Crochet Gaiter

It has been so cold the past couple days here in North Carolina. Our average temperature in the Winter is in the 40's. This week however, It's been in the teens! That's just too cold for me. I want to crawl under blankets and hibernate!

My Husband walks every morning around the neighborhood. This is what he does for daily exercise. If its raining, he will stay in and take a break. No matter how cold it is he will just bundle himself up and go.
He likes to wear a beanie on his head and something around his neck but hates long scarfs, they get in the way. He wanted something he could wear around his neck in a manly fashion and be able to pull it up over his face to protect it from wind when needed.

So, I made him a Gaiter. AKA neck warmer.

The first one I made him, I crocheted using a half double rib stitch. After wearing it and washing it a few times, it became big. It just kept growing. I even took out some inches but it continued to grow.

I wanted to make him another one but using a more durable stitch that want stretch out too much. I found this pattern for a cable stitch. It was the easiest one I found so far. I even made the hat for my friend.

I used gray because black over the face would make him look like a robber. ha ha.
OK, and it matches his gray coat. He wore it today and said it did great keeping his face, neck and ears warm. I actually thought it looked really good around his neck like a snug cowl to wear out somewhere.

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  1. Wow I really love this the way it came out and the color too. I bet your husband is happy too. It looks like it would keep him really warm. Enjoy the weekend and stay warm!

  2. That cable stitch is really nice. I am sure he appreciated the gaiter.