I have been loving plants lately. Ok, I know that’s random but I have always liked plants. I am also a plant killer. My problem is that I do not have any places in my house to place them where they will get sunshine. I have no ledges on my windows. I have a large bay window in the front room but the sun only shines in it for a little while in the afternoon. Besides, I do not want to put a lot of plants on it to ruin. I currently have a Christmas cactus in that place. 

While visiting my daughter this past weekend, she took me to a place called “Optimist Hall”. It is an old mill turned into a large food court and a few shopping spots. There were isles and isles of different types of unique foods. Just imagine food trucks stationary in a building. 

One of the shopping spots was a plant store. I didn’t get the name but it was fun to walk in and see all the plants. They had everything from air plants to terrariums. You could also feel the oxygen in the air as you walked around looking at all the unique greens.

I did not purchase any new plants because the were to expensive for me. I would rather wait and just go to Lowes or Home depot for my plants. I mean, look at the price of this small plant.

It was probably my favorite plant in the store. I thought it was unique. 

I now work in an office cubicle with a large window. I have been loving plants because now I have a place to put them. I currently have a few succulents in the window and a snake plant. 

My sweet neighbor friend made me this cute plant pot cover for my snake plant. It sits on top of my file cabinet and has been a fun conversation piece. I remember my mom used to have a snake plant. It was much larger than the one I have. 

I plan to get a small potted palm tree soon. It will remind me of summer, sand and sunshine. 

What is your favorite plant in your home or office? 


  1. Your snake plant looks very healthy! I love the plant cover! You and your daughter did have a great time. I really like that old mill turned into food court and shops. It looks like a great place! I had to catch my breath after seeing the price on that one plant!
    You do have excellent lighting in your cubicle. Looks like a cheery place to work.

  2. Beautiful plants!

    I have a Pothos that has now been divided into many babies. Love it!

  3. Thank you for reading/commenting on my blog.

    Wondering if you have been reading, but did not comment before? :-)

    Or if you came to this particular blog?

    Plants! Hahhhhhhh! No plants here.

    My husband can grow them out of doors, that's the extent of our plants.

    Hope your snake plant is nice to you and thrives.

    Gentle hugs...

  4. Snake plant! Not since I got bit! LOL Enjoyed the pictures as always, you are a good photographer (wish I were). Amazing the changes in Charlotte and yes the plant is too expensive for me. Odd that. Mark a few weeks ago surrounded our house with beautiful exotic plants to add to our poinsettia bush. Our last freeze killed many of them, it looks sad, even half the poinsettia is dead.
    I admire plant folks, my mom and sisters and one brother could grow most anything, I usually kill them. Mama's statement, "Son you love them to death!"
    Enjoyed the blog as always and also appreciate your mother/daughter relationship, that is marvelous!
    Sherry & jack finally seeing the sun.....

  5. I have good luck with philodendron. They like filtered sun and you can take clippings and put them in water and they grow great just in water too.
    Your snake plant looks nice and healthy.

  6. I love plants, but also don't have too many places to set them. I have plants that belonged to my mother and my grandmother, so I guess they're heritage plants!