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Bracelet Stand Updo

I'm a little behind on my blog post lately. I try to keep them flowing but sometimes I fall behind. When this happens, It's usually because of an unexpected happening or simply writers bloggers block. I know there are not rules but I still like to stay active for your reading pleasure. ha ha.

If you follow me, you know I am also a brand rep for PuraVida bracelets. With that comes a lot bracelets that are gifted for promotions or purchased myself. I needed a place to put them all. I was keeping them in a small drawer but they were not fun to get too. I was also finding them scattered throughout the house where I would take them off and lay them down.

I told my husband to be on the lookout for a bracelet stand. I have other bracelets too and it would be nice to have a place to keep them organized. We searched a few stores around here and the only one I could find was at a TJmaxx store and it was over priced and looked no more than a covered toilet paper roll on a stick.

Last week he found a bracelet stand at a local thrift store and picked it up for only five dollars. It was not the prettiest thing as it had a cardboard base with a missing drawer. He also grabbed a small cutting block for a dollar.

He replaced the base using the small cutting block and it looks much better to me. I was going to change the crystal knobs with more of a rustic look to match the base but I think I will just leave it as it is for now.

A few screws and six dollars later, I now can display my bracelets and easily choose what to wear with my outfit for the day.

Use code: LISADIMEO20 to get 20% off.

Estate Sale Finds

Nick ventured out on his morning walk while I stayed in cleaning the house, dancing and singing all to myself! That's usually how I start my Saturdays.

While I was dusting, I got a text. It was Nick letting me know that there was an estate sale in the neighborhood if I want to check it out. He mentioned there was a couple small coffee makers that our daughter had requested wanting. She does not care if it is new or used, as long as it will make her a cup of coffee. Hers broke and she needed a replacement. She doesn't like the fancy ones with the timers. She just wants an off/on switch.

I threw on some decent clothes and headed up the road. Sure enough there was two nice little coffee makers waiting for a new home. I picked the better of the two and headed to the pay table.

This coffee maker costed me $2.00. After a good wash and sanitizing, it’s like new.

Before leaving, I noticed a table of old costume jewelry. I'm a sucker for old jewelry but rarely wear it. I found this set of clip on earrings and thought about my mom. She does not have pierced ears and likes small dainty clip-ons. I thought these were really pretty and looked like her.

I purchased these gold/rose clip on earrings for .75 cent and she liked them and actually had a necklace to match.

Oh but that's not all. I also kept eyeing an old coat pin. I could tell it was pretty old by the shape of the pin itself. It had five little hand painted wooden Russian nesting dolls hanging from it. I kept questioning myself if I really want it or not. That's when Nick walked up and told me to just go ahead and get it. It was different. So I did.

This little charm was only $1.00.

That's all I picked up this day. I usually like to go searching estate and yard sales for vintage tea towels. As summer approaches, there will be more sales spotted around the neighborhood.
You never know what kind of goodies I might find. 

GoodWill Fashion

As I have said before, I am a big thrifty shopper. I do not hesitate going to the local thrift shops or heading straight back to the clearance racks at my favorite stores. I never wear anything for long. I am never in need for anything expensive and my job does not require any dress code. It’s only me in a small office where I am not exposed to other people or sunshine.

I know a lot of people that will snarl their nose up when I mention used clothes. I understand and I am picky about what I touch and what I bring home. However, if you take the time to look, you can find some nice items that still have the tags attached. Some items you can just tell they were taken care of or rarely used. That's what I look for. Think about it... You buy new clothes from a department store and there is no telling how many people have tried it on. I also make it a rule to not buy anything that I can't wash regularly in the washing machine.

Today I would like to show you my latest find from the GoodWill Thrift shop. I found this Mudd cross front bodycon dress for 4.99.

I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it on the rack. I love the colors. Though its not quiet Fall yet, this will be perfect once the weather starts cooling down. 

I usually stay away from these tight fitting dresses because they show every muffin top and ripple I own. However, this dress was not tight, though it looks like it is. There was plenty of wiggle room and the poly blend fabric is super soft and light weight.

I like for my clothes to have special details and this one has it. The crisscross front says sexy while staying modest. This dress will be perfect for church or nice dinner out. I’m calling this one a win.

One is sold at Kohls by Mudd.
One was found at GoodWill.
One is a professional model 
One is definitely not 

Mighty Dollar Finds

Being a bargain shopper I can’t find any place cheaper than Mighty Dollar. You know, those dollar stores where everything is only $1.00? You still have to be careful though because you can easily pay a dollar for an item that you can get a Walmart for less than a dollar.

I like to stop in the dollar store about once every couple of weeks to grab small bags of candy to fill my candy dish. I usually grab the creamy chocolaty goodness of Hersey Kisses. Nick will grab a few types of cookies or chips he likes that he can’t seem to find anywhere else. So, the other day we stopped in Mighty Dollar so Nick could grab some unsalted pork skins. He loves those things and this is the only place he can find the unsalted ones. 

That's when I came across some berry boxes.....BINGO!

I have actually been looking for a reusable berry box since I seen them at Krogers while I was at the beach this Summer. Nick always has blueberries in the refrigerator for his oatmeal. He will usually keep them in the thin little berry container they come in, which results in leaking after he rinses the berries off. 

This has worked perfect to keep his blue berries fresh and leak proof. I’m tickled with this find for only a dollar. I may go back for more. 
Similar Berry Box HERE.

Next, I found these damask pillow covers, so I grabbed two. I have a set of pillows that came with my sofa years ago and I am tired of the dark print that is on them.

I chose the cream color to match the curtains that are hanging nearby. These pillow cases zip on and off for easy cleaning. They are not the best quality, but they will get us by until we find some new furniture, which I hope is soon. Not bad for a dollar.
 Similar Pillow Covers HERE.

Before leaving the store I looked over at the kitchen isle and noticed these cute little wine bags hanging on the wall. I dug around in my purse for another dollar and grabbed one of these too. 

Not sure why, but I thought it was darling. It’s made of cotton canvas with a little drawstring. These little sacks would be perfect to use when giving wine as a gift. A bottle of wine is a great “thank you gift” when your invited to a gathering with friends. 
 Similar wine bag HERE

Family Dollar Fashion

When I think of Family Dollar, I think of it as a place to buy household cleaners, bubble gum and batteries. I had no idea they had cute fun clothes. I have never had any intentions of buying clothes from a dollar store.
Well. Listen to this....

I had seen a dress on line that I liked and showed it to my daughter. She was surprised because It was a coincident that she had planned to give me a dress that was similar to the one I showed her. Her room mate works for Family Dollar and gave her a dress from their clothing line. It didn't fit her well so she asked if I wanted it. “Sure” I said. 

This shift dress has double ruffled sleeves that drop perfect off my shoulders giving it this fun cold shoulder style. The jersey material makes it light and cool for the warm weather we have been having. The material stretches with every move so you don’t have to worry about it riding up and showing your bloomers when you bend down or if the wind blows in your direction. 

I paired it with my favorite nude heels for a dressy look. This dress is sexy enough for date night, yet modest enough for church. I actually wore it to church Sunday and got a lot of compliments from all ages.

Another way I wore this dress was by blousing it over a fitted belt.

This style made the dress shorter and gave it a more fun look that can be worn with flats or sandles. This style makes it a fun dress for the beach, shopping or a trip to the park. 

Who said clothes always have to be designer or from a fancy boutique. Just go to the nearest Family Dollar and check out more of their clothing options with prices and styles for anyone. 

Model Dress on the left  - Wild Meadow found on Amazon
Dress on right- Just Be found at Family Dollar
Nude Heels- Charlotte Russe 

I was not asked or compensated by Family Dollar or any other brand or store for this blog post. 
This review is all my own with my honest opinion.

Thrifty Fashion- Camouflaged Deal

I am a broke girl and not ashamed to admit that I will be the first to make a bee line to the back of a store and hit the clearance racks. I will also be the first to admit that I will shop for clothes at a 2nd hand store in a heart beat. I look for new or almost new items that can be easily washed and dried. For the record, I will NOT buy shoes or undies at a 2nd hand store. 

(I may have told this story before) 
A few months back, Nick and I decided to go look around our local Goodwill thrift store. I was ready to leave when I looked across the store and saw him holding up a pair of camo pants. I laughed and shook my head "no". I am not much of a camo wearing girl. He motioned for me to come closer. 
The pants had never been worn and still had the price tag on them! I had to take a 2nd look at that price tag.

That's when I decided, "ok, I can be a girl that rocks the camouflage". 
These pants were two sizes too big but I could not turn down a deal like this. I purchased them for only $3.99! After I washed them in warm water to makes sure of any shrinkage, I took them to my mom and she altered them to fit me. 

These pants are cropped with zippers on the ankles to give them a style that can be worn different ways. The material is thick, yet cool so they can be worn in any season with at tank top or sweater. 

They are sold with the distressed look and the more they are washed the better. I also love the cargo pockets so when I have to make a quick trip to the store or salon, I can just toss my phone and some change in my pockets and go.

Now I'm thinking every girl should own at least one pair of camouflage pants. What do you think? 

Style brands:

Cargo Camouflage Pants: Current/Elliott
1/4 Sleeve Onesie: Gap
Tan Wedges:  New York & Co.
Crochet Earrings: LiLiDi on Etsy
Hat: GPD

Thrift Store Find

I like to shop around thrift stores sometimes on my spare time. I love finding things other people toss out. For the record, I am not a junk collector. Ha. I only buy things I know I will use and if I don’t use it (or sell it) I will give it away. I do not like clutter.

The other day while shopping at the Goodwill, I found a set of adorable little tea towels. I call them all tea towels. I don’t know. I think there is a difference in tea towels, pastry towels and just kitchen towels. I’m a sucker for vintage linens and my husband will often have to pull me away. though these are not vintage but I love them as if. 

Any way....

I had no intentions of buy more towels! I was actually looking for a used potato peeler for my daughter. These little towels were just hanging on the linen rack of the store, waving at me and yelling....”yooo hooo, we have never been used and we have cupcakes!” 

Douughhhh! I had to have them. They are made of cotton and have the cutest little cupcake designs. These towels even have a cute little loop on the top so I can hang them if I wish. 

I tossed them in the washing machine ( I always wash anything I bring home for a second hand store not matter if it has the tags on it or not, you never know if a person is really clean, has pets, or smoke). They washed up wonderfully. 

You might wonder what I do with towels I find. I fold them and place them in my towel drawer of course! 
I also use them under a hot dish I might take to a dinner or cookout. 
Line a box to take goodies on the road or a picnic basket.
Wipe up messes
Dry dishes
Wrap ice packs
I’ve even use them for place mats when we eat on the patio.
But my favorite way to use them is place them on my coffee bar area to keep it clean where we lay our stirrers and spoons and other coffee messes. 

Oh wait, here is another view of that coffee scoop! Isn’t it adorable too? My daughter got it for me and I love love love it.

Coffee scoop by Mud Pie

Speaking of ways to use kitchen towels....Who remembers when bread was put in a bread basket then wrapped in a towel ? My mom and grandma used to do it and so do I.