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I was a teenager in the 80's and one of the big fashion statements of the time was hair scrunchies. I mean, the bigger the better. So was the hair but I'm not going back there.

I had all sizes and colors. They finally went out of style and you could not find them in the stores anymore. Now they have made a come back. [eye roll]. Does this mean the big hair and jelly shoes will come back too? Oh wait, It could get worst. They could bring back the banana clips.

I have been there and done that so I'm still not sure about the scrunchies.....Ok, yes, I admit I'm actually wearing one in my hair today. I sorta like it [again]. I refused to go out and buy a scrunchy when I knew I could make one myself. It was quiet simple. Just kidding.

I picked up some cute fabric at Walmart for .50 cent.
Then went by the DIY video HERE.

After almost tossing the machine out the window and saying a few cuss words, 4 scrunchies were born.

My sister wanted one and I took one. Then I gave the other two to my daughter. I might make more, but I might want to find me a new sewing machine first. I just want a small simple machine for crafts. Mom gave me her old one and it is really nice but I get in a fight with it every time I use it. I mean really, and I can't see myself making any clothes in the future anyway. 

It seems like this time around, with the scrunchies fad, I see more girls wearing them on their wrist as a fashion statement for an emergency hair tie. I guess it does look more cute than the rubber hair bands around their wrist. 

These little hair accessories are actually great for your hair and help prevent against breakage.

Can you think of other fashion that's making a come back?

Rep Announcement

I'm proud to announce that I am now a PuraVida Bracelet Representative. If you follow me on Instagram, you have noticed a lot of post of me promoting these cute little bracelets.
Dreaming Outloud Pack
One day I ordered one and later my sister gave me a little set of them. Before I knew it, I was hooked. Then, in no time, I got an email letting me know I have been approved as a rep.
Bestie Pack
This is perfect for me as I love the beachy vibe of each bracelet. I also enjoy taking photos and promoting brands I love. I may even make a tiny commission and receive free gifts with sales I make. It's all for fun. It feels good to promote something that has a story behind it. Something that helps make a difference in other lives.
Rose Gold Wave Pack
PuraVida bracelets was founded in Costa Rica where two Southern California friends went on a college graduation trip. They met two struggling artisans making colorful string bracelets. The two friends wanted to help so they requested 400 bracelets to take home to with them. After putting the bracelets in a local boutique, they sold out in just a few days. This was a movement that celebrated the simple things in life. This is were the name came from. "Pura Vida" is Spanish for "Pure Life". You can read the whole story HERE.

LaurDIY Pack
One size fits most as they adjust from 6 to 11 inches around with a small slip knot.
Each bracelet has a waxy feel and is waterproof and sand proof.
Each purchase includes little drawstring dust bag and a set of their popular fun stickers.

Watermelon Charm 4

By purchasing one of these bracelets you are creating jobs for artisans.
Puravida also gives to more than 175 charities around the world through purchases made.

If you would like to purchase one of these bracelets 
you can visit my special link to the site HERE and get 20% off 
or just go to and use code: LISADIMEO20. 

Birthday Sandals

My 50th birthday has come and past. It was in May. I had a wonderful time and lots of cake. So far, 50 ain't that bad.

As a birthday gift, my husband wanted get me a pair of summer sandals but he didn't have any idea where to start so he just gave me some money to pick for myself. I was in limbo on what style I wanted.

I tried on hundreds of wedges and shopped every store in three different towns. No luck. I just could not make my mind up on a style or color and if I did find something I liked, they didn't feel good on my foot. The struggle is real. Am I right girls?

I had almost given up on getting a new pair of sandals. I mean, It's not like I don't already have seven pair. As we were walking through Belks department store, Nick pointed to a pair of cute little platform sandals . "I like these" he said. I walked over to take a closer look. I was not sure about the printed design since I'm such a plane Jane, but I did agree that they were rather cute, so I grabbed a 7.5 and tried them on.
Perfect! I like them. Though they have multi colored yellows and browns, they will still go with so many different outfits.

“Do you know, it’s hard taking a photo of your shoes yourself? The neighbors must have thought I was crazy as I struggled to keep a balance”.

I wore my new sandals to church Sunday with a dress I had bought a couple of years back from a cool store we used to have in town that carried several new boutique vintage style dresses cheep. I really miss that store. This skunkfunk brand dress is regularly $59.99. I got it for $3.50. What a deal!

Platform espadrille Sandals: Jelly Pop
Tribal Print Dress- SkunkPunk

May Celebrations

I started the Month off with a happy Anniversary and would like to thank everyone for your happy wishes. It was a great day. My husband showered me with kisses and hugs. We exchanged cards and he surprised me with an iPencil and a new iPad case with a keyboard.

I was overwhelmed. We will celebrate some more this weekend with a nice dinner somewhere.

May is also my birthday month. I am excited to say that on the 16th I will be turning 50! Wow. Bring on the wrinkle creams and potty handles!

I have my birthday outfit ready!

May will be filled with all kinds of fun and events throughout. Not only will I be having a birthday, but I have a sister, a brother, and my dad that will be celebrating birthdays too. This means lots of cake cakes. Mom will make each one of us our own birthday dessert of our choice and we all share. I can already feel the pounds adding on as I type.

This weekend we will be making a trip to Charlotte to celebrate my daughters boyfriends Birthday and also Cinco De Mayo. We plan to try a new Mexican restaurant in town.

Speaking of Charlotte. If you have not heard already, there was a student shooting at UNCC this week that left the whole town in a somber state of mind. It hits close to home. This is where my daughter graduated college. It feels a little different when it's your area that is affected with such tragedy. Please keep all the students, faculty and families in your prayers.

I see a beach trip happening this month too! Can't hardly wait to have some fun in the sun and more birthday celebrations!

Easter Outfit

Happy Easter!

I am up early this morning. My daughter is home and we are heading to church to attend a sunrise service on the church lawn followed by a big country breakfast. We always look forward to this each year. Afterwards, we will come home and open Easter baskets. Yes the Easter bunny still visits us.
Then we will put on our new Easter outfits and head back out to church for our regular Sunday service.

Easter marks the resurrection day of Jesus.
New beginnings.
Seen with the season of Spring, new life on the trees and flowers blooming.
It's a beautiful time of year. It's one of my favorite Holidays.

People ask why folks make a big deal over a new "Easter Outfit"? Other than an excuse to have something new, It represents "new beginnings or new day". ok....Yes it's an excuse to buy a new outfit. It's worked for me for years. ha.

But who says Easter outfits have to be pastels and floral?
This year I opt for this natural colored jumper with tie front and wide legs.

I purchased this jumper at TJmaxx at a fraction of the price.
It was one of the first pieces I picked up and I was satisfied. I did not have to spend all day shopping for something that fits.

However, shoes were another story. I added a pair of brown leather wedges to the look, but I'm not 100 percent on board with these wedges. After getting them home, I realized they look a little heavy for the outfit.
I could take them back but they are just too darn comfortable and will go great with shorts or jeans during the summer.

It is going to be fun accessorizing this jumper with different colors and styles throughout the summer.

Later today we will meet up with family for dinner before calling it a day then back to work on Monday as I do not get any days off for Easter.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. It's the only day that is safe to put all of your eggs in one basket.

Linen Jumper: TJmaxx
Maurices Emma Wedges: Maurices

Summer Fashion Wants

Spring is here and this gives me the itch to want new clothes. It usually starts at Easter. I keep coming across styles online and in the stores that I like. I have a Pinterest board set for “Summer Fashion”. However,  I do more “wanting” than “Buying”.

I need a new bathing suit. They are already getting picked over and I think Target had the cutest ones so far. The full piece seem to be hot this year but I’m leaning more toward the highwaist two peice. I also like the sporty look. I love this one. I’m always drawn to stripes and I like the mixed patterns. 

Have you seen all the jumpsuits that are out this year? I started seeing a lot of them last year. While most are casual dressy, I like the comfy, and cute ones. I’m loving the look of this vintage style jumpsuit. It would look great with a bandeau or tank top.

I am actually trying to find a pair of tulle socks. I have not seen anyone wearing them but I think they are just adorable. I may have to order a pair to get what I want. I think they are fun and different. Do they remind you of a lady losing her stockings? I know that’s the reaction I will have with Nick. Haha.

Let’s talk purses. I’m always looking for a fun purse to carry and I am swooning over this Aztec print clutch.


I am not 100% on board with the Kimono tops but these long sheer Kimonos are growing on me. I think they will be great for cool summer nights with jeans, shorts or over a swim suit.

Source unknown

According to my daughter, snake skin print is a growing style in the city right now. I’m glad because I am actually trying to find some wedges like these snakes skin print with brown. They are on Ebay but unfortunately they are not my size. They are also from China and I would want them by Easter, not Christmas.


Now if I could just find the closet space for the clothes and shoes I want. Ha. We have small closets and even with a small amount of clothes, it gets tight. I will just continue to window shop for now....Windows 10 that is. 

Ready For Valentines Day

Valentines day is one of my favorite days of the year. I do not usually get flowers or boxes of candy but there is just something about the love in the air that makes me happy all day. Me and my Valentine plan to have a nice dinner somewhere but nothing fancy, unless hes has a surprise up his sleeve. 

I celebrate Valentines by decorating a little around the house. I have my handmade heart garland on my mantle and lots of red linens and decor throughout the house. I also love wearing something Valentiny (is that a word?)

This year I'm choosing to wear this little heart print sweatshirt to work. It's bright fun and comfy.

After work I'm wearing my favorite pink crop sweater and high waist jeans paired with a pair of patent black sock booties. 

My daughter came by and we had her a little gift bag full of valentine treats. (Did I mention shes 27?) She will be back home on Friday to spend the weekend with us and I plan to make her the traditional heart shape pancakes as I have done every year. This is always a fun treat. I'll also be making heart shape brownies and muffins. Even my drinks will be served with heart shaped ice cubes.

The other day I showed off my favorite Nutrisystem "Whoopie Pie" dessert on Instagram. I decorated with a dollop of cool whip and heart shape sprinkles. It was divine!

By the way, If your on Instagram, I’d love you to follow me at LILIDI_MEO. 

The past two Valentines Days we had cold snowy weather. This year it suppose to be in the 60s. Maybe me and my Valentine will enjoy the weather and take a little Valentine power walk after dinner. Maybe we won’t [wink wink].

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?

Pink Crop Sweater- Wild Fable -Target
High Waist Jeans- YMI- Wanna Bigger Butt Jeans - Belks
Valentine Heart Top- Forever21 -Forever21
Black Patent Sock Booties - Bamboo- Charlotte Russe

Game Day Sunday Dress

Did you watch the big game this past Sunday? Me and the Mr. are not a big football fans but when the Super Bowl comes on, we make it a thing. We complete all our errands, pick up a couple snacks from the grocery store and stay in. We do not go out to any Super Bowl parties. We just do our own thing.

In light of Super Bowl Sunday I usually will wear a dress to church in my favorite team colors. I did not have a color of either team in my closet. What I did have was a dress I purchased this past Fall off the clearance rack at TJMaxx.

(Unfortunately I accidentally permanently deleted my original Sunday Morning photos,
 so today your getting cheesy mirror selfies after a long days work!)

This dress has been hanging in my closet for months because I did not know how or when to wear it. I wasn’t a big fan of it. The only reason I bought it was because it was only $2.00 and I didn't want to turn down such a bargain. (It's a girl thing).

My plan was to wait until spring and wear it for fun with my white Adidas tennis shoes, but for now, I took my chances with black tights and booties. The temperatures were in the 60's so the quarter length sleeves and nylon fabric felt nice. With the floral print and sports stripes on the neck line and sleeves, I thought it made the perfect dress to wear to church on Super Bowl Sunday.


After church we went out a little while then took a power walk around the neighborhood. Once we were settled in, we made burritos for dinner. While waiting on the game to start, I cooked up a batch of homemade granola. It was delicious eaten alone but would also be great as a topping to yogurt, ice cream or cereal.

Needless to say, I thought the game was rather boring and the commercials were not funny. I actually thought they were mostly ridiculous and my attention went to doing more crocheting.

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl?
Did you go to any Super Bowl parties or have your own?

Dress by: TACERA (find similar here)

Finding My Focus

I get my eyes examined each year. (It’s one of the free things I get by giving the insurance company a quarter of my check each month). My eye sight has pretty much stayed the same each year but is declining very slow. I definitely require reading glasses. If I buy them over the counter I’m somewhere between 1.75 and 2.0. I can see fine looking far away.

This year at my regular visit, the doctor wrote me a prescription for both seeing afar and reading. He said I do not really need both right now, but recommends it and that they make transitional glasses that I may want to look into. 

I took my prescription and sat on it for a couple months before deciding to go ahead and get prescription glasses. I went to a place called Americas Best Eye Care. I purchased two pair of frames for 99.00. I just got the "readers" part of the prescription. When I got home with my new glasses I seen online where if I take a photo wearing my glasses, I would have a chance at a $250.00 voucher from Americas Best. 

I entered and low and behold, I was the August Fridays Face and won the voucher! How cool was that? 

Now, I wondered what in the world am I going to do with that much money to spend at an eye center. I already had two pair of new frames that I loved. 
I held on to the voucher in case Nick wanted to use it on his next pair of glasses. December came and it was fixing to expire. He told me that he really did not want new glasses so for me to use the voucher on a nice pair. So I went back to the glasses store to look around.

I decided to go big and chose a pair of Ray-Ban frames and had them put my full prescription lenses in them. This meant transitional lenses. They warned me that it would take a while to get used to and made me promise to wear them for ten hours straight to get a feel of them.

Here I am heading out shopping with my new Ray-bans on looking like a nerd. But I did it. I made it all day wearing these things. 

I really like that I can read something then look up with out peeping over the frames or taking them off. This will make church services easier. Looking down at my Bible, them up at the pastor was uncomfortable with just the readers on.

But then the struggle hit me.

My problem now is trying to find my focus at work. I do a lot of reading, writing and computer work. I am having trouble getting a good reading sight from both eyes at the same time. While one is clear, the other is blurry so I tilt my head a little and it will switch to the other side. It’s annoying but I’m not giving up. They told I would have to get used to them when reading as I am now looking through a smaller space to read. Unfortunately I refused to pay the extra hundred dollars to have the wider vision transition.

Does anyone else use transitional lenses? Did you have this problem at first? I just feel like it’s a never ending battle. I will continue using them here at work and hopefully I will finally find my focus. Meanwhile, shopping in them is fun and perfect for looking down at a price for a second.
Now maybe I will come home with the right size clothes and no price surprises. Haha.

Sweater: Old Navy
Distressed Jeans: Indigo Rein from TJ Maxx
Glasses- Ray Ban from Americas Best
Cross body purse: Ross

Crochet Holes

I enjoy wearing my holey distressed jeans. If you follow my blog, you may have read how I distressed my own jeans. I will go shopping for new jeans and can’t hardly find any that are not full of holes and look like they have been in a bull rink. I just refuse to pay high prices for ripped jeans. But then, again, they are my favorite. Go figure.

Last night as I was itching for something to crochet. I seen my jeans laying in the stack of clean clothes that my husband had just folded. Yes I have a wonderful husband that does the laundry a lot. He also washes dishes. We are good at sharing chores.

As I was looking at my worn out jeans, A thought crossed my mind of crocheting a patch on one of the bigger holes. When I get a thought, I have to attempt the process or it will drive me crazy. I found some instructions online then pulled out my yarn and hook and crocheted a hole. 
[Husband rolls eyes]. 

I like how they turned out and it gives them some unique character. Distressed and holey jeans are fun to wear when the weather is too warm for pants but too cool for shorts. 

I remember back in the day we would wear holes in the knees of our jeans and mom would sew patches on them. We did not go anywhere with holes in our pants. We also used to wear our jeans until they were too short, then mom cut them off to make shorts. The cut off part would go into the scrap barrel and used for more patches in the future. 
Clothes were not thrown out and wasted like they are today. 

Crochet pattern can be found HERE.

Black Friday

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. I said I wouldn’t do it, but I did it. I over ate yesterday and woke up to a splitting headache and puffy eyes. I am regretting  the loads of desserts I ate tasted all day long. I am simply not used to eating one BIG meal, much less two! But I am thankful.

My daughter came home to stay a few days with us. I kissed my husband and told him I’d see him again in a few days. haha. That is our joke when she comes over because once she hits the door, the girl talk starts. We jabber the whole time about friends, fashion, recipes and work. He gets put on the back burner while I give all my attention to her most of the time. 

She came in bringing goodies from Trader Joe's. We do not have a TraderJoes store in my town, so its always a treat when she brings the goodies. 
We stayed up late Thanksgiving Eve and decorated the Christmas tree and started the cooking for Thanksgiving. 

Today is the day that everyone rushes out before the sun comes up to grab a great black Friday deal. This is something I have never had any intentions to do. I would rather pay ten dollars more for an item than to get into that mess. Better yet, There are black Friday special going on all over the internet too. I will probably be in cyber world all day. 

Below are a couple black Friday sales going on today that I just so happen to be partnered with. I am happy to have the opportunities to share good things from honest companies. 

Rice Love Bags. - SHOP HERE  Use code: BLACKFRIDAY
Get 40% off til Noon 
Get 30% off noon-6 pm
Get 20% 6pm - midnight.
For every bag sold, a family is fed. Each bag is hand made from recycled rice bags so there are no two alike. 
Attached to each bag is a number to enter to see and read about the family you just fed. 
They are all so appreciative and grateful and the bags are adorable!

Goose Creek Candles- SHOP HERE
Large Candles are only $9.99 Today! 
These candles are absolutely wonderful. They burn clean and full of fragrance.
I’m really enjoying my peppermint candle. 

Nutrisystem: SHOP HERE 
Shop A La Carte with 50% off
Nutrisystem is the only diet that worked for me. I lost 50 lbs and it was so easy. 
The food is delicious and satisfying. 
They have plans starting at 249.00 a month. 
That's a great deal considering what you spend at the grocery store a month where most food goes to waste or waist. 

Clio Snacks - SHOP HERE.
OK there is no black Friday sale for these delicious yogurt bars but you can find them at most Walmarts and Harris Teeter stores. They are my new favorite snack. They absolutely taste like and have the texture of little cheese cakes dipped in chocolate. New flavors and ideas are in the works for the new year. You can find them on the Yogurt isles and they are only a dollar each! You will fall in love with them. 

Rice Love Bags

I have been searching of a cute bag to carry on day trips or beach trips. I like the Bohemian look sometimes especially in the summer. There is Just something about the mix of colors and fun natural feel this style has to offer, so when I came across RiceLoveBags I immediately fell in love with the look of these back packs.

I’m a little skeptical about things I find online or social media. When I see something I like, I will dig into it to make sure it’s legit. I want to know where my money is going and what companies I shop from support. RiceLoveBags caught my attention first with the look of the bags and then their cause.

For every bag purchased through RiceLoveBags, a family is fed. How cool is that? 
In India, 37% are below the poverty line and living on just 1.25 a day.  For a low income family, rice is the primary source of calories. 
These bags are made in India by using real recycled rice bags. Every bag they make, 1 kilo of rice goes toward a family. Once they have 20 bags, 20 kilos are then given to a hungry family. 

Once the bags are made, they are shipped to a warehouse in United States. So by the time you get your bag, a family has been fed. Each bag is one of a kind and has a tag attached with a special code to go online and look up the family you fed. You can read their story along with a photo. Though RiceLoveBags focuses on feeding families, they also feed older women, widows, and single mothers. 

When I received my backpack bag, I was amazed at how well it was made and how big it actually was. It was soft, the colors were vibrant and it was lined with a soft cotton fabric. I also worried my bag would have a burlap smell, but it didn’t. I love my bag and it makes me feel good that I was able to put food on the table of a hungary family. Every time I use my bag it remindes me how fortunate I am to be able to purchase this bag while others feel fortunate to just be be fed. 

“Buy a bag. Feed a family”
Use coupon code: LILIDI_MEO at checkout and get 20% off


I’m trying to add some new clothes to my Fall/Winter wear.

While doing a little bargain shopping on the clearance racks at Belks department store, I came across this over sized triple ruffle bell sleeve sweat shirt. Boy that's a mouth full, huh? I tried it on over my tshirt just to see how the sleeves felt. I wasn't real sure about it so I snapped a picture and sent it to my fashion expert (AKAdaughter). She wrote back to tell me that it looked a little bulky but it was ok. So I took her word and put it back on the rack. 

(Sorry for the poor quality photos. I think my iPhone lens was dirty or something. Doooough)

I continued to shop but I could not get that crazy sleeve shirt off my mind and it was less than 10.00 so I figured what the heck. I’m getting it. 
I thought it looked fun and would be great for the cold days in Winter. It’s now hanging in my closet ready to wear if we ever get any cold weather. It’s the middle of October and temperatures are still in the 70's and 80's.

Similar shirt style:  True Bliss Boutique

I walked over to another rack and found another ruffled sleeve shirt on sale. I knew I wanted this one before I even tried it on. I love white shirts and the ruffles and lace added an extra flare to make this shirt fun. I can dress it up with a skirt or wear it with my jeans. 

I had no idea it suppose to tie in the front until I googled the link for it and saw the model wearing it in a knot. 

The next time I wore it, I tried tying it on the front but something about the buttons made it stick out like I was hiding a puppy under there, so I need to work with it and get it figured out. Two ways to wear a shirt is always fun. I also adore the the quarter length sleeves. This makes it comfortable at work while typing and hassle free at the dinner table.

Shop for this shirt:

Fall Cardigan

I just can’t seem to get into the whole Fall season around here in North Carolina. Our temperatures are still in the 80s. I’m still wearing shorts and flip flops for heaven sake. 

I went shopping this weekend for some new Fall booties, and again, I’m waking up today without any new ones. I just can’t seem to find a color and style that catches my eye. I’m also on a mission for a new pocket book but I can’t find the right one. The only one I saw that I really liked, was the same price as my car payment, so nope.

We headed out to the mall and I picked up some lotion from bath and body works then skipped across the mall to Charlotte Russe. (Yes I practically skipped because I was feeling giddy after getting my lotion at a great sale price). 

We are planning on taking another trip to the beach next week so I wanted some new threads to wear. I had to ask myself, “Do I hit the sales rack for reduced summer items? I mean, it is still hot outside. Or do I go ahead and get something Fallish?” 
The weather man is calling for some cooler weather finally starting next week. So, it could be cool at the beach.
I was in a limbo.

First I headed straight back to the shoe wall and ohhed and ahhed over the sweet looking shoes they had. Then turned to the sweater rack. Thats when I saw some rust colored cardigans on door buster sale. They were practically half price and I love this color. 

I grabbed a small and headed to the register. 

I plan to pack this in my suitcase for my Fall beach trip. No matter how warm it is, It can get a little chilly at the beach during the evenings. I plan to wear this cardigain with my jeans but I also think it looks fun with my denim shorts and T-shirt. 

It’s a fun cardigan that can be dressed up or down. It’s perfect for Fall and fun to wear. 

Open Front Cable Cardigan- Charlotte Russe
Split Side Denim Cut off shorts- Old Navy
White Luxe T-shirt- Gap