Solar Eclipse

Today you will be seeing a total eclipse unless you are near the East coast. We will only see about 90% I think. This is a big deal for some people. I know people that are traveling to Indiana to get the best view of this celestial event. I will step away from my office and walk outside for a few minutes to witness the event.

The next time we will have a solar eclipse will be year 2044, so it’s possible I will see another one. Many people will not. 

People ask “Why is this such a big deal?”. I think it’s because this is one natural event that we can actually see. If you want to see it, make sure you have special glasses so that you do not ruin your eyes. 

Me and Nick are ready with our glasses. We had to try them out yesterday. You can not see a thing out of them except the sun. It’s actually weird how small the sun is when you look through these things. But anything created by God is amazing and today he will give us a little show.


  1. We had glasses that the library handed out to see the eclipse. Luckily we had a sunny day for it.
    Really cool to see.
    I probably won't be around in 2044 - I will be 93. Maybe I'll be watching it from the other side. :)

  2. We only had about a 20% eclipse where I live, so not much to see. A close friend of mine drove half way across the country to be in the path of totality!