LiuYX Cervical Pillow

A couple years ago I was in agonizing upper back pain and made a visit to the doctor. I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve and muscle spasms. Those finally subsided but the back pains continue off and on. I made a visit to my Chiropractor last year. He did an x-ray on my back and told me I do not have the normal cervical spine I am suppose to. This resulted in me having a compressed C6 disk and a lot of discomfort.

After several visits to the chiropractor with no positive outcomes, I gave up. My back pains are off and on but always in the upper cervical spine and neck area. I have suffered for years now and have just learned to deal with it. I will relax and change my positions until I'm comfortable. I blame it a lot on the fact I work in front of a computer all day and do a lot of crocheting on my free time.

I was so excited when I received this LiuYX Cervical Pillow. I can finally get the relief I need and hope it adds comfort to the pains I suffer.

The LiuYX cervical back pillow is designed to cradle and support the neck and allow shoulders to relax. It has massage traction for pain relief and cervical spine alignment. It gently suspends your head and neck for a relaxing sensation as your head gently floats on the unique cradling design. The memory sponge padding is not only soft but also allows air to flow keeping your head cool and eliminates sweat.

The LiuYX Cervical Pillow is easy to use. I simply placed it on the back of head and positioned it until I was comfortable. Then I slowly leaned my head back and relaxed. I quickly felt relief.

I thought it was very comfortable and relieved some tension in my neck and spine in as little as five minutes. This pillow can be used while sitting or laying down. All you need is a surface to lean back on. However, it is not to be used while driving or sleeping.

Unlike most other cervical pillows, this one is small and discrete. The area you place your head in is about the size of two cupped hands. I love that this special pillow is small enough to throw in a tote and take with me to work or long car rides where sitting a long time can bring on more stress to my back. It is recommended to use 2 or 3 times a day for 15 to 20 minute at a time. Not only have I used it while watching TV or stretching out after a workout, but It actually worked perfect in the tanning bed too. 

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This product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 
All opinions are 100% my own.

Caution:This product is not a medical device and is not used to cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

Oui Pot Crochet Hangers

Often you will find me sitting in the center of the living room organizing my yarn basket. While most crochet addicts have a whole closet of yarn, I just have a little square storage cube type basket. It works perfect to hold the yarns I need and fits perfectly beside me chair.

I do not stock up on yarn. I buy as I go. It gives me an excuse to visit Hobby Lobby. Most of you can relate. However, I do wind up with a lot of smalls balls of yarn that are not big enough to make a full project. I will normally roll into what I call my scrap ball and will eventually use it to make a crazy multi colored scrap blanket.

I keep my acrylic yarn and cotton yarn separated. Cotton is my favorite fiber to crochet with. I like to keep scraps of cotton yarn to make small things like baby teethers, face wipes or coasters but I found something new to make with my scrap pieces.

Oui Pot Crochet Hangers

I am obsessed in these cute little crochet hangers. I'm thinking of adding some to my Etsy shop. They are just so darn cute. Can you imagine some cute little succulents in them? Oh my!

I have several Oui yogurt glass jars. Oui is a French yogurt by Yoplait and is delicious. You can find them at most grocery stores in the yogurt section and are usually only a dollar each and have several flavors to choose from. I always keep a few of these empty glass pots in the cabinet because they make great candle holders, and plant starters. You can actually purchase special lids from the Oui website if you want to use them to store things. They also have some other crafty ideas you can use these little pots for.

These crochet hangers are quick and easy. The original pattern can be found HERE.

Coffee Shop with Goose Creek Candle

One of my favorite things is the scent of fresh coffee brewing in the mornings. There is just something about the warm aroma of coffee beans filling the air while I sip from a warm mug.

I was excited to receive a new candle. Now I can enjoy the fragrance of coffee anytime of the day with this “Coffee Shop” dual wick large candle from Goose Creek Candles

Goose Creek Candles are high in fragrance with a clean burn. I never have to worry about breathing harmful chemicals in the air and each candle is lead free. Clean burn also means the candle glass will not turn black and there is no residue to worry about getting on walls and ceilings. 

In a  matter of minutes, my room was smelling like a coffee shop. I could smell the combination of Coffee beans, warm mocha and Hazel nut. The burn time on these large candles are approximately 150 hours and never lose their scent like most other candles. This means the last hour of burning will be as fresh as the first hour. 

You can also shop Goose Creek Candles with pride as they are all made right here in the USA. 

Shop now for your favorite scent. They have some great sales going on with prices you can afford. 
They have a fragrance for every occasion and mood. Just let me warn you, It may take a while to make a decision.


This large jar candle was provided to me free of charge 
in exchange for my honest review. 
All opinions are 100% my own.

Easter Outfit

Happy Easter!

I am up early this morning. My daughter is home and we are heading to church to attend a sunrise service on the church lawn followed by a big country breakfast. We always look forward to this each year. Afterwards, we will come home and open Easter baskets. Yes the Easter bunny still visits us.
Then we will put on our new Easter outfits and head back out to church for our regular Sunday service.

Easter marks the resurrection day of Jesus.
New beginnings.
Seen with the season of Spring, new life on the trees and flowers blooming.
It's a beautiful time of year. It's one of my favorite Holidays.

People ask why folks make a big deal over a new "Easter Outfit"? Other than an excuse to have something new, It represents "new beginnings or new day". ok....Yes it's an excuse to buy a new outfit. It's worked for me for years. ha.

But who says Easter outfits have to be pastels and floral?
This year I opt for this natural colored jumper with tie front and wide legs.

I purchased this jumper at TJmaxx at a fraction of the price.
It was one of the first pieces I picked up and I was satisfied. I did not have to spend all day shopping for something that fits.

However, shoes were another story. I added a pair of brown leather wedges to the look, but I'm not 100 percent on board with these wedges. After getting them home, I realized they look a little heavy for the outfit.
I could take them back but they are just too darn comfortable and will go great with shorts or jeans during the summer.

It is going to be fun accessorizing this jumper with different colors and styles throughout the summer.

Later today we will meet up with family for dinner before calling it a day then back to work on Monday as I do not get any days off for Easter.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. It's the only day that is safe to put all of your eggs in one basket.

Linen Jumper: TJmaxx
Maurices Emma Wedges: Maurices

Husband Appreciation Day

Today is Husband Appreciation Day. I'm glad there is a day set aside for husbands.

I am not talking about those terrible abusive husbands. I have been there and if you have one of those, get out while you can. Seriously.

In today's world, I do not think husbands are getting enough appreciation. Husbands are more disrespected than ever. I see a lot of wives take for granted what the husbands do as if "that's what they are suppose to do". You see it in public. You see it on the news and you can see it in every sitcom on TV. The women seem to make all the rules and drag the husband roles to pity. They make husbands look dumb and try to glamorize women that are bossy and demanding. Women's heads are getting filled with the idea they do not even need a man anymore. When did this start happening? I don't know what I would do without mine.

If you have a husband that loves the Lord, helps make a home and makes sure you (and your children) have a roof over your head and food on the table, he needs to be appreciated. If he is unable to do any of those things yet is faithful to you and loves you, he needs to be appreciated. NEVER insult your husband or disrespect him, especially around the children or in public.

I grew up believing the man is meant to lead the home. Head of the household. Now I know that jobs, chores, money and time now days take both husband and wife equally, so call me old fashioned, but I think the man is the superior. Husbands also should respect their wives, I know that, but today is about husband appreciation.

“The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her.” 
Proverbs 31:11

I appreciate my Husband so much. He is always there for me. He takes care of me. I trust him. He is smart and knows a lot more than I do. I still get butterflies when I look into his eyes. I love going to bed with him each night and waking up to him each morning.
He lets me make my own decisions and is always there to back me. He is always there supporting me while I do my silly little things and try new ideas. Except for painting the kitchen. He will not let me do that but that's ok. I respect his decision. I am not one of those women who say "I don't care if you like it or not, I'm doing it anyway". Any big decisions are discussed and only played out if we both agree.

My husband makes sure I have things I want and always the things I need. He will have my lunch and snacks packed each day, makes my coffee each morning and makes sure my car is running before I head off to work. He watches as I pull away and is happy to see me when I get home. Sometimes he will walk around my car to make sure I didn't hit any nails in the road and reminds me when its time for an oil change. He worries about my safety and makes sure I am always protected weather it's with security when hes with me, or how my car is functioning when I'm out driving . He takes care of me and my daughter.

Are you married? If so, here are a few things to show your husband how much you appreciate him.
  • Forget about what's made you mad and find good things about your husband.
  • Never put him down to your friends or family. 
  • Look at him in the eyes when he talks. 
  • Listen to him.
  • Compliment him.
  • Do not interrupt him when he is talking.
  • Let him know how much you love him.
  • Tell him how thankful you are to have him.
  • Thank him for loving you.
  • Always give hugs and kisses.
  • Pray with him.
  • and Pray for him.  
Today and always, I hope you let your husband know how much he is appreciated. Make him feel good and feel important. A man needs to know you look up to him. If you do this, you may even find him doing the dishes or laundry later.

“The head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. 
1 Corinthians 11:3

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Loofah Garden

I mentioned earlier in the year that I was wanting to start a loofah garden. 

A loofah is a natural sponge grown on a vine. They have the shape of a cucumber but are in the gourd family and grow really large. In order to grow these things, it requires a trellis for them to climb. In the Fall they will dry out and then you peel the skin to find a nice natural sponge inside. I'm pretty excited.

I ordered some seeds from a garden in the mountains of North Carolina. I had read where it takes a while for the seeds to sprout. I started them in February and they sprouted in just two weeks!

Afraid they would die before I could plant them, I started some more seeds in March. They have already started climbing the windows and are begging to be planted. I can hardly wait to get them outside.

I came home from work the other day and my sweet husband had built me a frame and trellis. He did a really good job. The next day he had me some fresh dirt. After our afternoon walk, I could not wait any longer so we put on our garden gloves, poured the dirt and planted the tiny plants. Now my loofahs are ready to grow. 

I contacted the nursery where I purchased the seeds and she said one plant will get big and will produce lots of loofahs. She said each plant will give me 10 to 12 loofahs, so only 3 or 4 plants is all I need. I hope this works. I have never had any luck growing things. I’m actually thinking about taking up two of them. I am just waiting to see if they thrive without being eaten by squirrels, bunnies and birds. 

I added some string to train them to grow up the trellis. They started grabbing hold within 15 minutes of planting them. 
Now we wait. I hope they do not get shocked from being transplanted outside.

Loofah plants will produce large yellow flowers before the loofah gourd begins. These flowers will attract lots of bumble bees, butterflies and humming birds. The plants will need them for pollination.
I will keep you updated on the progress. This is going to be fun.

Air Fryer Veggies

I'm a little behind on my blogging. I have been pretty busy though. Every afternoon it seems there is something to do. We go for our walk if it’s not raining. I have been filling some crochet orders. This means trips to Hobby Lobby. I love going there so when someone asks me to crochet something for them in a color I do not have, I’m like “yes!” I need to go to Hobby Lobby. Then I'm in there for 30 minutes just to pick up a roll a yarn.

Now that I'm finally settled down, I want to share with you some veggie recipes that I've made in my new air fryer. I have used it every day since I got it. Everyone asks me what kind of air fryer I got. It is a 5 qt.“Gourmia digital air fryer”. It was a sweet gift from my daughters boyfriend. Yep he's a charmer.

Since I have been eating healthier, fried foods is something I have stayed away from. But now I can enjoy the taste of fried foods without actually frying them. We usually cook anything we want to be crispy on a baking sheet and place in the oven. The oven takes 10 minutes to preheat, and baking something for 20 minutes can heat a kitchen up therefore keeping the air condition running during the Summer. We usually take it to the grill at that point but sometimes that's a hassle. Now I have this cool little cooking vessel that will cook just about anything an oven or microwave will cook without using oil and in just half the time. 

Here are a few veggie sides that I have made so far. 

Zucchini Fries (rolled in pork skin).

Wash and cut zucchini. Roll in egg and milk mixture and toss in 
crushed pork skins as you would bread crumbs. 
Spray with olive oil.
Cook 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

Frozen Veggie Tots

Open bag pour into fryer. 
Cook 400 degrees for 10 minutes. Shake to toss half way through.

Chick Peas

Drain can of chick peas. Pat dry and pour into air fryer. 
Season to taste (I just added a little salt and pepper).
Cook 400 degrees for 15 minutes. 
*These turned out like crunchy nuts and made a great healthy snack. 

Frozen Broccoli

Open bag and pour into air fryer. Season to taste.
Cook 400 for 15 minutes.

2 Ingredient Bagels
(I know this is not a veggie, but too cool not to share)

Make a dough using 1/2 cup Greek yogurt and 1/2 cup Self rising flour.
Shape into bagels. Brush with egg wash.
Cook 350 for 15 minutes

I prefer fresh or frozen veggies over the breaded veggies but I really wanted to try those tots. We also did okra and sweet potato chips. 

Here are some tips to remember.
If using frozen foods there is no need to spray with oil.
If using fresh or canned you should spray with cooking spray. 

I have yet to cook any meats in the air fryer but you can actually cook a whole turkey breast or chicken in this thing!

Do you own an air fryer? If so, what are some of your favorite things to make in it?

Summer Fashion Wants

Spring is here and this gives me the itch to want new clothes. It usually starts at Easter. I keep coming across styles online and in the stores that I like. I have a Pinterest board set for “Summer Fashion”. However,  I do more “wanting” than “Buying”.

I need a new bathing suit. They are already getting picked over and I think Target had the cutest ones so far. The full piece seem to be hot this year but I’m leaning more toward the highwaist two peice. I also like the sporty look. I love this one. I’m always drawn to stripes and I like the mixed patterns. 

Have you seen all the jumpsuits that are out this year? I started seeing a lot of them last year. While most are casual dressy, I like the comfy, and cute ones. I’m loving the look of this vintage style jumpsuit. It would look great with a bandeau or tank top.

I am actually trying to find a pair of tulle socks. I have not seen anyone wearing them but I think they are just adorable. I may have to order a pair to get what I want. I think they are fun and different. Do they remind you of a lady losing her stockings? I know that’s the reaction I will have with Nick. Haha.

Let’s talk purses. I’m always looking for a fun purse to carry and I am swooning over this Aztec print clutch.


I am not 100% on board with the Kimono tops but these long sheer Kimonos are growing on me. I think they will be great for cool summer nights with jeans, shorts or over a swim suit.

Source unknown

According to my daughter, snake skin print is a growing style in the city right now. I’m glad because I am actually trying to find some wedges like these snakes skin print with brown. They are on Ebay but unfortunately they are not my size. They are also from China and I would want them by Easter, not Christmas.


Now if I could just find the closet space for the clothes and shoes I want. Ha. We have small closets and even with a small amount of clothes, it gets tight. I will just continue to window shop for now....Windows 10 that is. 

Air Fryer Pop Tarts

If you have been around me or follow me on social media, then you know I have been wanting an air fryer. We use the oven a lot to bake our veggies. During the hot months of Summer we really hate to use the oven, so this is a perfect alternative.

My daughters boyfriend met up with us last weekend for dinner. He handed me flowers and an early birthday present. Hes a sweetheart, right?
The gift was an air fryer. I was so excited and told him I could not wait to get home and play with it. I was serious. I have used it every night so far. Last night, I made these delicious Pop Tarts. 

These pop tarts are made using only two ingredience, three if you count the jelly in the center. The original recipe calls for Greek yogurt and self rising flour but I chose to use Nutrisystem’s vanilla protein shake instead. It worked up nice and the vanilla flavoring gave the dough just enough sweetness. Needless to say, they are healthier than regular pop tarts. 

Air Fryer Pop Tarts.
2 cups- self rising flour
1/2 cup - Nutrisystem Shake. ( I used the pre made shakes but you can mix the powder too).
Roll dough thin and cut into triangles.
Layer jelly between to layers and seal the edges with a fork.
Place two or three at a time in air frier.
Cook 400 degrees for 8 minutes, flipping half way through. 
(Makes about 6 at approx 140 calories each.)
Icing is optional.

They tasted great but I will warn you not expect them to taste like Kellogg's. The husband gave them a thumbs up so thats a win.

For dinner each night I have had fun cooking my veggies crispy. We normally do this in the oven but the air fryer is easier and quicker.
I call it my “easy bake oven” which I never had growing up by the way

I plan to use my air fryer for a more healthy way of cooking without oil. Since being on a diet, I rarely eat any fried foods any more. Now I can have the taste and texture of deep fried or oven fried foods with out the guilt. 

If you are looking to loose weight the right way, join Nutrisystem like me. 
This has been the only thing that has worked for me and as a result, I lost 50 lbs. and feel the best I have felt in years! 
(Results can vary. Expect to lose 1-2 lbs on Nutrysystem)

Use my link below and get 40% off! 

I found the Nutrisystem pre mixed shakes at Harris Teeter grocery store.  

Rag Bunny

I reached up into the closet and pulled down the rag bunny. It always brings back memories.

I remember the days when times were tough and money was more tight than today. I would have considered us poor. We lived in a little old house that used to belong to Nicks grandparents. He and his father did a great job remodeling the inside and we made it our first home. I actually loved that house but hated where it was. It sat on about 10 feet from the road on the corner of a busy intersection. It was not safe to play outside or even enjoy the porch out front. However, there was a lot of love and memories in that house and you could always get a whiff every now and again of his Italian grandmothers cooking through the walls.

We both worked and it took my whole paycheck to pay for daycare and insurance. The only reason I worked at the time was to have insurance. I still can’t say I would have rather been a stay at home mom. I needed an outlet, and my daughter needed to interact with other children. It all worked out. 

Every Easter, I have always created my daughter an Easter basket. When she was little I refused to go out and pay lots of money on the fluffy stuffed animals and throw away toys that we simply could not afford. One year I found a piece of scrap material to line her basket to match her new dress. With enough scrap left over I created a matching bunny. This was my first time doing anything like this but I wanted her to have a rabbit doll. 

I cut out shapes of each limb. By needle and thread, I sewed and stuffed each piece together and attached it all together. It was not perfect or pretty but she was tickled to have a bunny that mommy made. 

The rag bunny is still around. She didn’t take it with her when she moved out. I bring it out every year and add it to my Easter decorations. Sometimes it sits on the bed or in the rocker. Sometimes its added to other decor. This year its sits on my mantel. It brings back memories of her being little and how sometimes the simplest and cheapest gifts can be the best. 

On My Mind

Hope everyone is enjoying April so far and the beautiful weather it's brought with it. We saw snow on Tuesday and it was 74 degrees on Wednesday. That's what we have to deal with here this time of year.

I have loofah plants started that are itching to get out in the yard. I can not plant them until the threat of frost is gone. I had read where it takes them a while to sprout so I actually started some in February. They were 2 inches tall in 6 weeks! Afraid they will die sitting in little planter cups, I started a few more seeds the first of March. They are all doing good. I have already thinned them out to only 6 plants. The first ones I started are as high as the window and are trying every way they can to get their little twigs through the cracks. “Sorry guys but those are insulated windows”. 
I plan to get a trellis and plant them sometime in the next two weeks. 

I have a bit of bloggers block so I have been slow at writing any new post lately. I think its because I actually have a lot on my mind right now. I get overwhelmed really easy. I’m trying to learn not too.

We had two friends loose their wives last week. One lost her battle to cancer and one lost her battle with dementia. Both only in their 60’s and both very sweet ladies. I did not know the ladies as much as I knew their husbands as they were more friends of my Husband. Any friend of his is a friend of mine. 

I have written a crochet pattern I am anxious to try. It’s for wash clothes. If they turn out as I expect, they will not be ordinary and quiet funny. I can't wait to see and share the results. 

Then here comes the overwhelming part, It's been on my mind all week on top of other things.
I have a video interview with Nutrisystem this afternoon. It’s to answer a few questions and share my weight loss story. I do not know what it is about me, I can talk to a stranger like I have known them forever. I can act a part if I am told what to say, and I can pose for a photo, but if you put me in front of a camera to speak my own words, I freeze up. I am not a good speaker. I draw a blank. You can put a camera in my face and ask me where I live and I'd forget what to say. Seriously! Then I see others doing so well with speaking from their minds in front of a camera and I get intimidated. I beat myself up over these things. I need to just chill and go with the flow. I think that I "over think" and that's where I mess up.

I have a phobia of public speaking.
I need to just breathe in and breathe out, relax and go for it.
I love sharing my success with everyone and I think the more I do this, the better I will get at it.
Wish me luck..My daddy says I'm just as good as the rest of them. 

DIY Wine Glass Charms

My daughter received a gift from a friend to host a wine tasting. She can invite up to ten guest. She only has to supply her home counter space, glasses and a few pick ups. Her boyfriend has a nice home and has allowed her to use his place for the wine tasting event.

I was invited but I will not be attending. I will leave it to her and her group of gals. Though I feel like I'm in my 20's, when I get around girls in their 20's, I feel I'm in my 40's again.

For the wine tasting, she will have some lite pick ups for snacking. She can sit back an enjoy the rest of the party as the wine demonstrator will be doing all the work.

She was looking for some wine markers for the wine glasses. These can be a little costly when you need to buy more than a couple. They usually will come in gift packs of four and can be as much as $10.00 a pack. I put on my thinking cap and came up with a simple and cheap solution. Wine tassels.

She liked the idea as most of her friends like the look of little trendy tassels on things they purchase.

I can hardly call this a DIY project as all I did was add a charm on an earring hoop.

Yes, that's all. I went to the local craft store and found a pack of earring hoops for 2.99. I was going to make the actual tassels but since I was running out of time, I decided to purchase some from a crafter on Etsy. I got twelve different colors for less than 8.00.

I chose more regal colors instead of the pops of bright circus colors.
We liked how they turned out and each person will have a choice of their own color as no two colors are the same.

I put this project together in less than ten minutes but now looking at them, It's driving me crazy that the ring hoop and the tassel loops are two different metals. Maybe no one will notice. ya think?

You can use the same technique and add other types of charms or beads to the earring hoops.