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Powder Pouch

I just got back from another beach vacation and I am so glad I received this awesome Powder Pouch kit before I left. 


What is Powder Pouch? 

They are the perfect sand removers. 
Sure you can always use your hand or towel but then you have a mess. You will have to find something to get the sand off your hands and you have to shake out your towel and hope for the best. 


If you have little ones, sand brushed on the skin can be miserable for them. If you have a sun burn, brushing sand off can be agonizing. Powder Pouch is the perfect solution. They are made with a silky soft material and filled with corn starch. 


Simply brush it over the sand and the sand will fall right off leaving you feeling fresh and clean. You can also purchase the refills that have a wonderful sent. 

~Beach Bliss- A mix of banana and Coconut scent.

~Sea Breeze- A clean fresh scent.

~And they also have Unscented.


Each power pouch comes with a little drawstring bag. I love that I can just toss it in my beach bag or hang it off of my beach chair.. I also love that they are reusable and washable. I can use it over and over and when the powder is gone, Just refill it with my favorite powder from home or use one of the Powder Pouch refills and seal closed with velcro and a flap with not gaps for the powder to escape. 


Powder Pouch also cares about the environment. Their refill tubes are made from paper and is biodegradable and recyclable. 


But wait.

You don’t have to wait to go the beach to use these sand removers. They are great for sand boxes too or anytime you want to feel fresh!


Shop: Powder Pouch.



Powder Pouch was provided to me 

in exchange for my honest review. 

All opinions are 100% my own.

Inis-Energy of the Sea

While shopping in a local mercantile, a display of fragrance and lotions caught my eye. I saw the words “Energy of the Sea”. I ordered my coffee and headed over to check it out while I waited. The brand was “Inis”. One sniff of the sample and I was sold. I wanted to stay longer but I was on limited time, so I sprayed a small sample on the sleeve of my sweater, grabbed my coffee and headed back to work. 

Inis is a clean unisex fragrance that everyone can enjoy. When I got home from work, I could still smell the freshness from the sample. It has a light fresh scent that lasted all day.  I headed to their website to read their story and check out some of their items. Inis is family owned from Wicklow, Ireland who are also inspired to protect the oceans. They are also dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins. How cool is that? Be sure to visit their site to see more.   

I was exited to receive my Inis package in the mail and could hardly wait to use it. The fragrance brings out the beach vibes and makes me feel good. 

I try a lot of lotions and perfumes but I never quiet find the perfect aroma for me. They are always either too sweet or too floral.
My husband is sensitive to a lot of fragrances so I have to be careful what I put on my skin. I have not gotten any complaints from him while wearing Inis. “Can you say win?”

Why Inis? Other than the pleasant smell, Inis has sea weed and minerals harvested out of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
There are restoring ingredients with lots of benefits for your skin such as natural vitamins A & C , amino acids for hydration and anti-flammatory minerals.

I am excited to have found my new favorite fragrance and can feel good knowing what I put on my skin is made from natural ingredients. 

Visit Inis for more than just perfume and lotions. You can find defusers, candles, soaps, creams and other great items for yourself or gifts for a friend. You can also search for shops in your area where you can purchase from. 


I received this product for free in return for my honest review.
All reviews and opinions are my own.
I believe in supporting and sharing the good things in life.

Moji Teahouse

Have you ever had Mochi ice cream? I have had Mochi ice cream before and love it. You can actually purchase Mochi Ice Cream at the groceries stores. It’s basically balls of ice cream wrapped in a chewy rice dough and frozen. You can eat it with your fingers. 

Well, there is a place I have been wanting to try called Moji TeaHouse. They make Mochi doughnuts. I had a Saturday free and figured this would be a good time to visit so I called up my daughter.  She had been wanting to try it too, so she looked up the directions. It just so happened to be right next to the outlets. So we made plans to meet at the Charlotte Premium Outlets first to do a little shopping and then headed to Moji Teahouse. It was a small little place with limited flavors of Mochi doughnuts.

Mochi Doughnuts are a cross between traditional doughnuts and Japanese mochi. Again, mochi a chewy rice dough. Mochi Doughnuts are deep fried then covered with an assortment of flavors. 

Moji Teahouse also serves bubble teas which is another thing I like. I purchased the pink one for breast cancer awareness. It was a sweet milk tea with raspberries and came in a cute can inspired signature cup. 

Bubble tea is a milk tea with boba. Boba is made from tapioca pears or cassava starch. It’s a perfect Tiawanese drink. 

What are my thoughts on the doughnuts? 

Not what I expected. I thought they would be filled with something but they were not. They were not sweet either. The texture was chewy and flavorless. I probably will never want them again but I just had give them a try.

As far as the bubble tea. It was really good. My daughter got a caramel flavored one and it was even better. 

New Found Food Downtown

It was lunch time so I left my desk and headed out to get a drink to have with the lunch I had packed. I will usually just drink water but some days I want a sweet tea or an iced coffee from a nearby restaurant. This also gets me out for a little while. 

This day, I was really craving a fresh juice from a local juice bar. It was only a couple blocks from where I work so I headed that way. Sadly it was closed with a “For Sale” sign out front. I had to settle for that ice tea and head back to the office. On my way back, I had plenty of time to spare so I thought I would ride down town to see if there were any new places opened up. 

As I was cruising slowly down main street, I saw a man carrying out a to go order from this little underground place called Bayahibe Cafe. It used to be a coffee shop.

I did not know it was now open to something else, so I parked the car and went inside. You barely know there is anything here because all you can see is a small door squeezed between two large buildings that leads down into a basement cafe. 

I opened the door and made my way down the deep stairway and into the cute little cafe where I was greeted by a smile and the smell of delicious food. 

“I just saw this place and thought I’d come see what you have to offer”. She began pointing at little printed menus on the glass wall. 
“Wait, what? You have real fruit juice too?” I began to tell her about the juice bar that I first went to and it was closed. She said that was her friends place. What are the odds that I landed in a place that had what I was looking for? 

The smell of the Pastilles En Hojas enticed my taste buds so I had to order one to try. They are like tamales but wrapped in Plantain leaf pockets instead of corn. While my food was cooking, I noticed she was preparing a sweet coffee. She was adding marshmallows, cinnimon and other stuff I did not need. I told her I did not order a coffee and she said “I know, I made this special for you to take with you and try. It is Dominican Coffee. No charge.”


I was very grateful, gave her a tip and took the coffee along with my food back to the office. I never even got a juice. I plan to go back next week and try one of the fruit juices. I bet they are good. 

Sometimes you just have to look around to find places. Explore and don’t be afraid to try new things. 

MorningWood Bracelets

I have always been a resourceful person who thinks it is important to come up with ideas that use things we already have. I feel like there is a lot of waste in the world and people take for granted the useful things we throw away every day. This is also why I believe in shopping small businesses. They have a dream and a focus to create useful things people want or need. This is what keeps the world going around and people grateful. 

I discovered a small business that uses donated scrap wood to make hand carved bracelets. Morning wood bracelets are family owned and operated right here in the USA since 2017. Their business began by accident when they hand carved a piece of jewelry for a friend and people fell in love with it. 

Each bracelet is carved by hand using recycled wooden materials. They do not use any paints or dyes in their art. The natural colors in the wood they use paint the story. Each design is unique and no two pieces are the same. I was excited to receive two Morningwood bracelets in the mail. Every bracelet comes with a handwritten note by the creator that lets you know what kind of wood was used to create your bracelet. This adds a special personal touch. 

I received a starfish made from reclaimed Maple.

I also received a little “ILY” hand sign made from a recycled skateboard. The wood on a skateboard is layered with different colors that bring out all the colors for the charm. 

Morningwood bracelets remind me of why I love shopping small businesses. They appreciate your business and find ways to give back. 
10% of their sales go to charities from helping families in need to disaster relief. How cool is that? Someone gives them scrap materials, they make it, you buy it, they give away portions to help others and you have a cool piece of handmade art to wear. 

You should go check them out at You will be amazed at the delicate craftsmanship put into each piece. If you have Instagram, you can find them at @moringwoodbracelets where you might see videos of the bracelets in the making.
I love wearing my new bracelets and they are a fun conversation piece. I would love to know which design you like best. Check out their website and come back here and comment which one you like most. But let me warn you, the decision will be hard. 

Facebook: Morningwoodbracelets

Valentine Breakfast and Cake Pops

Happy Valentines Day! 

I hope everyone can find someone to call their Valentine today. Someone to share some love and sweetness with. If your single and alone, find someone who could use a hug. Your not alone on this day. 

When we woke up Sunday morning, Nick asked if I would like to try the new breakfast joint in town.  “Sure”, I said in excitement. I jumped up, threw my hair back and put on some bluejeans. I was ready. I love breakfast. It is my favorite meal of the day. It is also the most important meal. 

The place was called “Eggs Up”. The inside looked like a glamorized waffle house. We were seated and I started off with a vanilla cappuccino. I normally drink coffee with almond milk, but today I splurged and sugared up. Boy was it sweet!

For breakfast, I ordered the banana foster french toast. 
What did I think? It was ok but the caramelized glaze they put on top was globbed on and hard as a jaw breaker. They did not do it right. I just put it to the side of my plate and enjoyed the french toast, bananas and bacon. I made a comment to the waitress afterwards. She agreed and other customers had complained about the same thing. They had so many different items on the menu. We plan to go back another day and try something else. 

After breakfast, I went to church wearing my distressed heart sweater. 

I kept it clean so I could wear it again today to work. 

Speaking of work. I worked hard making cake pops for the office to enjoy as a sweet treat for Valentines Day. I have never made cake pops before. I guess because I have never been a fan. I do not like the texture nor the how sweet they are. But they are cute and favorite to a lot of people. 

The cake pops were easy to make but hard to cover with chocolate topping. It was hard to get the topping to look good on the ball of cake. It wanted to drip. If I laid them on wax paper, it would leave a flat spot. If I put them upright, the coating would run down the handle. So I had to just dipped them and held them while turing them until the cocolate would dry enough not to drip or run. It was time consuming. 

Cake Pops
-Cook a cake of your flavor.(I used confetti cake) and let it cool.
-Mix unitl crushed to the consistency of. Grits.
-Add about 1/4 to 1/2 cups of icing. Mix until well mixed. 
-Work into 24 balls.
- dip end of stick in the melted chocolate and stick it inside  the ball.
-Dip each ball into the melted chocolate. 
-Add sprinkles (optional). 
I placed each pop in a hole of a colander. This kept them from getting flat spots.

I think they turned out rather pretty and hope they are a hit at the party. I kept out two for Nick and my daughter to enjoy. 

Tonight we plan to stay in and enjoy a nice steak on the grill. We do not usually have good luck finding a place to eat on special occasions like this. By eating at home, I do not have to worry about finding something to wear and there is no wait. 

What are your Valentine plans?

One Tomato Two Tomato

Growing up my mom always made our eggs either scrambled or with a moon on it. “With a moon on it” was when the egg was cooked well all except the yellow, and then I would sop my toast in the runny yellow. I liked it also with ruffles. That is when the edges were fried to a crisp. It was the best. I think most would call that “Sunny side up” (or was it “over easy”?) I do not know the difference, so still at 52 years old, I call it “an egg with a moon on it”. To avoid the embarrassment, I usually will not order an egg in a restaurant, and if I do I just get it scrambled to save explaining that I want an egg with a moon on it and ruffles. 

One way I have never eaten an egg is called “Egg Benedict”. I always pictured it being a half raw. My daughter has convinced me that is is not raw and that they are really good and I would like it. So here we go.

I visited her in Charlotte this weekend for “brunch”. She had been wanting to try this place call  Ruby Sunshine. They specialize in egg Benedict. So if I wanted to try my first one, I wanted it to be in a good place that knows what they are doing. This place was so popular that we had to wait 2 hours to be seated. Our patience were running short but we decided to wait. We got there at 9:45and it was 11:45 by the time they seated us. I was no longer wanting eggs. I wanted a hamburger. But I stuck to brunch and ordered the egg Benedict. 

They had different recipes to choose from so I chose the “One tomato, two tomato”. It had two slices of tomato on a biscuit. One piece was a fried green tomato and one was a grilled red tomato. On top of that was the egg and hollandaise sauce. Come to find out that egg Benedict was basically just a poached egg. Which I never had either. 

What did I think? It still wasn’t as cooked as I like it but it was delicious. I loved it. Was it worth a two hour wait? Maybe, but nothing is really worth a two hour wait when your hungry. 

How do you like your eggs? Have you ever had Egg Benedict? 

Morganna’s 24K Glow Super Cream

Women are always fighting signs of aging. I know a lot of men do too. We look in the mirror and see the years creeping up wrinkle by wrinkle, spot by spot. I started seeing my skin changing in my 30’s. I never really did anything to prevent signs or aging. If anything, I made it more aggressive by spending hours in the sun without sunscreen. I’m now in my 50’s and always trying to find something safe and gentle to use on my face. 

Moisturizers and face creams often leave my face feeling sticky or sting after exfoliating my skin. That’s why I was excited to see this Morganna’s 24K Super cream at my door steps. I could hardly wait to give it a try. I have used it every day since I received it so I could let my readers know what I really think about it. 

I’m impressed. This is a light weight- fast absorbing cream that is gentle on skin and with Super Bakuchiol it is an excellent alternative to retinol. It evens skin tone, increases skin cells and reduces dark spots, scars and signs of sun damage. Astanathin is also included to improve elasticity and texture. 

To use, just apply to your clean face and neck at night or in the morning. You can also use it under your moisturizer or makeup. It comes in a 1.7 oz pump and it only takes a small amount to cover your entire face. It smells great too. 

I was a little hesitant when I saw that it had an orange tint, but once I started rubbing it into my skin, it absorbed quick without any tinting to my face but gave it a natural glow without feeling sticky. It did not stain my hands and I even got a spot on my white shirt that washed out fine. 

Morganna’s 24K Super Cream is hypoallergenic, no GMO, Eco-certified, parabson free, cruelty free and best of all, It’s made right here in the USA. 

I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate my honest review.

 All opinions and photos are my own

For more reviews or to purchase, visit

Pro Keto Shakes

Summer is coming and that means it’s time to start thinking about cold drinks and smoothies. I have fallen into some bad eating habits since December and it’s beginning to show. I plan to replace one meal with a smoothie or healthy shake. I need something that is low in calories and high in protein. 

I think I may have found the remedy to loose the extra pounds that I have put on in the past few months. I am currently giving these Lean180 Pro Keto shakes by Skinny Jane at try. 

I am surprised at how delicious and creamy they are. They do not have that gritty or chalky taste like other protein shakes. I am also impressed at how easy they mixed. You just add one scoop of powder and 6 ounces of water or milk of your choice with a 1/2 cup of crushed ice. Place it all in your favorite mixer cup and shake. The powder dissolves quick and does not leave clumps. I didn’t even have to use my blender. 

They come in 3 different flavors; chocolate, vanilla and salted caramel. I chose the vanilla because I think there are more “Mix in options” to change the flavor such as strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. However, I liked the shake alone with no other flavor than the rich vanilla flavor it has to offer. It was like having a cupcake in a cup. 

Skinny Jane Lean 180 Pro Keto Shakes have a lot of benefits to help you lose weight and not feel hungry. 
Suppresses appetite.
Low Carbs.
Only 100 Calories.
2g Sugar.
20g Protein.

Lean 180 speeds up weight loss by boosting metabolism and increase energy. This is good news since I have a beach trip coming up soon. I could feel results in the first 3 days. I felt less bloated and I stayed satisfied until my next meal. 

You can get your own Lean180 shakes at 

 These shakes were provided to me free of charge 
in exchange for my honest review. 
All opinions are 100% my own.

Water Motivation

I have to admit. Dinking water is not one of my favorite things. However, for years I have disciplined myself to drink water with every meal. Occasionally I will drink sweet tea with a meal and usually only at the beach will I treat myself to a fountain cola in a styrofoam cup. 

I start each day with a big glass of water to chug down my vitamins then it’s coffee til noon. I keep a bottle of water at my desk or on the counter at home to sip on throughout the day. Some days I drink a significant amount of water but most days I just forget. 

I have decided that I want to start drinking a healthy amount of water my body needs each day. 
They say “64” ounces. 

I had to start with a water bottle that I enjoyed using (that usually includes a straw) so I headed to Amazon and purchased a motivational water bottle by Keepto. It holds the amount of water my body needs each day. This way I do not have to think about it and wonder if I had enough water today. A whole days amount is with me at all times. Your body will mistake thirst for hunger so if I sip water all day, it will curb my appetite and just maybe I will stop grabbing those Reese's cups from the break room.

I love that I can use it with or without a straw. It’s leak proof and has nice carry strap. Though it’s a half gallon, it does not feel heavy and it’s easy to drink from by holding the built in handle. I get a little motivation from the time stamped indications as I drink throughout the day.

Here are some interesting facts about drinking water.
  • 64 oz is just an average amount. Some people need less and some need more. A person that is active and sweats a lot may need more. Your body will naturally tell you when it’s thirsty so drink water when your thirsty or sip on it throughout the day. Don’t guzzle water just to get the daily dosage over with. Listen to your body.
  • Water curbs appetite.
  • Drinking a lot of water will help with constipation, UTI’s, kidney stones and skin hydration.
  • Coffee and tea count as water.
  • Foods such as fish, meats, eggs, fruits and veggies supply water in your body.
  • You can tell how much water you need by the color of your urine. It should be clear or pale yellow.
Do you drink enough water? What are some ways you motivate yourself to drink enough water?

As an Amazon Affiliate, this post includes a Marketing Link, 
which means I make a small percentage on the sales 
but it in no way affects the price a buyer may pay.
 Opinions are my own honest reviews.

Office Lunch

Last week, My bossman took us three ladies in the office out to lunch. We put an “Out of Office” sign on the door and headed down town. 
We had reservations at Barristers in the Esquire Hotel. You may remember me talking about this place a couple years ago when I took my husband here for his birthday. I was not to impressed then, but it was new. The prices were high and the plates came out with only enough food to feed and elf.  
Things have changed since then.

The wait staff was more personable, the music was different and you got more on your plate. I could not help but admire the new outdoor seating area. The have it gated to keep out the people from the streets. 

The walls were covered with a trellis of new plant growth beginning to climb as Spring reaches close. 

I ordered the grilled feta cheese sandwich with red peppers on sour dough bread and a side of squash. When we finished our meal, we ordered a piece of chocolate caked to share. It was absolutely delicious. 

The restaurant sits on the main floor of the the Esquire hotel. Before we left, the waiter took us on a tour of the coffee house they had recently opened on the bottom (basement) floor. It was called “The Notary”.

Until two years ago, this building had been empty forever. One of my blogger friends, Jack over at the shipslog blog, is from around this area too and may remember this building as the “Lawyers Building” and had a bank of the main floor. This was before my time. 

The hotel also has a has a roof top lounge and it has always been a goal of mine to get to the roof of this building. Unfortunately, the waiter would not let us go up there this day due to some construction still going. I see my rooftop visit in the near future. 

I’m glad we have this little elegant spot in the heart of town and I’d like to see more nice places open around here. It has always been such a ghost town and magnet for homeless people and drug addicts. Things seem to be changing a little. I hope. 

A Day in NoDa

This past weekend, my husband had to work on Saturday and I was off. I had the whole day to myself. However, I didn't spend it alone. I made a drive to Charlotte, NC to visit my daughter. When I arrived she asked me what I wanted to do. I told her to decide as I know nothing about the area. She said, “Mom, I’d like to show you around Noda. This is a little area of town in North Davidson. (hence the name Noda). 

It was a poor looking town full of street vendors and lots of artwork on the buildings. Or should I say graffiti. It was so colorful. Even the sidewalks were panted. 

We found a place to park that was metered at 7.00 a day. So we took it. Every where you park in Charlotte, you have to pay. 
We parked and walked around the little town. I have never seen so many odd and purple haired people in my life. I think people like that are “artsy”.

We were getting hungry and she wanted to try a little place she heard was good so we stopped in. The hostess took us to our table and handed us the lunch menu. It was really expensive with foods we could not pronounce, so we politely got up and left. 
We ended up at a more familiar place called Cabo Fish Taco. She ordered the shrimp tacos and I had a southwestern chicken wrap. It was delicious.

We found a cat cafe in the upstairs of a building. This was a place you could enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while sitting in a room of free roaming cats.

We did not go all the way in and just viewed it from the window. I thought it was rather nasty. And we didn’t want to visit the magic shop next to it. I was already weirded out. 

This guy was making quite a bit of money playing his guitar on the street. I love to listen to these folks play.

This was a vegan restaurant that served outside. If it was not so cool outside, we would have eaten here for the fun of it. Yes that is swing seats. 

Before we left, we walked across the road to see the “dog bar”. This is were people could sit and enjoy a beer while their dogs played. It was so funny. There were many different kinds and sizes of dogs running around playing together. You could even see a few girl dogs in the corner talking about all the other dogs. Haha. 

The bad thing that happened was while we were walking, I stepped in dog poop in my new Hey Dude shoes Twice! Once I realized I stepped in it, I stepped back and into another pile with the other foot. Luckily I was able to get it cleaned off. We had a good laugh and ended the day with a trip to Trader Joes and bubble tea.

Speaking of Hey Dude shoes. They are absolutely the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. My husband even got himself a pair. 

As an Amazon Affiliate, this post includes a Marketing Link, 
which means I make a small percentage on the sales 
but it in no way affects the price a buyer may pay.
 Opinions are my own honest reviews.

Unpleasant Dining

We had received a gift certificate for Christmas to Texas Roadhouse steakhouse. Due to limited capacity in restaurants here in North Carolina, we have been putting it off.  It had been a long week. I was tired and hungry, so I suggested we use that gift certificate and have a nice steak dinner for a change. 

We thought it would be a pleasant and deserving dinner out. Well, not so much. 
We both worked until five. We rushed home from each of our jobs and got dressed to go out. But first, I wanted to call and make sure there was not a long wait. I learned from the call that this is what I had to and get on a waiting list.

I called and talked with a hostess. She took our name and asked us what our expected time of arrival would be. I told her 6:00. “Great”, she said, “Just drive to the booth at the bottom of the parking lot and give them your name when you arrive”
We arrived in the parking lot at 6 sharp and there was a long line that lead up to the road from the booth she was talking about. 
After about a 10 minute wait in line to get to the booth we had to put in our name again. The hostess then instructed us to park and wait until we receive a text letting us know our table is ready.  

We waited in our car for 20 more minutes. It was nearing 7:00. We were hungry and we do not like to eat this late (I think getting old does that to ya). 
Once we were texted letting us know we could come in, the hostess walked us to our table. It was so crowed, I felt like we were sitting on top of each other. 

Our luck has it, (mommas don't hate me, I’m a mom too) but next to us was a young couple with two little children. Every couple minutes, one of the little kids would let out a shrill scream. It was ear piercing and doesn't sound good when your half def in one ear. It can be painful. The mother knew her kids were getting on our nerves while we tried to enjoy a meal. She did not seem to care and looked at us as if she dared us to say anything. (Nope, I was hungry and too old to fight). 

They brought out our salads and they had deviled eggs chopped and mixed in. I do not like egg in my salad but I ate it. Nick on the other hand is allergic to eggs. He ate around it best he could. 
After another 25 minutes, our steaks arrived. My medium well steak was medium (it was bleeding a little). I ate around it. Nick ordered the kabobs and they were fine. We never complained. We finished our meal, graciously tipped the waiter and left. 

This is what’s happening. Businesses are cutting back their help and the remaining employees can’t keep up. I see this, not only in restaurants, but also in department stores. Times are tuff for everyone. People are losing their jobs. Places can’t keep up the inventory and customer service just plain sucks.

I do not hold the bad experience against the wait staff or cooks, but to poor management. I happens though. We could go back the next week and it could be perfect. We just picked a bad night to have a steak. 

Our Valentines Day

We had a nice little Valentines Day. It was Sunday and neither one of us had to work. We decided to stay in bed longer than usual soaking up every little moment together with no alarm clock telling us to get up and get going.

Once we decided to get up, we grabbed a cup of coffee and a little breakfast. We each had sneaked a Valentine Card in each others seat at the table. 
After breakfast we sat around and discused what we were going to do today. “Well its too late now to get ready for church”. So neither one of us went. 
We decided to call up our daughter and ask her if she would like to meet us in Belmont for a Valentine lunch. She was exited and of course said yes.

We let her chose the place as we are always indecisive. She said she always wanted to try this little place called Jekyll & Hyde Taphouse and Grill. 
I felt funny going to a taphouse on Sunday. Daddy might would shame me. But thats where we ended up and it was delicious. 

We ordered off the “Brunch” menu. We placed our order and looked around while we waited. Nick said “This place used to be an old Ford Dealership”. They used a lot of the remains as decorations. He admired the surroundings and said “I could live in a place like this”. It was really cool how they remodeled the inside while keeping a lot of the character. 

Our food arrived. Me and my daughter ordered the Chicken biscuit with pimento cheese and pepper jelly. I had a side of fruit and she had tater tots. Nick ordered a chicken and bacon biscuit with a side of pancake. There was so many good looking foods on the menu it was hard to choose. 

For Valentines dinner, we had waited too late to get any reservations at any fancy place and all the steak houses had over an hour wait. We ended up at Sammy’s in the little town of Dallas. While we were there, I was able to show Nick where I now work. He didn’t know exactly where it was. Now he does. It was just a block away from where we ate. You could see it from the window. 

It was a nice day and I didn’t want it to end. I love spending all the time I can with my man. But work came early the next day. 

Great Day for a Doughnut

It was a great day for a doughnut (or 12). My daughter and I had just finished a candle making class. The rain had stopped and the new Krispy Kreme Tasting room was close by. I have been wanting to visit this place for a while now, so this was the perfect opportunity. We took a short walk around the block and there it was. The sign was glowing through the trees from across the road as we made our way the door.  

We saw a doughnut vending machine outside. Let me say that again, “A doughnut vending machine”. How cool was that?  I bet they have one of these in Heaven. 

The Krispy Kreme tasting room is located in Southend Charlotte. The bakers were working like bees to get orders filled for store deliveries and customer request. This is also where new flavors are born. You can become a member by downloading an app and thy will alert you on new flavors. You can be one of the first to try them. They also have milkshakes and doughnut sandwiches. 

We were only going to get one doughnut each but that did not happen. My daughter reached into her purse and pulled out a coupon for 1/2 off a dozen. 
The baker filled a box as we took turns choosing assorted flavors to try.

We walked out with a box of doughnuts.

The flavors we picked were:
2 Original stuffed with Cheesecake filling.
2 Pumpkin spice Cinnamon roll.
Reese’s Classic.
2 Original stuffed with Cream filling.
Raspberry filled.
Lemon filled.
Chocolate iced with sprinkles.
Chocolate cream stuffed.
Pumpkin iced.

We headed back to her apartment with smiles and giggles. There, we met my husband who had been watching a moving while waiting on us to enjoy our time together. He helped us taste the different flavors while keeping some saved for another day. 

My favorite flavored doughnut is the Lemon filled but there is nothing better than the original glazed, HOT, right off the conveyor belt. 
I could eat my weight in those.