One Tomato Two Tomato

Growing up my mom always made our eggs either scrambled or with a moon on it. “With a moon on it” was when the egg was cooked well all except the yellow, and then I would sop my toast in the runny yellow. I liked it also with ruffles. That is when the edges were fried to a crisp. It was the best. I think most would call that “Sunny side up” (or was it “over easy”?) I do not know the difference, so still at 52 years old, I call it “an egg with a moon on it”. To avoid the embarrassment, I usually will not order an egg in a restaurant, and if I do I just get it scrambled to save explaining that I want an egg with a moon on it and ruffles. 

One way I have never eaten an egg is called “Egg Benedict”. I always pictured it being a half raw. My daughter has convinced me that is is not raw and that they are really good and I would like it. So here we go.

I visited her in Charlotte this weekend for “brunch”. She had been wanting to try this place call  Ruby Sunshine. They specialize in egg Benedict. So if I wanted to try my first one, I wanted it to be in a good place that knows what they are doing. This place was so popular that we had to wait 2 hours to be seated. Our patience were running short but we decided to wait. We got there at 9:45and it was 11:45 by the time they seated us. I was no longer wanting eggs. I wanted a hamburger. But I stuck to brunch and ordered the egg Benedict. 

They had different recipes to choose from so I chose the “One tomato, two tomato”. It had two slices of tomato on a biscuit. One piece was a fried green tomato and one was a grilled red tomato. On top of that was the egg and hollandaise sauce. Come to find out that egg Benedict was basically just a poached egg. Which I never had either. 

What did I think? It still wasn’t as cooked as I like it but it was delicious. I loved it. Was it worth a two hour wait? Maybe, but nothing is really worth a two hour wait when your hungry. 

How do you like your eggs? Have you ever had Egg Benedict? 


  1. My youngest son makes delicious eggs benedict. A friend of mine who is a wonderful cook was impressed that he could do the poached egg so perfectly. I guess there is a trick to the right amount of bubbles in the water. Too much of a boil and it cooks too fast, too little and it stick to the bottom of the pan.
    Those look delicious!

  2. Not really a fan of eggs except for scrambled eggs or omelettes.
    When a kid my mom would make me eat soft boiled eggs and I hated them and it has forever turned me off of eggs.
    No, I've never had eggs benedict.

  3. We got a good laugh for today, thanks. I do love eggs anyway they are cooked, even raw. I just love eggs. But ordering eggs can be a challenge. Now as far as I know I have never had Benedict nor poached. I am sure I would like them. I order either sunny side up or over medium. I have heard eggs ordered, "I want a runny yellow" and Grandson Luke would say, "I don't want a 'dippy' egg" On the other hand his sister Sherece loves a 'dippy' egg. I like the runny yellow especially if I have grits, but the best all round is the scrambled.
    However as always you present a GOOD picture!
    Stay warm up there,
    Sherry & jack in Florida's strange weather.

  4. I love eggs benedict, I just had some when we were in Las Vegas for Christmas. I don't like sunny side up. I'm afraid they're going to be too raw and I'll get sick. But other than sunny side up, I love eggs and will eat them any way I can get them.

  5. This looks so yum! You got me hungry with this post!

  6. I've never had Eggs Benedict. I'll bet that was interesting with the fried green tomato. I like eggs like you cooked in hat way. Now I need to get up and cook an egg!

  7. My daughter loves egg benedict, but as for me, I have to have my eggs cooked. I never understood the sunny side up or over easy either. I'm glad you got to go to brunch with your daughter, even if you had to wait for 2 hours. Not sure if you've tried them or not, but I LOVE egg in a basket, which is an egg fried with butter over a piece of bread with a hole in the middle, Yummy.

    Have a good February week.


  8. I don't like eggs benedict either, but I do love eggs with ruffles! We used to call them lacy eggs ;)