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LiuYX Cervical Pillow

A couple years ago I was in agonizing upper back pain and made a visit to the doctor. I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve and muscle spasms. Those finally subsided but the back pains continue off and on. I made a visit to my Chiropractor last year. He did an x-ray on my back and told me I do not have the normal cervical spine I am suppose to. This resulted in me having a compressed C6 disk and a lot of discomfort.

After several visits to the chiropractor with no positive outcomes, I gave up. My back pains are off and on but always in the upper cervical spine and neck area. I have suffered for years now and have just learned to deal with it. I will relax and change my positions until I'm comfortable. I blame it a lot on the fact I work in front of a computer all day and do a lot of crocheting on my free time.

I was so excited when I received this LiuYX Cervical Pillow. I can finally get the relief I need and hope it adds comfort to the pains I suffer.

The LiuYX cervical back pillow is designed to cradle and support the neck and allow shoulders to relax. It has massage traction for pain relief and cervical spine alignment. It gently suspends your head and neck for a relaxing sensation as your head gently floats on the unique cradling design. The memory sponge padding is not only soft but also allows air to flow keeping your head cool and eliminates sweat.

The LiuYX Cervical Pillow is easy to use. I simply placed it on the back of head and positioned it until I was comfortable. Then I slowly leaned my head back and relaxed. I quickly felt relief.

I thought it was very comfortable and relieved some tension in my neck and spine in as little as five minutes. This pillow can be used while sitting or laying down. All you need is a surface to lean back on. However, it is not to be used while driving or sleeping.

Unlike most other cervical pillows, this one is small and discrete. The area you place your head in is about the size of two cupped hands. I love that this special pillow is small enough to throw in a tote and take with me to work or long car rides where sitting a long time can bring on more stress to my back. It is recommended to use 2 or 3 times a day for 15 to 20 minute at a time. Not only have I used it while watching TV or stretching out after a workout, but It actually worked perfect in the tanning bed too. 

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This product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 
All opinions are 100% my own.

Caution:This product is not a medical device and is not used to cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

Crochet Chapstick Cozy

I took a break from big crochet projects to do some small things. I have been busy Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts and tidying up the house for Christmas.

Speaking of wrapping gifts, every year I wrap up some little gifts for the girls.
“The girls” are my daughters friends. One is her roommate and one is her best friend from college. The three are inseparable. Every year they pick a night during Christmas to set out a little tree , pull out the Christmas movies and bake cookies. I make sure they have some little gifts under their tree to have fun opening. They are addressed "from Santa". 

This year I got each one of them a planner, some beauty accessories then added a chapstick to top it off. My daughter is always looking for her lost chapstick, so an idea hit me. I decide to crochet each of their chapsticks a little chapstick cozy (aka holder). 

I told Nick my plan and he gave me a funny look. “You just watch me” I said as I flipped open my iPad and searched for a pattern.

Bingo! I found several different patterns, so I had to decide which worked best for me.
After fiddling around with my yarn and crochet needle, three tiny chapstick cozies were born. 

I showed them to Nick and he was surprised. He thought they were rather cool.
I finished the cozies off by adding a key ring to the top and packed them neatly with each gift. 

My daughter texted me once they opened their gifts. They giggled and thought the crochet cozies were the best. 

It was just a little something fun to add to the mix. Now maybe my daughter can keep up with her chapstick and leave mine alone. 

Crochet Chapstick Cozy (free) pattern can be found HERE.

TBB Ask- How Do you Cozy?

What do you mean its already September? Where did summer go? It's Time for bonfires, football and pumpkin spice. It's also time to pull out the cozy things stored in your closet and enjoy a cool night on the porch. This lead me to join in on this months TBB ask. 

The first Monday of each month, the ladies of "The Blended Blog" host a linkup with fun themed questions and answers to write about and share. Enjoy.

Septembers TBB Ask- How Do You Cozy? 

Q. Slippers: Yes or No?
A. Sometimes, but id rather wear my soft and fluffy no skid socks. I like to put my feet under me as I cuddle up for a movie.

Q. What is your Favorite Blanket?
A. I have a small lightweight reversible down throw my mom got me a few years ago. It heats up fast with my body temperature. It's the perfect size for one. I call it "my sleep blanket" because it never fails, every time I toss it over me, I fall asleep.  

Q. Thin or Thick Pillow? 
A. Thin. I could actually sleep without a pillow. I do not like a thick pillow that my face will bury into. I do not like anything on or around my face while I sleep. 

Q. Favorite Warm Beverage?
A. Coffee in the morning but at night, there is nothing like getting cozy with a cup of warm chocolate. 

Q. Robe: Yes or No?
A. No. The name "house coat" fits the title better. I hate to wear any kind of coat

Q. Favorite Comfort Snack Food(s)?
A. I love to snack on a bowl of popcorn with lots of butter.

Q. Movies or TV Series Binge?
A. Me and my husband have our favorite TV series. We never really watch movies but when I want to relax and get cozy, I put him in what he calls "Hallmark hell". 

Q. Actual PJs or Leggings?
A. PJ bottoms with a t-shirt is my favorite outfit. I like to look halfway decent in case someone comes to the door. 

Q. Do you Cozy up on the Couch or Chair?
A. I have my own recliner. It has heated seats and a message button. Can't get any better than that right?

Exact recliner I have can be found Here

Q. Hoodie, Tshirt or Sweater?
A. A t-shirt is my pick to wear inside. If I go out, I like an over-sized sweater made of cotton and no collar. Has to be cotton. Maybe a hoodie at a ballgame but I hate how the hoods pull the shirt close to my neck. Eek!

What is your favorite way to "cozy"?