DIY Sail Boat

We finally had a nice enough day to go for a walk. It was a Sunday afternoon and I needed to get out of the house. I decided to go with my husband for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. He does this every morning and not too often do I have the time to go with him.

As we were walking, I spotted a stick. I actually spotted a lot of sticks but this particular one caught my eye and an idea popped into my head. Yea that happens sometimes. I stopped in my path to pick it up. My husband gave me a look. I was like, "what? I need this stick". He shrugged his shoulders as he never removed his earphones, only lip reading my response. I'm sure he knew I was up to something because when I get an idea, its gonna happen. He saw just a stick, I saw a sailboat.

I still needed a smaller and straighter stick. So, the next day when I got home from work, he had me a little pile of straight sticks. I grabbed them up and immediately took off to my craft closet and played.

The result of my natural finds is this sail boat.

It was fun to make and plan to display it either in my office or beach place. It's quite possible I will make another one soon. I love sail boats or anything nautical for that matter.

Now get a stick and make your own.

You will need:
1 thick stick
1 straight branch for the center rod
hot glue or Elmer's
cloth for a sail (any piece cloth will do)
eye hooks
kite string or yarn to tie it all together.

I cut the sails and in each corner, I clipped a small hole for the string.
I made a hole in the center of the stick for the center rod to fit into.
I screwed the eye hooks into each end.
Then just put it all together.

Here is another sail boat I made a while back the same way except I used drift wood I found on the beach, which is my favorite and this one will actually float.

I love making these. So easy and fun.

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Nutrisystem Week 3- Noticing Changes

Just finished my third week on Nutrisystem. I'm starting to feel the changes my body is taking on this diet.

I know, I know, it seems like all im going to blog about now is Nutrisystem. Nope. I plan to get back to blogging on other things soon but this diet just has me excited and its helping me out by blogging my results. Just keep following me, Ill have some new things popping up soon. 

I usually suffer acid reflux and heart burn on a regular basis. This started about 4 years ago. Anxiety will trigger it but most of the time it was my eating habits. I would either eat too fast, too much or eat the wrong things. I never could really pin point what caused the episodes because it would be different foods at different times.

Well, I'm here to tell you that since I have been on this Nutrisystem diet, I have not been suffering from the heart burn, and acid reflux. I think the foods im taking in are more healthy and balanced. I'm still enjoying all the meals they provide.

Nutrisystem- Chicken Alfredo
Nutrisystem - Chicken Noodle Soup

Im going for another week!  This is the longest I've ever stayed with a diet. I never would have thought I'd be doing it this way but its working for me and im getting used to the portions. Still just buying the 5 day boxes at Walmart. Im just afraid to take that step of ordering a month supply delivered at my door. Im comfortable taking it a week at a time even if it means I have to eat the same meals over again.

Im excited to say I've lost an inch and a half! My pants do not know that yet but the measuring tape told me so. My belly bulge is shrinking slowly. I hope by spring time, I can wear a fitted t shirt and not worry about the spare tire or muffin top around my waist band.


Im disappointed to see I only lost one pound this week. I have to keep going. Maybe up my exerscise a bit. Its just so hard when I work in an office all day and its dark by the time I get home to do any walking. Im hanging in there.

Follow my journey here

Nutrisystem Diet Week 2 - Its Getting Easier

Week two was easier than week one. I'm seeing results already! Last week I lost 6 lbs in just my first week! I'm sure every week will not be as successful, but who knows? I hope so. Id love to be able to lose 30 lbs and get into a new Easter outfit this year.

Again, I bought a five day kit from my local Walmart. It has the same foods as the last kit with the exception of about four different meals. Ive had no complaints so far. All the food has been really good. OK, let me stop right her for a moment and just say, Nutrisystems popcorn is the best ever!!! I would love to just buy the bags alone!! 

I still get a little hungry between meals but there are snack options. I would eat things like almonds, baked kale chips or fat free yogurt. I also bought some of the shakes that are to be used between meals.

I like them. They taste pretty good. I'm not going to say they are absolutely delicious, but they taste better than the Carnation Instant breakfast, Slim fast or the Ensures. Yes Ive tried them all.

I would do things like add a cup of lettuce with my Italian dinners such as lasagna, pizza or rigatoni.
Nutrisystem  Meat Lasagna

I would add a tablespoon of fat free or lite dressing on the side and dip the lettuce into it as a I ate it.  I didn't over do it that way. I'm one of those that like a little salad on my dressing. 

So, incase your wondering what I ate on Saturday and Sunday. You know, those two days between my five day diet? Well, for breakfasts I would eat a pack (about 1 cup) of the Quaker oatmeal granola cereals with warm Almond milk. For lunches I would have one piece of toasted wheat bread with peanut butter and a drop of honey or some Tuna with Jalapenos on top. For Dinner one night I had a sushi roll and for dinner the next night I had fajitas from my favorite Mexican restaurant. This was such a treat! I controlled myself. I only ate half of the plate served and ignored the tortillas, rice and beans. That was sooo hard because I love the rice!

Each week I make sure to add some exercise and drink lots of water.

Here are my results after week 2!

When I first started this diet plan I weighted in at 168lbs
At the end of week one I was down to 162lbs.
At the end of week two I am down to 160lbs.

The weight loss was not as much after the 2nd week but everyone tells me that happens. They say thats why you need to stay off the scales while you diet.
Wish me luck as I start my 3rd week and dont forget to check back on Sunday afternoons for my diet updates. follow my journey here.

Nutrisystem Diet Week 1 - The Struggles

Yaaayyy! I survived one week of the Nutrisystem's diet meal plan. In my previous post about trying this diet, I said I'd give you all an update. Ill even tell ya how much weight I've lost!

First I just want to say that I am not doing this for the benefit of Nutrisystem, I'm doing this to my own benefit. My reactions and achievements may not be like anyone else. This is just my personal experience on a well known diet plan. You should try it too sometime.

Here goes:

Each day I drank 64 ounces of water and hula hooped for 15-20 minutes each morning. Also, with the help of my fitbit, I tried to get at least 9000 step in each day.

Day one: Its terrible. Don't get me wrong, the food is great but the portions are small. I'm starving! I'm so hungry. I didn't know I could add veggies and fruit to my meals to help me out so I ate strictly just the meals that were given. However, I did add a glass of Fusion energy juice, which I love. My calorie intake for the whole day was 1020 calories. I'm craving bread!

Day two: I woke up with a head ache. loved the chocolate breakfast muffin and my hunger is not as bad this day. I snacked on lettuce, fresh avocado and mixed nuts between my meals. I cant wait til breakfast!

Day three: No head ache today, just sore from hula hooping. Its getting easier. My breakfast this morning was a bagel. I added just a smear of regular cream cheese to it. yum!. It was like eating a steak. I added some oranges and grapes for snacks between meals. I feel like I have just a little bit more energy and the bloated feeling seems to be going away. Maybe Ive lost a pound but I'm not stepping on the scales just yet. Not until the end.

Day four:  Woke up feeling great. I'm starting to like it now. I'm not even hungry, just cold. Its 10 degrees this morning so I enjoyed the granola cereal for breakfast. Instead of milk, I used almond milk and microwaved it for 15 seconds and wah lah, I had a warm, sweet, and tasty granola cereal. I never got hungry before lunch. Today I added some fresh tomatoes and fruit as snacks. I accidentally skipped morning snack. Unbelievable! I also didnt eat my dessert after dinner. It was popcorn today and I was waiting until I had a craving to eat it but the craving never came.

Day five: This is the last day of meals in my box. I feel great but sorta hungry again this morning (I should have eaten that dessert last night). I do feel balanced and satisfied today. I'm skipping the usual Friday night outing to a restaurant. However, I will be going out Saturday and probably cook something on Sunday. Sorta like a treat for sticking to this during the week days. Ill take it easy though and I'm a little afraid and freaking out since I don't have my meals at hand. I will be attending a birthday party Sunday so I have to avoid the cupcakes and pizza but I can do this.

I'm excited at my results so keep reading and find out what they were.

Here are some questions I have been asked.....

What was the best part of this plan?- Not having to figure out what to eat. Its portion controlled too so I didn't have to measure and weigh everything out. Foods are easy to prepare and simple to take to work with me. They do not need to be put in freezer or fridge and take less then 2 minutes in the microwave.

Worst thing about this plan? - Giving up bacon!!!! I love bacon! Also, I hate not sharing a meal with my husband. He is left to defend for himself. Hes not complaining though.

Will I continue further with this plan?- I've decided to do it another week. Im going to take it week by week. I do not think one week is enough to really show accurate results. Sure there are low cal recipes out there but why stress over what to buy and cook when the Nutrisystem meals are right here and ready?

How did the food tastes?- I liked everything. To me, the meals tasted better than any lean cuisine Ive ever eaten and I like those. The meat in the meals were tender and not fatty, none were tough or had any gristle, the chicken seamed to be all white chunks which I like too. I couldn't wait til my next meal. Something different every day. It was sorta fun.

How much weight did I loose?- I weighed in the first morning at 168 lbs. (I don't mind telling my weight. It is what it is.) Wowzaaa!
The morning after my five days, I weighed in at  162 lbs!!!


Everyone is different and weight loss and satisfaction varies with each person. My weight fluctuates two or three pounds from day to day so I'm sure its not completely accurate weight loss but I liked what I saw and it gave me motivation to carry on.

As long as Im doing this diet, I will post my results each Sunday afternoon. So follow me. Any comments are welcome too.

Crochet Gaiter

It has been so cold the past couple days here in North Carolina. Our average temperature in the Winter is in the 40's. This week however, It's been in the teens! That's just too cold for me. I want to crawl under blankets and hibernate!

My Husband walks every morning around the neighborhood. This is what he does for daily exercise. If its raining, he will stay in and take a break. No matter how cold it is he will just bundle himself up and go.
He likes to wear a beanie on his head and something around his neck but hates long scarfs, they get in the way. He wanted something he could wear around his neck in a manly fashion and be able to pull it up over his face to protect it from wind when needed.

So, I made him a Gaiter. AKA neck warmer.

The first one I made him, I crocheted using a half double rib stitch. After wearing it and washing it a few times, it became big. It just kept growing. I even took out some inches but it continued to grow.

I wanted to make him another one but using a more durable stitch that want stretch out too much. I found this pattern for a cable stitch. It was the easiest one I found so far. I even made the hat for my friend.

I used gray because black over the face would make him look like a robber. ha ha.
OK, and it matches his gray coat. He wore it today and said it did great keeping his face, neck and ears warm. I actually thought it looked really good around his neck like a snug cowl to wear out somewhere.

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Nutrisystem Challenge

Like everyone else, this time of year I want to make changes to myself, set goals and loose weight. I try all year but its January when I feel the urge to start fresh.

I love to eat and I nibble on everything in the house. If its in the cabinet or on the counter, it will be gone whether I like it or not. I just love to eat. Thats why I can not stick to a diet. But I need to do something or I will hate myself even more when it comes to beach time.

After several diet fails, Ive decided to take a chance with the Nutrisystem diet. I did not want to pay alot of money and sign up for the program from the infomercials on TV. It seems way to expensive when I may not even like it or be able to handle the small portions it includes.

Lucky for me, Walmart carries a five day box. With a price of about $45.00, It includes a five day supply of all the meals I need to accomplish a healthy diet while keeping it proportioned. Hey, I sorta liked walking in, grabbing a box of meals and zooming out.

I hope nobody was paying me any attention because I sure didn't feel like no Marie Osmond as I darted out wearing fat clothes and craving a cheeseburger.

Here is what the inside contents looked like. yum right?

I will be eating like an astronaut for a week.

This is what my first whole day looks like.


This is what one of my first meal of the day consist of.

A muffin. A little dinky muffin. However, it does suggest eating fruits, nuts or raw veggies with each meal. 

This leaves my husband defending for himself in the kitchen, but he also likes the idea of not having to come up with dinner plans each night. He is a healthy eater already. He eats lots of salads and nuts and walks at least five miles a day. He has lost a lot of weight already on that alone. I hate walking unless its down the beach and I hate eating healthy. This is gonna starve me.

Along with my diet, I plan to exercise with my hula hoop in the mornings before work. I already do about 15 to 20 minutes each morning so I will just continue. Maybe add more wiggle or something. Its dark when I leave work in the afternoons so its hard to go for a walk. (I know, I'm already making excuses ).
Anyway, I'm weighed in so wish me luck and check back Monday morning at a new post with my update on how the week went.

What is your weight loss plan for the new year? I know ya got one.

Meanwhile, will someone please turn the light off at the doughnut shop?

Its a New Year

Its a new year. What's that mean for you? What are you going to do new this year?

Im sitting here, barley able to keep my eyes open but I wanted to take some time to tell everyone Happy New Year. Me and my husband brought in the new year at home. We went out to a nice dinner and headed back to the house to finish up some last minute preparations for my annual family New Years dinner. It was complete with collard greens, black eye peas and pork. Not to mention the crock pot macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and fruit cobblers.
I set up tables from my dining area throughout the living room, making sure to have enough seats for sixteen people. It turned out great and a lot of full bellies.

Everyone is gone now and everything is cleaned up and put away. I am now ready for the new year. Every new year, we think about what we can do different to make it better than the last.
I do not usually make resolutions or promises to myself. Its just puts to much pressure on the thought and therefore I never hold to it. I do plan to make some changes and do some things differently. Will it happen? Im not sure but here are a few of my plans for this year.

1. Stop complaining so much.(It is what it is)
2. Blog more.(blogging is mind relaxing)
3. Stop worrying so much about people and how they act and what they do.(drives me crazy)
4. Stay more positive and smile more. (while biting my tongue)
5. Have a healthier lifestyle ( I may even use sunscreen)
6. Clip and use coupons. (health Insurance went up and im broke)
7. Find somewhere to volunteer or work part time to get some use of my Phlebotomy skills.
7. and last, Stay off facebook as much as I can. This will help me accomplish 1-4.

What are some of your plans for the new year?

Now finally, im off to bed .