO, Lisa..you must be my granddaughter...Mud Pie is in our DNA...one of my favorite line of dishes...I gave a few pieces for Christmas gifts last year and I just bought another couple of pieces...if you just buy one piece at a time, before you know it, you will have a collection..they look adorable displayed on shelves, too...