Ready for Business

I have been wanting some business cards to promote my Etsy shop and now I have some thanks to Allison Marie Designs.  She is a new graduate of Gardner Webb University with a degree in graphic design. Some of her work include announcements, invitations, menus, etc. I thought why not let her do these for me and give her some more experience. After all, she is also my daughters friend and neighbor. :)

She did the design and I used vistaprint to have them printed.

I can now include a card with the items I sell out of my shop.

I had my blog address added to them too. Well, just because my blog has such a long name, no one can remember it by the time they get back to their computer. So, now I can also promote my blog as well. Cool huh?

It didn't stop there. Vista print asked if I wanted to use the design on a pen too? Yes, why not. I can always use a pen.  I'm pleased with how they turned out and can't wait to use them.


House Updo & DIY Summer Wreath

We moved into the home we are in now about eight years ago. It was a forclosed home in a neighborhood we liked and was familar with. If any of you have ever bought a forclosed home, you know what a project it can be. We spent many hours redoing the inside. We practacly had to redo it all from the wiring to the hardwood floors. We got it looking really nice even though to this day, there are a lot of unfinished work to be done. We just absolutly got worn out by it and decided we'd finish the little things as time goes by. We just didnt say how much time.

We decided to do some work to the outside and paint the doors and the carport. Just kinda give the house an updo, a change.

We had to fight the rain for three weeks. Yes, it rained in our town for three weeks. We jumped outside to paint at any little show of sunshine. Sometimes it was only for an hour or so.

My husband did 98% of the work. He sanded, painted, filled holes, rewired new doorbells and lights and even new handles on the old storm doors. He also added his special artistic talent to the front door way.  I got to paint some of the trim and a door. Im pretty excited about how it turned out. We still have to get used the front door. It didnt turn out the color we really expected, but I think I like it. Its growing on me.

What do you think?
Here are some before and after photos
After all the work was done, I decided I wanted a new wreath for my front door so I took off to the nearest Hobby Lobby. This Wreath caught my eye. I like daisies and I wanted something with some white and yellow....
But the only problem was , It cost $79.00. For some of you, that's not a lot, but for me, I was shocked! So I looked around and found all the things to make my own just like it....
Well, Almost just like it. Close enough..And it only costed me $30.00 and 15 minutes.

Next: Maybe I can put some of my craftiness to work and make some much needed window treatments. or maybe up date the kitchen? Ok, I'm pushing it now.

Grad Party Blogger fail

This weekend was pretty busy as we prepared for my daughters graduation party. We were expecting about 50 people to show up. I sent out invites with "please send regrets" suggestion on them. I did not have but 3 regrets but about 15 people didn't show up! Sad thing about it is, they were all family. But that's ok, her best friends showed up except for a few but that's because they live far away. I have lots of cupcakes and hot dogs left over!

The party was also a wash out. Of course, it rained all day. The rain has been our enemy for the past few weeks as we tried to paint and get things ready for this celebration. We got though it and it ended up being a nice little party. We still had it outside under our carport.

We served hot dogs with all the fixings, beautifully decorated cupcakes and fruit kabobs. Guess what though, I forgot to take pictures. YES! I am such a bad blogger. However, I did take a picture of the center piece.

I gathered up her hats from previous graduations that include preschool, high school and college.

I really hate I didn't take pictures of the cupcakes using the cupcake stand I created by using a candle stick and plate glued together and painted. Oh wait here is a picture of the youngest guest with a cupcake.

He is testing out one of the green cupcakes and licking the frosting off the graduation hat topper.

I also made some diploma cookies.

The picture pretty much explains how I did them.

Next time I will try to be in the blogging mood and have a better story.

Ummm, did I just say next time?

Ice Cream Bread

Who knew you could make bread with only two ingredients?

Flour and Ice Cream!!!!
Why not? Ice cream has sugar, milk and eggs already in it.

I just had to try it. And it worked! It was delicious. Be in mind, this is "bread" not "cake" therefore its not as sweet. That's ok with me. I thought it was just the perfect bit of sweetness. This will go great with a cup of coffee.

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I chose to use butter pecan ice cream because its one of my favorite flavors.

Here is simply how you do it.


2 cups softened ice cream
1 1/2 cup of self rising flour
Mix well (it will be thick)
Pour into a greased and floured pan ( I used a loaf pan) and bake at 350 for 40 to 45 minutes.
Just use the ole toothpick test and stick one in there and if it comes out clean, its done.
It did not rise a lot but again, I think its perfect.

Just experiment with different flavors.
Next I'm gonna try it with rocky road!
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My College Grad!

My daughter has just graduated 4 years of College. She received a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Minor in English. She is the first on my side of the family to ever graduate college and we are so proud of her. It has definatly been an experience for us all.

She worked hard to get where shes at. She was a straight A student in High school and even though she didn't have a perfect score all the time in College. She did manage to be on the Deans and Chancellors list a couple times.

I have been ready and prepared for this day but no one told me it would be such an emotional time. Really, Its like for the last couple weeks, all I can think about is her first day of school, what teachers have told me through the years, all the crazy phases she went through, Her best friends that came and went, all the homework, the sports, the awards, just everything and now its seem to just all come to an end and it makes happy/sad, Im excited and scared at the same time of what her future holds. We know the struggles she will now have to face. We hope and pray college pays off and she can be successful.

Here is just a few hints if you are fixing to put a kid through college:
  • Save hundreds of dollars by buying books from EBay or Amazon.
  • Sororities can be expensive but also worth the experience.  My daughter is a Kappa Delta.
  • Umbrellas miraculously just disappear. keep a few on hand.
  • Printers may become tables and a place to stash candy and other snacks.
  • Breaking a toothpick off in the door lock because you locked yourself out, is considered vandalism and cost you alot of money.
  • Keep extra chargers and cords available. They just break for no reason.
  • Laptops just fall off the bed and break at some point. All by themselves. Save for the extra one you will have to purchase.
  • Bobby pins, paper clips and staples will tear a printer up so save money to buy another one of those too.
  • and wall mirrors, flip flops and shower caddies are a must.


Check back next weekend as I share details of her party!

DIY Shabby Rosettes

I had in mind to crochet some little headbands but wanted to use something of mixed fabric for the dazzle. I decided to make little rosettes from some scraps I found in my craft drawer.

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They were so easy and these were my first ones. I added them to a few head bands and you can find them in my Etsy shop. I plan to make some more just for the fun of it. With a pin added to the backside, they would make a great asset to a jacket or scarf.

I didn't take any pictures of the "making" process because honestly I wasn't thinking about it. I was just trying to get them to turn out right.
  • Basically all I did was cut about two inch wide strips about twelve inches long.
  • I used two pieces together of two different colors and tied them together at the end to hold them together and also use as my starting point.
  • I then rolled the strip around and around the knot. While I wrapped it around, I would twist it every so often and add a dab of hot glue.
  • I kept doing this to the end and then wrapped the end around the back and added more glue.
  • To finish it off, I cut a piece of felt and hot glued it to the back. This added some stability so you can use them in projects.
  • The longer and wider your strips are, the bigger the rose. Don't worry if they ravel, this makes them have the shabby look. 
  • They can be decorated with buttons, or beads.

There are many YouTube videos of different ways to make rosettes. But sometimes its more fun just to figure it out yourself.

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Farmers Market Margarita

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! We celebrated with a nice Mexican meal at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We have been going to this particular restaurant  for about 18 years now. We go every weekend and have not gotten tired of it yet. I change my order up each time. All the staff know us and always seem excited to see us.

This is also the Month that our local Farmers Market opened in town. SO, I put the two together and decided to make a "Farmers Market Margarita".  Most of the ingredients for this drink you can get at your local farmers market.

 I will confess, I got my stuff from the grocery store around the block. I also had to make a trip to the liquor store up the road as well. Five minutes later, I made a crisp, lite, 99 calorie Margarita.

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Farmers Market Margarita (99 calories)
1.25 oz. Silver Tequila (clear tequila)
2 sprigs of fresh cilantro
4 slices of fresh cucumber (thin with skin)
2 slices of fresh jalapeno (remove seeds)
1 oz. fresh lemon juice (1/2 lg. Lemon)
2 oz. water
2 packets of Splenda or similar

Directions: Add all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice, shake and serve over the rocks. Garnish with a lime.

I do not recommend anyone drink alcoholic drinks but this was a winner. This margarita had a fresh clean taste. You could actually taste the cucumber and cilantro. As far as the Jalapeno goes, It gave it some kick! Gave it some spice! It was defiantly something different and a little hot.

Warning: (1)Women should not drink alcohol while pregnant because of the risk of birth defects.(2)Consumption of alcohol impairs your ability to drive.(3)Drinking to much alcohol may impair your thinking and make you stupid.

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Twitter Newby

I have recently started actually using my Twitter account that I have had for almost a year now. I still don't really get it. I like the hash tag thing. Not sure I'm using them right but its fun. Using hash tags is like letting you mind speak after the fact.

I have always used facebook and still do but I'm trying to stay away from it unless I use it to post things to my "page".
Its just that its getting really ridiculous with all the pictures, recipes, cartoons, etc...
I remember when you used to actually type a status update from your own words. They should rename Facebook to "see and share". That's all everyone does now.

My biggest peeve on Facebook right now is how everyone is posting recipes so they can share and save on there timeline to go back and look at later. Isn't that what Pinterest is for? I mean, If these people only knew what they were missing. Pinterest is a great thing to save recipes and ideas and even funny stuff. You can share, like, follow friends and even comment on everyones pins.

So, that's why I'm trying to use my Twitter account more. I have actually got a few followers. And that's another thing. If a friend follows you, Its your choice if you want to follow them back without hard feelings. I do not have a twitter account for my blog. Its just a personal account right now at least until I can really figure it out.

What do you use the most for social interactions? Id love to know what you think about the two. I also could use any twitter advise you can give.

But for now, excuse me while I go see what James Purefoy is up to.