Grad Party Blogger fail

This weekend was pretty busy as we prepared for my daughters graduation party. We were expecting about 50 people to show up. I sent out invites with "please send regrets" suggestion on them. I did not have but 3 regrets but about 15 people didn't show up! Sad thing about it is, they were all family. But that's ok, her best friends showed up except for a few but that's because they live far away. I have lots of cupcakes and hot dogs left over!

The party was also a wash out. Of course, it rained all day. The rain has been our enemy for the past few weeks as we tried to paint and get things ready for this celebration. We got though it and it ended up being a nice little party. We still had it outside under our carport.

We served hot dogs with all the fixings, beautifully decorated cupcakes and fruit kabobs. Guess what though, I forgot to take pictures. YES! I am such a bad blogger. However, I did take a picture of the center piece.

I gathered up her hats from previous graduations that include preschool, high school and college.

I really hate I didn't take pictures of the cupcakes using the cupcake stand I created by using a candle stick and plate glued together and painted. Oh wait here is a picture of the youngest guest with a cupcake.

He is testing out one of the green cupcakes and licking the frosting off the graduation hat topper.

I also made some diploma cookies.

The picture pretty much explains how I did them.

Next time I will try to be in the blogging mood and have a better story.

Ummm, did I just say next time?

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