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Ready For Valentines Day

Valentines day is one of my favorite days of the year. I do not usually get flowers or boxes of candy but there is just something about the love in the air that makes me happy all day. Me and my Valentine plan to have a nice dinner somewhere but nothing fancy, unless hes has a surprise up his sleeve. 

I celebrate Valentines by decorating a little around the house. I have my handmade heart garland on my mantle and lots of red linens and decor throughout the house. I also love wearing something Valentiny (is that a word?)

This year I'm choosing to wear this little heart print sweatshirt to work. It's bright fun and comfy.

After work I'm wearing my favorite pink crop sweater and high waist jeans paired with a pair of patent black sock booties. 

My daughter came by and we had her a little gift bag full of valentine treats. (Did I mention shes 27?) She will be back home on Friday to spend the weekend with us and I plan to make her the traditional heart shape pancakes as I have done every year. This is always a fun treat. I'll also be making heart shape brownies and muffins. Even my drinks will be served with heart shaped ice cubes.

The other day I showed off my favorite Nutrisystem "Whoopie Pie" dessert on Instagram. I decorated with a dollop of cool whip and heart shape sprinkles. It was divine!

By the way, If your on Instagram, I’d love you to follow me at LILIDI_MEO. 

The past two Valentines Days we had cold snowy weather. This year it suppose to be in the 60s. Maybe me and my Valentine will enjoy the weather and take a little Valentine power walk after dinner. Maybe we won’t [wink wink].

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?

Pink Crop Sweater- Wild Fable -Target
High Waist Jeans- YMI- Wanna Bigger Butt Jeans - Belks
Valentine Heart Top- Forever21 -Forever21
Black Patent Sock Booties - Bamboo- Charlotte Russe

Oversized Crochet Sweater

So far we have had a pretty mild Winter here in North Carolina. We had one snow fall back in December that slowed the city down for a day and that's it. Our average temperatures for January have been in the 50's. However, we have had a lot of rain. I think it has rained almost every day since August with only a few peeks of sunshine. The grounds here are saturated and cars are dirty. I’m beginning to feel like I live in a mud hole.

Though it has been rather warm around here for now, I believe Winter will finally hit us in February. Looking back, February is the month we have always had our biggest snows. I do not like being out in temperatures lower than my age. I also do not like wearing layers of clothes and I am not a fan of coats. I’d rather wear light sweaters. Speaking of sweaters, with a cold spell in mind, I’m sucking it up and decided to take a shot at making my own crochet sweater.

I limited my crocheting to only an hour a night since this project was for me and there was no rush. It was more enjoyable not having a deadline and just work on it a little each night while watching. Six skeins of yarn and a few nights later, I had made my very first sweater. Something I can actually wear. 

It was crocheted using a double crochet stitch in five sections with added crocheted ribbing to each; two front half panels, one back panel and two sleeves. 
Then sewn all together. There were times I thought I was creating a monster because it just seemed so big! I’m used to crocheting little things.

At first I thought it was too heavy and bulky, but after a regular cold wash in the washing machine and tumbled dry, It turned out soft and comfy. 
This sweater can be worn alone or as a pull over with a shirt underneath. I love the tunic length and the puffy sleeves. 

If there was anything I could go back and change (which actually I could but I’m too lazy) is to make the neck a little bigger so it would hang off the shoulders. This sweater will be perfect for the cold weather that could possibly arrive next month. 

There is no printed pattern for this sweater. I actually found a video tutorial online and wrote the instructions down. If you would like to make this sweater, you can find the tutorial video HERE

Yarn- Acrylic
Color- Silver Mist
Brand- I love this Yarn
Mug- Gift from Nutrisystem
Nail Color- Strawberry Latte (gel)