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Red Okra

Has anyone missed me? I haven’t written a blog post in a while. I think about blogging and I want to blog but time gets away from me. The blogger platform has not been my friend lately either. I have thought about moving my blog to another platform but not sure which one to use. I would like one that will allow me to blog and also have a store. Comment below if you have any suggestion for me.

But for today. I want to share something delicious that I got my hands on.

I visited my daughter in Charlotte the other day for some mother daughter time. We grabbed an ice coffee, did a little shopping, snacked on a charcuterie board while we sat by the pool. Between shopping and sitting by the pool, we walked to a street market where a vendor was selling red okra. She said she grows this okra from seeds that started with her great great grandmother. She called them Heirloom Okra. I bought a pound.

As the vendor explained: This kind of okra is better than the green ones. They are more tender and sweet. Even the larger ones are tender and sweet when cooked. They are also less slimy when boiled. 

I brought them home and gave them a good wash and ate some for dinner the next night. I left the stalks whole then sprayed some olive oil on them, salt and pepper and threw them into the air fryer. In 15 minutes I had some nice crunchy but still tender okra that tasted like fried okra without all the bread. 

The vendor did not lie. They were really tender and sweet. I have already planned to go back for more the next time she is out there. I will check my local farmers market first just incase someone there may have the same type.

Okra is one of my favorite vegetables. What is one of your favorite?


I have been wanting an hourglass, but wanted one that did not cost an arm and a leg. The other day I took a visit to the Hobby Lobby craft store. I did not go in to look for an hourglass but as I passed by an hour glass show case, I had to stop and look. I spent several minutes trying to decide if I really wanted to purchase one. They were half off so I gave it a lot of thought. I could get one for 8.00. It would look good on my desk or on the mantle in my house. I caved and bought it.

Hourglass is also know as a sandglass. In the early days, sandglasses were popular on ships as the motion did not affect the hourglass. They depended on them for measurements of time. Seamen would also us the hourglass to determine their position at sea. They called this “marine sandglass”. 

After I got my hourglass home, I was so excited to show it to Nick. I flipped it over and went on about my evening. I came back into the room shortly after and was disappointed to see that the hourglass had already emptied to the bottom. I was confused. “What do you mean it didn’t last an hour?” So I flipped it over again and watched the clock. It lasted 15 minutes.

I was so disappointed that it was not a 60 minute hourglass. I thought all hourglasses were and hour hence the name. I have a quarter hourglass. Now I know why it was so cheap. Even though I’m disappointed in my purchase, I will still flip it over just to watch the sand fall. There is something relaxing about watching the sand build up in the bottom half of the hourglass. 


I have been loving plants lately. Ok, I know that’s random but I have always liked plants. I am also a plant killer. My problem is that I do not have any places in my house to place them where they will get sunshine. I have no ledges on my windows. I have a large bay window in the front room but the sun only shines in it for a little while in the afternoon. Besides, I do not want to put a lot of plants on it to ruin. I currently have a Christmas cactus in that place. 

While visiting my daughter this past weekend, she took me to a place called “Optimist Hall”. It is an old mill turned into a large food court and a few shopping spots. There were isles and isles of different types of unique foods. Just imagine food trucks stationary in a building. 

One of the shopping spots was a plant store. I didn’t get the name but it was fun to walk in and see all the plants. They had everything from air plants to terrariums. You could also feel the oxygen in the air as you walked around looking at all the unique greens.

I did not purchase any new plants because the were to expensive for me. I would rather wait and just go to Lowes or Home depot for my plants. I mean, look at the price of this small plant.

It was probably my favorite plant in the store. I thought it was unique. 

I now work in an office cubicle with a large window. I have been loving plants because now I have a place to put them. I currently have a few succulents in the window and a snake plant. 

My sweet neighbor friend made me this cute plant pot cover for my snake plant. It sits on top of my file cabinet and has been a fun conversation piece. I remember my mom used to have a snake plant. It was much larger than the one I have. 

I plan to get a small potted palm tree soon. It will remind me of summer, sand and sunshine. 

What is your favorite plant in your home or office? 

Birthday Sandals

My 50th birthday has come and past. It was in May. I had a wonderful time and lots of cake. So far, 50 ain't that bad.

As a birthday gift, my husband wanted get me a pair of summer sandals but he didn't have any idea where to start so he just gave me some money to pick for myself. I was in limbo on what style I wanted.

I tried on hundreds of wedges and shopped every store in three different towns. No luck. I just could not make my mind up on a style or color and if I did find something I liked, they didn't feel good on my foot. The struggle is real. Am I right girls?

I had almost given up on getting a new pair of sandals. I mean, It's not like I don't already have seven pair. As we were walking through Belks department store, Nick pointed to a pair of cute little platform sandals . "I like these" he said. I walked over to take a closer look. I was not sure about the printed design since I'm such a plane Jane, but I did agree that they were rather cute, so I grabbed a 7.5 and tried them on.
Perfect! I like them. Though they have multi colored yellows and browns, they will still go with so many different outfits.

“Do you know, it’s hard taking a photo of your shoes yourself? The neighbors must have thought I was crazy as I struggled to keep a balance”.

I wore my new sandals to church Sunday with a dress I had bought a couple of years back from a cool store we used to have in town that carried several new boutique vintage style dresses cheep. I really miss that store. This skunkfunk brand dress is regularly $59.99. I got it for $3.50. What a deal!

Platform espadrille Sandals: Jelly Pop
Tribal Print Dress- SkunkPunk

Summer Fashion Wants

Spring is here and this gives me the itch to want new clothes. It usually starts at Easter. I keep coming across styles online and in the stores that I like. I have a Pinterest board set for “Summer Fashion”. However,  I do more “wanting” than “Buying”.

I need a new bathing suit. They are already getting picked over and I think Target had the cutest ones so far. The full piece seem to be hot this year but I’m leaning more toward the highwaist two peice. I also like the sporty look. I love this one. I’m always drawn to stripes and I like the mixed patterns. 

Have you seen all the jumpsuits that are out this year? I started seeing a lot of them last year. While most are casual dressy, I like the comfy, and cute ones. I’m loving the look of this vintage style jumpsuit. It would look great with a bandeau or tank top.

I am actually trying to find a pair of tulle socks. I have not seen anyone wearing them but I think they are just adorable. I may have to order a pair to get what I want. I think they are fun and different. Do they remind you of a lady losing her stockings? I know that’s the reaction I will have with Nick. Haha.

Let’s talk purses. I’m always looking for a fun purse to carry and I am swooning over this Aztec print clutch.


I am not 100% on board with the Kimono tops but these long sheer Kimonos are growing on me. I think they will be great for cool summer nights with jeans, shorts or over a swim suit.

Source unknown

According to my daughter, snake skin print is a growing style in the city right now. I’m glad because I am actually trying to find some wedges like these snakes skin print with brown. They are on Ebay but unfortunately they are not my size. They are also from China and I would want them by Easter, not Christmas.


Now if I could just find the closet space for the clothes and shoes I want. Ha. We have small closets and even with a small amount of clothes, it gets tight. I will just continue to window shop for now....Windows 10 that is. 

Wave Ring

I have been wanting a “wave” ring. So I went online and started shopping.

The more I looked at them, the more the do-it-yourself-er in me said, “Hey I can just make one of these!” So I jumped online to find some directions and within two clicks, I found an instructional video. Seriously, you can find anything on Google or Pinterest now days.

I jumped from my recliner and told my my husband I would be in my craft closet if he needs me. Yes, I have a craft closet not a craft room, but that's a good thing. I would have a mess if I had a whole room. This is where I store my paints, ribbons, buttons and other crafty stuff. I really do not do that many crafts, well, unless an idea strikes, like this ring idea

After about 30 minutes of finding my roll of wire and the tools I needed, I started on the ring. I bent and twisted a two inch wire until I had what appeared to be a wave, or in my mind looked like a shark fin. At this point I knew I needed to stick to crochet and leave the jewelry making to someone else. 

While It looks ok in the picture, I did not have the right kind of wire. What I used was too thin. I wore it to work the next day but did not like how it felt. It was too flimsy and as fidgety I am, I had it bent all out of shape. I got the general idea of how to make one but I refused to keep trying. My patience are only about 30 minutes long. 

The next evening I went online and ended up ordering one from a shop in California. I chose not to pay a lot for it and I did not care what it was made of really. However, It will be a 925 piece (which means it 92.5% silver) and I’m sure I will enjoy it longer than what I can make myself.

Now I have to wait for it to get through the California fires and should be here sometime during the first week of December.

Instructional video I used for my DIY Wave Ring- found HERE.
Ring Purchased- found at The Vault Silver.

It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Finally, It’s beginning to look like Christmas in the house. I usually do not do a lot of decorating because sadly, no one ever visits. Of course, I could cook or have a party and they would come but no on ever just “drops by”.

When my daughter was in for the weekend, I turned on the Christmas music and we decorated the Christmas tree and did a little cooking. While she finished the tree up, I headed to the den to decorate the mantle. I looked for black and white buffalo plaid to use with my accented reds throughout the house. I could not find what I was looking for, so I grabbed a table cloth, pot holders and a couple ornaments in the red and black gingham. It will have to do for now. Again, who's gonna see?

After we settled down for the night, we painted a couple cookie cutter style ornaments that she brought home for us to do. She always liked to paint ornaments since she was little. I will hold on to that as long as I can.

It was fun catching up on drama and giggling a bit. Nick was somewhere in the house hiding. I tell ya, we wear his ears out when shes home. It’s like having a best friend in the house. 

We skipped the black Friday mobs and headed out early Saturday morning for some shopping. First stop was to the restored Loray Mill for “shop small business Saturday”. There were lots of craft vendors. Here is my daughter checking out the breads and pastries. 

I purchased a tomato pie to try. After the small shopping at the mill, we headed to the mall and a few other places before eating lunch at McAlisters.

I had the half turkey ruben with tortilla soup. It was so good and just the perfect portion.

It was a busy weekend and its not going to lighten up anytime soon. There seems to be something going on every weekend from now until Christmas. 
But on a good note. I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping. If I can just stop buying myself something every time I go out, then maybe I’d be better off. 

Car Thinking

I have read two blog post recently about “cars”. One was on Shipslog and the other at Life101.  Both bloggers love old cars. Jack at Shipslog will usually post a vintage car at the end of his posts. This made me think about cars. It’s about time for me to get a new one.

I grew up in a family where the boys were all about cars. I remember my brother had a 1970 Ford Torino GT. 

He sold it and bought it back a couple times. I’m not sure why whe would do this, but after a few years he would go on a mission to find his old Ford. Sure enough, he would find it and buy it back. My dad was always a Dodge man and My brothers are more into Fords. 

My husband is a Ford man too, so all the cars I have ever owned since we been married have been Fords. I am on my 5th one. I currently have a Ford Escape. This is my second one of those. I truely love it and it will be paid off in July. I am already thinking about my next car. I like to keep a new vehicle for warranty and trade value purposes. I do not mind making a small car payment, it beats having to put a few hundred dollars a month into a worn out car just to keep it running. have had my share of those. I once had a MG-B when I was young and it left me stranded many times. It kept my pockets empty. Now days, safety is a big concern so I need something dependable.

There is a car I want. It’s not a Ford. It’s a Fiat. 

Yes, an Italian made car. The price tags start at 16k. I do not know what it is about them, but I think they are so cute and it would be fun to drive one. The only one I like is the Fiat 500c. They are almost a convertible. Nick says no. He has a truck, but when we go out or takes trips, we take my car and he drives. He said he is not driving a Fiat. He made that clear to me. Yes ladies, I listen to my husband. He knows more about cars than I do and I trust his intentions. 

After the first of the year, I will start looking at my options for another small SUV. It would be really nice if I could afford an everyday car and also a little Fiat. Maybe I will hit the lottery. 

Something I learned today: There was a Fiat 500c in the 50’s! 
Here it is. 
 The 1959 Fiat 500c.
I’d rather have one of these.

Fall Cardigan

I just can’t seem to get into the whole Fall season around here in North Carolina. Our temperatures are still in the 80s. I’m still wearing shorts and flip flops for heaven sake. 

I went shopping this weekend for some new Fall booties, and again, I’m waking up today without any new ones. I just can’t seem to find a color and style that catches my eye. I’m also on a mission for a new pocket book but I can’t find the right one. The only one I saw that I really liked, was the same price as my car payment, so nope.

We headed out to the mall and I picked up some lotion from bath and body works then skipped across the mall to Charlotte Russe. (Yes I practically skipped because I was feeling giddy after getting my lotion at a great sale price). 

We are planning on taking another trip to the beach next week so I wanted some new threads to wear. I had to ask myself, “Do I hit the sales rack for reduced summer items? I mean, it is still hot outside. Or do I go ahead and get something Fallish?” 
The weather man is calling for some cooler weather finally starting next week. So, it could be cool at the beach.
I was in a limbo.

First I headed straight back to the shoe wall and ohhed and ahhed over the sweet looking shoes they had. Then turned to the sweater rack. Thats when I saw some rust colored cardigans on door buster sale. They were practically half price and I love this color. 

I grabbed a small and headed to the register. 

I plan to pack this in my suitcase for my Fall beach trip. No matter how warm it is, It can get a little chilly at the beach during the evenings. I plan to wear this cardigain with my jeans but I also think it looks fun with my denim shorts and T-shirt. 

It’s a fun cardigan that can be dressed up or down. It’s perfect for Fall and fun to wear. 

Open Front Cable Cardigan- Charlotte Russe
Split Side Denim Cut off shorts- Old Navy
White Luxe T-shirt- Gap

This Weekend

This weekend- I am having a little trouble blogging and I’m rather aggrivated. I do all my blogging from my iPad pro. and occasionally from my iphone. Blogger does not support ipad any longer, so I bought an app called “Blog Touch Pro”. It links to my blogger. I can write a post from there and it is just like writing one on blogger. If I need to work with my blogger settings or layout, then I have to go to my desktop computer in the other room. It’s frustrating sometimes but I’ve adapted pretty well and happy with the app now for a couple years. HOWEVER, when my ipad did an update to IOS 12.0, the blog touch pro crashes and will not stay on more than a second. I have contacted them and they are aware of this and are in the process of fixing it. I wish they would hurry. I could be using the desk top computer now but im Blogging from an iphone, that’s where my photos are.

This weekend- We did some shopping for a couple last minute birthday gifts for my daughter. I saw a lot of things I wanted for myself but held out for another day.

I seen these little wizards things at Belks and fell in love.

I wanted one so bad but not at $30.00. I’d rather put that toward a pair of Fall booties. I shopped for those too but could not find the ones I want.

Then I saw this little biscut can thingy.

I just had no idea what I needed it for. I just liked it. I can’t afford things I “just like”. I have to save for things I “need”, like shoes and pocketbooks. 
Girls, you get it.

I went to the dollar store to get wrapping paper and grabbed these two adorable kitchen towels.

One for me and one for my daughter.

This Weekend- We got out early Saturday morning to the YMCA to watch my little 4 year old nephew play his first ever soccer game. 
He is number 4.

Those kids are just the cutest things. Some played their little hearts out and some stood on the field and cried for their moms. Here is number 4 and his poppy consoling a little boy that was upset.

During the game, you would find some players picking flowers and some doing cartwheels. They were just so funny. The coaches were worn out.

Number 4 was asked to block the goal. Here he is doing just that.

This weekend- We took our daughter out for her birthday dinner with family at the Thia House.

She was showered with gifts, cards and birthday wishes. 

It was a great ending to a long weekend.

Now its back to work. It’s going to be a long day on Monday as I have had some computer and employee problems to deal with, but I will get through it. I always do.

Mighty Dollar Finds

Being a bargain shopper I can’t find any place cheaper than Mighty Dollar. You know, those dollar stores where everything is only $1.00? You still have to be careful though because you can easily pay a dollar for an item that you can get a Walmart for less than a dollar.

I like to stop in the dollar store about once every couple of weeks to grab small bags of candy to fill my candy dish. I usually grab the creamy chocolaty goodness of Hersey Kisses. Nick will grab a few types of cookies or chips he likes that he can’t seem to find anywhere else. So, the other day we stopped in Mighty Dollar so Nick could grab some unsalted pork skins. He loves those things and this is the only place he can find the unsalted ones. 

That's when I came across some berry boxes.....BINGO!

I have actually been looking for a reusable berry box since I seen them at Krogers while I was at the beach this Summer. Nick always has blueberries in the refrigerator for his oatmeal. He will usually keep them in the thin little berry container they come in, which results in leaking after he rinses the berries off. 

This has worked perfect to keep his blue berries fresh and leak proof. I’m tickled with this find for only a dollar. I may go back for more. 
Similar Berry Box HERE.

Next, I found these damask pillow covers, so I grabbed two. I have a set of pillows that came with my sofa years ago and I am tired of the dark print that is on them.

I chose the cream color to match the curtains that are hanging nearby. These pillow cases zip on and off for easy cleaning. They are not the best quality, but they will get us by until we find some new furniture, which I hope is soon. Not bad for a dollar.
 Similar Pillow Covers HERE.

Before leaving the store I looked over at the kitchen isle and noticed these cute little wine bags hanging on the wall. I dug around in my purse for another dollar and grabbed one of these too. 

Not sure why, but I thought it was darling. It’s made of cotton canvas with a little drawstring. These little sacks would be perfect to use when giving wine as a gift. A bottle of wine is a great “thank you gift” when your invited to a gathering with friends. 
 Similar wine bag HERE

Family Dollar Fashion

When I think of Family Dollar, I think of it as a place to buy household cleaners, bubble gum and batteries. I had no idea they had cute fun clothes. I have never had any intentions of buying clothes from a dollar store.
Well. Listen to this....

I had seen a dress on line that I liked and showed it to my daughter. She was surprised because It was a coincident that she had planned to give me a dress that was similar to the one I showed her. Her room mate works for Family Dollar and gave her a dress from their clothing line. It didn't fit her well so she asked if I wanted it. “Sure” I said. 

This shift dress has double ruffled sleeves that drop perfect off my shoulders giving it this fun cold shoulder style. The jersey material makes it light and cool for the warm weather we have been having. The material stretches with every move so you don’t have to worry about it riding up and showing your bloomers when you bend down or if the wind blows in your direction. 

I paired it with my favorite nude heels for a dressy look. This dress is sexy enough for date night, yet modest enough for church. I actually wore it to church Sunday and got a lot of compliments from all ages.

Another way I wore this dress was by blousing it over a fitted belt.

This style made the dress shorter and gave it a more fun look that can be worn with flats or sandles. This style makes it a fun dress for the beach, shopping or a trip to the park. 

Who said clothes always have to be designer or from a fancy boutique. Just go to the nearest Family Dollar and check out more of their clothing options with prices and styles for anyone. 

Model Dress on the left  - Wild Meadow found on Amazon
Dress on right- Just Be found at Family Dollar
Nude Heels- Charlotte Russe 

I was not asked or compensated by Family Dollar or any other brand or store for this blog post. 
This review is all my own with my honest opinion.

Indian Dolls- Memories

I remember when I was young, one of the places our family would visit was Cherokee, NC. On the way, we would often pull over for a roadside picnic. Those were the good ole Days.

I loved to visit Cherokee because I loved to see the Indians. You could see some in full suit and head dress walking around. I even had a little Indian dress myself and a pair of moccasins. I think there was dancing chickens and a piano playing chicken but I could have been dreaming.

While we were there, we would always go into the shops. Mom and dad would give us each a couple dollars to buy a souvenir. My big brother would often get at tomahawk or hat. My little Sister liked to pick up a pet rock and I went straight to the Indian dolls and beaded jewelry. I would walk away with one of the other.

I loved the little Indean dolls the best. There was just something about the smell of the leather outfit, tiny shoes, and cotton hair. I have no idea where those dolls are today but I wish I still had one.

My sister drove up to Cherokee a couple weekends ago on a job assignment and revisited a few of the stores.

She was sweet enough to bring me back a souvenir of a tiny beaded Indian doll necklace just like we wore when we were little.

They are still made the same as they were over 40 years ago. Look close, you can even see tiny little feet under her dress.

Not only did my sister bring me back this sweet gift but she also brought back some memories. Now I am trying to get my husband take me back to the Indian town and visit the casinos. I have never been to a casino, and of course touch an Indian. [Grin].