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When you Lose a Blogger Friend

I get on my blog every day to catch up on new post from other bloggers.
The blogging world is pretty cool as I have made a lot of special friends through blogging. Some of the bloggers I follow, I feel very close to.

Bloggers express a lot about themselves. They will write about their jobs, family, and hobbies. They will talk about trips they have taken, foods they have eaten and share photos of what their eyes focus on in a particular hour. 
We watch as their families grow and what new adventures they take.
You know what they did yesterday, today and sometimes tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes for some. 

One of the dear bloggers that I follow wrote his last post on Wednesday the 15th. He mentioned being under the weather but still took his dog Hook for a walk and shared a glimpse of Hook through a photo. 
Then some time between that post and my morning coffee, he passed away. 

When you lose a blogger friend it leaves a little empty feeling in your day. Your left with lots of questions as they can no longer write telling you whats going on in their life. They just, go. You will never hear from them again (unless they have scheduled post). 

I will remember him as a great writer, singer and songwriter. I own one of his books and enjoyed reading it as I sat one day on the beach.
He adored his wife and mentioned her in almost every single post. They were adorable together and I loved hearing about their singing gigs, fun with the kids, walks, tea time and chicken coops. 
I also was intrigued by the stories of his bee hives and look forward to the education he shared as a new bee keeper.

will be missed my many.
Though we never met, the friendship was still there.
Please keep his wife and family in your prayers. 

Great Day For A Bike Ride

I own an old vintage bike. It happened one morning when my late father in law was having a yard sale and I saw the little charm sitting in his yard. I simply said, “I want that bike!” Without a flinch, he replied “It’s yours now, take it”. With a big smile on my face, I jumped on and rode off into the sunrise. 

It has been in storage along with two other vintage bikes my husband refinished for him and my daughter. While he made two old rusted beach cruisers look brand new again, I decided that I did not want anything done to mine. I liked the original blue color and the patina look. However, I did add a new set of white wall tires and a basket. I also added some of my talent and crocheted a cute little granny square seat cover to hide the dingy white seat. 
I fell in love with it all over again. 

It has been almost ten years since I rode my bike. Nick just never felt like digging it out from the storage building and I never had a desire to ride it after my daughter moved out on her own. 
BUT, the other day I noticed my neighbor friend had an old vintage cruiser bike too and was riding it up and down the road. This made me want to dust the cob webs off of mine. Nick agreed to get my bike out and made sure the brakes were still good and oiled the chain. Then he put a little air in the tires and I rode up the road to meet her.

We had a good time riding around the neighborhood while we caught up on all our stories. We rode for about an hour talking and giggling. For a little while we were back to being seven year olds again without a worry in the world. We enjoyed it so much that we have made plans to meet once a week for a ride together. 

I had forgotten how fun riding a bike can be and also just how sore you can make your muscles afterwards. It has been a great workout for me as I try to ride a couple times a week now. There is nothing like putting music in your ears and letting the breeze blow your hair. 

Birthday Girl

Today my Daughter turned 28 years old. Oh my! Just how did this happen? Feels like just yesterday when I was carrying home a 7 lbs bundle of joy dressed in blue lace and ribbons.

We are very proud of how she has matured into a beautiful and smart lady.
She has always been a good child. We have had our yelling spats and made each other cry but all and all she was an easy one to raise. I always wanted a little boy but I'm glad God chose me to have a little girl instead. She is a lot like me and we are best friends. She has never been that teenager that didn't want to be around her mom and dad. At times she would rather sit around the table with us for dinner or go shopping rather than go out with her friends. She went on every vacation with us until just a couple years ago. But she still somehow shows up and that's ok.

© Lifeawayfromtheofficechair2019. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.

She always made good grades, went to church and finished college. Shes a country girl living on her own in the city as a successful business woman. She still drives the little car her dad got for her and made her pay it off. She is proud of that and so are we. She seems to be conservative like us. She doesn't spend her money on expensive things but she does spend a lot on her hair and shoes. But hey, that's just a girl thing. 

© Lifeawayfromtheofficechair2019. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.

So later today, we will be meeting up with friends and family for dinner. She picked a place in Belmont called Nellie's. The Jonas Brothers started this place with the inspiration of their grandmother. I heard they have some good Southern Cooking. We have never been there but I'm sure we will all enjoy it especially if there is cake.

Happy Mail from Cali

My sweet friend Annette is a maker of crafty stuff. She is also another Nutrisystem Ambassador. How cool is that? I love how we can follow and support each other on our weight loss journey and be able to share craft ideas at the same time. You can find her on Instagram under the name "Mexicanstew". Her names comes from her being Mexican and married to a Stewart.
Is that not the cutest thing?
I was thinking, If I created a name like hers it would come out something like "Americandime"

Well, I got my first Happy Mail the other day. When I came in from work there was a package for me sitting on the counter. My husband smiles and says "your popular today". It was from Mexicanstew. I tore into it not knowing what I was going to find, but I knew it was going to be good.

Inside was the most adorable little hand made greeting cards. Now, she had no idea I loved greeting cards, but I do. Especially the ones that are blank inside. I hate shopping for cards in the store and you can't beat a pretty handmade card with a personal hand written note inside.

There was also one of her handmade lotion bars. I will keep this one in my purse. It's good for dry skin and even safe enough to use on your lips. I love lemon smells and it just so happens to be the fragrance of Lemon Grass.

To top it off, she included one of her little draw string bags shes makes.
I have been all over the house thinking of what I can use it for. I will be heading out of town this weekend and will be taking it with me. It could be used for a makeup or a jewelry bag. But I plan to either use it to pack my lingerie in my suitcase or carry a small crochet project in it. decisions, decisions.

You can find items like these in her Etsy shop but you may have to wait until she gets it stocked back up and running.

Handmade With Love From Texas

I have always wanted to make my own soaps. I just never understood the whole concept of buying soap to make soap. I got to thinking about it and thought, “I guess it is the same as buying wax to make candles”.

Every time I go to small shops where handmade soaps are made, I am always drawn over to the rack to admire them and take a sniff. However, I have never purchased any bars of homemade soaps. Never have I even tried a bar of it. I always use liquid soap at home.  

My blogging friend Benita made some goat milk based soap and I was excited when I receive a few of them from her in the mail the other day to try. I immediately opened one to try it out. I was impressed! I loved the smell and silky feel of these little soaps. The light fragrance of honey almond smelled clean and fresh. 

I'm sold! So far I used the soap on my hands and face and love the feeling it gave my skin. I plan to use it in the shower next for an all over feel.
I was amazed at how creamy it felt without making my skin feel oily but yet made it feel hydrated and soft. I accidentally got a little in my eyes and it did not even irritate them like most soaps will.

Would you just look at that lather!

Making soap could be fun as I have read about so many different fragrances and ingredients you can use. Benita has given me the inspiration to try making my own. I’m still not sure I could pull it off as good as hers are. I am doing a loofah garden this year and the loofah sponges will be ready to harvest in the Fall. I think this would make a great combination to homemade soap projects. 

Head over to Benita's blog ,Chasing Quaintness and check it out. She is so talented and her post are fun and interesting. 
She also host link parties you can join in or just look around. 

PS: I think she should really sell these soaps!!

New Blogger Shout Out

Hope everyone had a Happy New Years Day. I had a great day with a house full of family. Everyone came over for the traditional New Years Dinner. We fixed pork roast, collard greens, black eye peas, potatoes, macaroni and cheese and rolls. It was a great feast and I am still stuffed. I am ready to dive into the year with new goals. 

Speaking of new, there is a new blogger in town. Well, she is way out of town for me but we are all in the same blogging world, right? Get ready for some positive words and motivation! 

Meet Michelle. 

I had the privilege to spend a few day with her during my last Nutrisystem Photo/Commercial shoot in Orlando Florida. You can see her in several of the Nutrisystem Commercials and is cute as a button. When I met Michelle it was like we already knew each other. It is like that with all of the girls and guys I met during these shoots as they are all so nice and we all have something in common. I call her one of my NutriSisters.

Michelle is always smiling her big signature smile and is as fun as she looks. She is also great at promoting and works hard for the things she is passionate about. Though she is new to the blogging world, her first post already proves her writing talent. I’ll stop here and let you read more about her and see for yourself. Just head over to “Life On The Bright Side” and show her blog some love.

Good Luck Michelle!

Christmas Goodies

This is the only time of year I will spend hours in the kitchen baking cookies, cakes, candy and fudge.

This is the first year I have made sugar cookies. For some reason I have always felt it was a hard task. (or maybe I thought I might like it). I have put it off long enough. I usually always make pecan butter cookies or Biscotti. Not this year. I tried all new recipes that I have never attempted.

Sorry no photo of the sugar cookies yet because technically it’s only 8:00 in the morning and I haven't made them yet. I wanted to get my post out before I start with all of my Christmas Eve festivities. 

I made a batch of Italian Canestrelli cookies. They turned out delicious! The slight taste of lemon and powder sugar, set these cookies away from the typical butter cookie.
Since I have an Italian husband, It's always fun to throw in a special Italian recipe in the mix.

I'll never be able to compete with my mom or the little Italian grandmother that once held this green handled rolling pin. But its always fun to take a shot at it.

I have been wanting to try out my extra large muffin pan so I made a dozen apple muffins. I did not have any large muffin cup liners so I made my own using parchment paper. They looked like they were right out of the bakery. Dontcha think? I ended up eating one and giving the rest away. I may make some more of these later. My dad has requested some. I can't say no to daddy.

I also made some shortbread cookies. These were the easiest ever! With just three ingredients they turned out great. Perfect with morning coffee. 
Did I say "only three ingredients"?

Then there was the Fudge. I have an easy fudge recipe, but when I saw the award winning peanut butter fudge recipe over at Andrea's blog, I had to give that one a try. I love peanut butter fudge and when she mentioned it could be made in the microwave, I was sold! Mine did not turn out as pretty as hers but it was still delicious! Thanks Andrea.

Today we will make a trip to a few neighbors and hand out boxes of homemade goodies. Later we will head over to mom and dads for some family time with dinner pickups and gifts for the kids. 

Before I close, I want to show you this darling Christmas ball that my favorite friend made me. The movie “Die Hard” is one of my favorite Christmas movies....Ok not really, but it is the most exciting Christmas movie....Ok maybe technically I should call it a Holiday Movie....
Anyway, she made me a Christmas ball that represents one of the main phrases in the movie. You have to see the movie to understand. 

I love it. Thank you Anne!!!

Yall please remember the true meaning of Christmas. 
Jesus is the best gift of all.


Fine Dinning

Where I come from, fancy eating is dinner around the dinning room table instead of the kitchen table using cloth napkins instead of paper.

As a Christmas present from my daughters boyfriend. He insisted on taking us out of our comfort zone and into a fancy swanky restaurant in uptown.
We did not know where he was taking us but we trusted him and agreed to go. 

We met at his house and he drove us uptown where the buildings were tall and the town was full of lights and action.
This is the first time Nick had ever let anyone drive him. He never lets me drive him anywhere and if we go anywhere with a group, he will drive his own car. So this was a pretty big shock to me and my daughter. 

Upon arriving at the restaurant we were met with a valet driver at the front door of none other than Ruth Chris Steakhouse. I have always heard about this place, but knew I’d never go unless taken there by surprise. Ha.

Our table was waiting and we sat down to dinner. After the price shock from the menu, I ordered my meal. I chose the Salmon, while everyone else had steak or chicken. We snacked on calamari while we waited. I almost forgot where I was as I reached in using my fingers. Nick tapped my hand and pointed at one of the two forks. 

Sides were ordered separately so we ordered four to share. I also enjoyed a glass of wine and It was not the cheap stuff.
I leaned over to my daughter and asked “are you not concerned about where your car is or who has it?” She responded with “well yea, I’ve never used valet parking before”. 

The wait staff worked hard to make every ones dining a pleasurable one. They kept our glasses filled and clean silverware by the plates. If we put our fork down, they immediately would replace it with a clean one and wiped any crumbs off the table ( I was seriously waiting on a back rub). 

The food was delicious. I think that is the best fish I ever had and Nicks steak was so tender you could cut it with a fork. We finished the meal off with a couple desserts. They said they were sharable in size. (Maybe for an elf). 

After dinner the car was waiting for us at the door, unharmed. 
This was definitely a nice treat and something different for us. We are very thankful and blessed to have such a good boyfriend in the family. 
You may be laughing at my excitement of fine dinning but in my town, we usually will eat a meal for two under twenty bucks. 

Crochet Chapstick Cozy

I took a break from big crochet projects to do some small things. I have been busy Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts and tidying up the house for Christmas.

Speaking of wrapping gifts, every year I wrap up some little gifts for the girls.
“The girls” are my daughters friends. One is her roommate and one is her best friend from college. The three are inseparable. Every year they pick a night during Christmas to set out a little tree , pull out the Christmas movies and bake cookies. I make sure they have some little gifts under their tree to have fun opening. They are addressed "from Santa". 

This year I got each one of them a planner, some beauty accessories then added a chapstick to top it off. My daughter is always looking for her lost chapstick, so an idea hit me. I decide to crochet each of their chapsticks a little chapstick cozy (aka holder). 

I told Nick my plan and he gave me a funny look. “You just watch me” I said as I flipped open my iPad and searched for a pattern.

Bingo! I found several different patterns, so I had to decide which worked best for me.
After fiddling around with my yarn and crochet needle, three tiny chapstick cozies were born. 

I showed them to Nick and he was surprised. He thought they were rather cool.
I finished the cozies off by adding a key ring to the top and packed them neatly with each gift. 

My daughter texted me once they opened their gifts. They giggled and thought the crochet cozies were the best. 

It was just a little something fun to add to the mix. Now maybe my daughter can keep up with her chapstick and leave mine alone. 

Crochet Chapstick Cozy (free) pattern can be found HERE.

My First 5K Run

Saturday I got up bright and early. Earlier than I would on any work day. The sky was dark and the rain was falling. This would be the day I do my first 5K run that I didn’t prepare for.

My fitbit alarm sent me a gentle vibration on my wrist at 5:45am. I was up like Christmas morning. I put on my running clothes and shoes and headed to the kitchen for a banana and peanut butter. I skipped the coffee. Well, I did have a sip but not my normal cup. I didn’t want to have to fight a full bladder.

Nick surprised me by getting up too. “Well, I am going to take you. You didnt think I was gonna let you run 3 miles without being there incase something happend, did you?”  I was so happy and felt at ease because frankly, I wasnt sure of myself either. I had come close to chickening out several times. 

Once we were there, the rain was at a mist. I met up with my friend and we headed to the starting line. We told each other not to wait on each other and do the race at our own pace. “On your mark-Get set-Go! And we were off. 

Mile one- I think I started to fast and I'm already out of breath. There are still many runners around me. I just got passed by a mom pushing a baby stroller. I walked a little to catch my breath before we started down a hill into town. I got enough air to start running again. My friend has already run ahead of me so I stuck in my second earphone so I could zone out with my music playlist.

Mile two- The runners are thinning out more as they are all probably at the finish line already way ahead of me. I continue to walk some and run some. 
I have to catch up to that really old man ahead of me. Im pretty sure he’s in his 90’s. I need to ask him what kind of vitamins he takes or what he had for breakfast! It never happened. Somewhere between me fixing my wedgie and smiling at a camera man, he disappeared.

Mile three- There is no one ahead of me and no one behind me. 

The struggle was getting real.  At this point, I’m wondering,“what in the heck was I thinking?” I am now feeling the sting of a blister forming on my heel. “Am I last?” I was beginning to doubt myself again. I wasn’t sure I was gonna make it. 
Suddenly in the distance I could see the building where I started. This gave me hope. I kept on mostly running with walking breaks every now and again. 

(Yes, I had to snap a photo of my view. I mean, you have to know that if a blogger goes running three miles, they have to take a photo. I didn’t stop so it was all good since I skipped stopping at the water table).

I see the finish line- This was like the gates of heaven opening up and letting me in. I saw my husband and the friend that left me behind. I started to feel emotional that I was actually going to finish this! I wanted to cry. But there is no crying in running. That last little stretch to the finish line gave me a rush of energy as I pushed myself to cross through. I felt so proud of myself! Really! I never feel like a winner but this day I did. 

For the record: I was not last. I was somewhere in the middle. I finished in 38:33 minutes which I don’t think thats too bad being the first time ever trying to run. Will I ever do it again? I’m not sure. Ask me again after I get over the soreness. 

Down Town Dinner

Today I’m gonna take you to a little place in down town Belmont. Belmont is a little town outside of Charlotte that has a southern charm.

I grew up in Belmont but rarely visited down town. If I can remember right, back in the 80’s, it was rather a ghost town. Nothing happening. The mall, skating rinks, arcades and mini golf were all in the next town over, so that's where I spent most of my time back then.

The town has since florished with restraunts, bars and shops.

Me and my husband had just left a visit to the chiropractor, which is in Belmont. It was getting past our supper time and we were thinking of a place to eat. We normally go back and forth on where to eat leaving the other to answer. Before that argument broke out, I mentioned a little place down town called Sammy’s Pub. It’s a nice little neighbor pub with a variety of foods and drinks.

We were quickly seated and the wait staff was friendly, chirpy and welcoming. They acted as if they had known us forever. Even the people and families inside eating were all smiles. The bar off to the side was full of people having fun with friends, laughing, meeting and having a good time. You can tell they had just gotten off work and wanted to wind down.  

Nick ordered the special- Grilled Salmon BLT.

I went lite and ordered the Southwestern egg rolls.

In no time at all, our plates were in front of us. The food was delicious. We were happy customers. 

During the drive home we talked about how good Sammy’s was and agreed to go back again soon. We also talked about how nice it would be if our current home town was as nice as Belmont had become. It felt good to be able to walk down the street, to and from our car, without being approached by pan handlers and drug dealers. Yes, the town I live in now is bad for that. Our city wants to improve things but there is hardly any way for the town to thrive as long as there is a homeless shelter in the center of it. 

We plan to revisit Sammy's and take our daughter next time. We also seen other eating places to try. Belmont is a great place to be with an inviting atmosphere whether its taking the kids to the park, a stroll down the street or going for a jog with friends. 

Now I want to live there again.

Lunch With A Friend

It's been a long time since I had a lunch date with my friend E. We met years ago at dance class and she is also the sister of my primary doctor and worked in his office. We would often speak when I made a visit there.

We decided it's time we meet up again. We usually meet for dinner after work but she currently has another job that allows her to take an hour lunch and is not located to far from my office. So we agreed to do lunch this time.

We met halfway at a restaurant called Dino's in Bessemer City. It's a little Italian place tucked alone off the hwy. This was my first time visiting.

I'm really wanting to stay on my healthy eating plan this week as I'm still trying to shed a couple pounds I gained the past couple months.

I may or may not have just blown it again.

The items on the menu looked delicious, but since I'm not used to eating a big lunch, I chose just to have the Ruben sandwich. It was served open face with a side of home fries. As the waitress put our plates on the table, our eyes grew large as theses sandwiches were made for a giant. The waitress suggested we take a picture of them. Of course I will. I'm a blogger!!!

I ended up only eating half. I took the other half home for my husband to enjoy later.


The sandwich was delicious and I had a hard time skipping those home fries. I love any kind of fries! I managed to only eat a couple and leave the rest alone.

My friend E had the Roast Beef Club with french fries.

She talked about how good it was. She said it had lots of horseradish sauce on it which she liked, but again, it was way to much food and she ended up taking half of hers home as well.

I really needed this time with a girl friend. I work all day, every day around nothing but men.
Its nice to have a female to talk to. We had a lot of catching up and girl gossip to do. We had a great time and suggested we do this again. The only problem is we didn't have enough chat time as we both had to head back to work.

Sun Flowers and Burlap

This past weekend I attended my nephews wedding. It was a cute little wedding out in the country on lovely Lin-Way Farms. These two kids are some of the sweetest, and most down to earth people I know. They are also as southern as you can get and will have you rolling in stitches laughing when your around them. They have known each other from church since they were little and grew into best friends that will last them a life time.

Being an outdoor wedding there was always the fear of rain. We have not had rain for weeks but today, it rained. However, It didn't affect the wedding at all except for a slight delay while they redressed the tables for the reception. The little bit of rain that came down gave us a break from the hundred degree weather we were about to endure as we all sat anxiously in a field waiting on the wedding to start.

As the wedding began, the bride came in on a horse and carriage. She was just beautiful. When the Father gave the bride away, there was not a dry eye around. It was so sweet. 

Once the marriage was complete they rode off on a John Deer Tractor. It was so funny how they put it all together to surprise the guest as they jump on and rode off while the song "She Thinks My Tractors Sexy" played in the air. 
The farm was made up beautiful, yet simple just like the bride and groom. They did a lot of the decorating using their own ideas. Just check out this bouteneer the grooms and groomsmen wore. A bullet tied with a burlap. The bride made these herself.

The isles were decorated with mason jars on shepherd hooks filled with wild flowers.

The tables were simply decorated with the wedding colors. The center pieces were made up of sliced wood rounds cut by the father of the bride.

I'm sure that a lot of family and friends had part in all the decorations. It was perfect. Look how they did the guest cake table. That was unique.

In the barn, we enjoyed visiting the horses while we visited the guest table and suggestion table.

And the food?? Oh man, the food was delicious complete with venison stew, BBQ, slaw, potato salad, a chocolate fountain and more. It was all so nice and Lin-Way Farms fit this couple perfect, and the owners were the sweetest couple and did everything to make sure the day went smooth.


After a trip to Tennessee, The couple will continue living happily ever after the way God has planned..

If I Could Have It My Way

A lot of people have what they call a bucket list. Its a list of things they wish to accomplish before they die. I refuse to do one of these because, one, It would be a rather short list, and two, Id have to much anxiety to get it done fearing I wouldn't fulfill it all before I actually did die. So, I just take life one day at a time and take what it gives me.

I do think often though. I have dreams. I do not think any of my wishes are out of reach. Its just the time and money it would take to get there.

If could have it my way:
  • I would no longer work in this smelly office filled with vulgar talk, smoke smog and non-appreciation.
  • Id leave it today if I could have it my way.
  • I would be working in a more professional office or health care facility of some sort preferably using my phlebotomy training. 
  • That job would be located in the place I want to live, the coast.
  • It could even be just a part time job to get me by. I don't care to be rich, just comfortable. Id rather find resourceful ways to get by instead of relying on all the luxury of the world.
  • I would live in a small house where I can smell, hear and see the ocean from my windows. 
  • My windows would always be open If I could have it my way.
  • A place where I feel safe to be alone. Where I can have leisure and relaxation.
  • I would visit South Port, take bike tours in Beaufort, and see the light houses at the Outer Banks.
  • Me and my husband would find a new church together.
  • I would have one cat. I wish to have a blue Scottish fold. again, only one.
  • I would have all new friends and the true friends here would visit me a couple times a year.
  • I would marry my Husband again. We'd have a small ceremony on the beach and a lieu following with lots of people and new friends.
  • I have it all planned out, If could have it my way.
  • I would not want to be further than a few hours drive from my Mom and Dad.
  • and my Daughter would live and work close by.
  • I would take up surf fishing.
  • I would take a ride on a sail boat, maybe even learn to sail one and have my own.
  • I would stay healthy and live to be 100 years old and still leave the world before my loved ones.
  • If only I could have it my way.
We will be taking our first beach trip of the year soon. My husband and I will continuously talk about "one of these days". We have a lot of the same dreams. I just feel they are closer than he does. I'm just more spontaneous and optimistic. If it takes a few more years to get started with our wishes, then so be it. Ill take what life throws at me. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and daughter and just knowing how in love we are and enjoy every minute together, makes me happy today.

Mary Ann

"Mary Ann"

This is the name of the book I just finished reading.
Its also the name of one of my best friends Mother.
Who is also The main subject of this book.

I kept seeing this book advertised on Mary Ann's face book page and just had to ask about it.
Written by: Jack Darnell
He was a friend of Mary Ann and her family who are also mentioned in the book. He offered me a signed copy and within a week, I was reading it.

Let me start by saying, I am not big on reading. I am a slow reader. I always had a reading disability growing up. That's one reason I started blogging and also probably why a lot of my stories do not make much since. But Im learning. Im trying to strengthen my reading/ understanding skills. So, I choose a book or two to read each year. Im finding the more I read, the easier it is. I actually enjoy it when I can find a quiet spot to curl up in.

Mary Ann was a great book. It had me in suspense from the start. This book was printed in a larger print which I was thrilled to see. It made it so easy to read.
I quickly got wrapped up in this book as I was reading it. I can usually guess the end of a book or movie from the beginning but not this time, as soon as I thought I had it figured out, the story would shift. It was interesting and I could not wait to get to the end. What also made this book fun for me to read were the places and names within in the story. They were familiar as the story takes place around the city in which I live.

I've had the pleasure of meeting the real Mary Ann a few times and even had small talk with her while I visited her at her camper on the beach. She often camps in the same travel park that we do.
I will not tell you what the book is about or how it ends but I will say while the story of Mary Ann was fiction, he describes her sweet personality to a "T". Having met her, I could imagine her facial expressions as I read through her dilemma.

I recommend this book to anyone that likes mystery and suspense . If you like the law and order type TV shows, you will enjoy this book.

MaryAnn (the book) can be purchased  HERE on Amazon or for Kindle. You can also purchase the book from createspace  HERE .
Jack also writes in his blog Shipslog  where he shares his journey through life with his lovely wife.

Ready for Business

I have been wanting some business cards to promote my Etsy shop and now I have some thanks to Allison Marie Designs.  She is a new graduate of Gardner Webb University with a degree in graphic design. Some of her work include announcements, invitations, menus, etc. I thought why not let her do these for me and give her some more experience. After all, she is also my daughters friend and neighbor. :)

She did the design and I used vistaprint to have them printed.

I can now include a card with the items I sell out of my shop.

I had my blog address added to them too. Well, just because my blog has such a long name, no one can remember it by the time they get back to their computer. So, now I can also promote my blog as well. Cool huh?

It didn't stop there. Vista print asked if I wanted to use the design on a pen too? Yes, why not. I can always use a pen.  I'm pleased with how they turned out and can't wait to use them.


Elmo Party

This weekend I attended a birthday party for my grand niece. She turned two. Her party was Elmo themed. This was perfect for her since shes at that age where its all Dora and Sesame Street.
Her party was held at an old school auditorium which was great for all the little party goers to run around and scream. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

Can you find the birthday girl?

Her party was complete with a four foot Elmo balloon that followed everyone around, a real live Dorthy fish,

Elmo and friends cupcakes from Yi Ya's Sweeties and veggie trays made by the Mom (my niece).

and of course lots of presents. Including the big surprise, A Schwinn tricycle from her Nona and Pop Pop.

The party favors for each guest were made up of gold fish and crayons with tags that read "Elmo loves his goldfish and crayons too. Now here's both just for you. Love........."

She was just a little ball of fun.

Happy Birthday Brinklin!

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