Yip Yip

 I took a break from the big crocheting project I have been working on for church and decided to crochet something funny. 

How many of you grew up watching Sesame Street?

I do not remember watching sesame street when I was young. I was more of a Captain Kangaroo and muppets kid. I’m not sure why mom never turned the channel to Sesame Street. Maybe it was because we couldn’t get that channel. I don’t know.

I was a little older when I watched Sesame Street though I always knew who Big Bird, Ernie and Cookie Monster was. Then there were these little martians called “Yip Yip’s” they were another Sesame Street favorite. They were usually in a pair and would get started saying “yip yip” and couldn’t stop. 

I thought they were funny so I decided to crochet one to see if I could. 

The result was good. It made me laugh. I had a little fun with it then I took some photos and gave the yip yip to my sister. It can be used to hold a small plant or little trinkets. 

What shows did you watch as a child? 
What was one your favorite characters?


  1. Just passing....! :O).
    Yep! Back in 1982 l became a single parent, raised my daughter
    on my own for fourteen years...
    We started off with Sesame Street...never missed an episode...
    Then Sesame St. became the Muppets...Then the Muppet Babies...
    Animal was 'always' our favourite..and still is...! :O)
    And Wow! That became the number one show in our home...
    My most favourite item, was when Animal took on Buddy Rich in a
    drumming contest...not to be missed, well worth a Google....! :).

  2. How funny! I grew up on all these shows. Sesame Street, Captain Kangaroo, and the Muppets. Great time to be a kid!

  3. I was around before the /TV, but four boys loved A LL of them.
    YOU always make me smile with your ingenuity. Love it.
    Take care, we will head back to NC in a few days so I can see the drs again.

    Love ya Hugs to Brother Nick

  4. Cute. I was already grown when Sesame Street was on but my kids watched it.

  5. Oh how adorable!! I love the Yip Yip and remember them well! I grew up on Sesame Street, too! Very nice work!

  6. I loved Sesame Street and that yip yip is PERFECT! I love it