Twitter Newby

I have recently started actually using my Twitter account that I have had for almost a year now. I still don't really get it. I like the hash tag thing. Not sure I'm using them right but its fun. Using hash tags is like letting you mind speak after the fact.

I have always used facebook and still do but I'm trying to stay away from it unless I use it to post things to my "page".
Its just that its getting really ridiculous with all the pictures, recipes, cartoons, etc...
I remember when you used to actually type a status update from your own words. They should rename Facebook to "see and share". That's all everyone does now.

My biggest peeve on Facebook right now is how everyone is posting recipes so they can share and save on there timeline to go back and look at later. Isn't that what Pinterest is for? I mean, If these people only knew what they were missing. Pinterest is a great thing to save recipes and ideas and even funny stuff. You can share, like, follow friends and even comment on everyones pins.

So, that's why I'm trying to use my Twitter account more. I have actually got a few followers. And that's another thing. If a friend follows you, Its your choice if you want to follow them back without hard feelings. I do not have a twitter account for my blog. Its just a personal account right now at least until I can really figure it out.

What do you use the most for social interactions? Id love to know what you think about the two. I also could use any twitter advise you can give.

But for now, excuse me while I go see what James Purefoy is up to.



  1. I am starting to use mine a little more. It is mostly for daily blog posts to go out but I retweet a little. I like reading others tweets though :-)
    You can follow me @emptynestblog and I will follow you back.

  2. You know, I haven't really figured Twitter seems like if you follow a bunch of people you are going to be pinged all day with their "clever little tweets". I agree with the mess facebook has become, not a fan. In these days of social media we are forced to be a part of all this, but I don't always like it! Not enough privacy and personal communication between friends if you ask me. You are right they should call it "see and share" or maybe more appropriate " show & tell" like kindergarten!