Thrift Store Find

I like to shop around thrift stores sometimes on my spare time. I love finding things other people toss out. For the record, I am not a junk collector. Ha. I only buy things I know I will use and if I don’t use it (or sell it) I will give it away. I do not like clutter.

The other day while shopping at the Goodwill, I found a set of adorable little tea towels. I call them all tea towels. I don’t know. I think there is a difference in tea towels, pastry towels and just kitchen towels. I’m a sucker for vintage linens and my husband will often have to pull me away. though these are not vintage but I love them as if. 

Any way....

I had no intentions of buy more towels! I was actually looking for a used potato peeler for my daughter. These little towels were just hanging on the linen rack of the store, waving at me and yelling....”yooo hooo, we have never been used and we have cupcakes!” 

Douughhhh! I had to have them. They are made of cotton and have the cutest little cupcake designs. These towels even have a cute little loop on the top so I can hang them if I wish. 

I tossed them in the washing machine ( I always wash anything I bring home for a second hand store not matter if it has the tags on it or not, you never know if a person is really clean, has pets, or smoke). They washed up wonderfully. 

You might wonder what I do with towels I find. I fold them and place them in my towel drawer of course! 
I also use them under a hot dish I might take to a dinner or cookout. 
Line a box to take goodies on the road or a picnic basket.
Wipe up messes
Dry dishes
Wrap ice packs
I’ve even use them for place mats when we eat on the patio.
But my favorite way to use them is place them on my coffee bar area to keep it clean where we lay our stirrers and spoons and other coffee messes. 

Oh wait, here is another view of that coffee scoop! Isn’t it adorable too? My daughter got it for me and I love love love it.

Coffee scoop by Mud Pie

Speaking of ways to use kitchen towels....Who remembers when bread was put in a bread basket then wrapped in a towel ? My mom and grandma used to do it and so do I.


  1. What cute tea towels. I have some that were my grandmothers. They have so many uses. Never wrapped bread in one though.

  2. Tea towel love! But I heart the coffee scoop BIG TIME!! Such a sweet daughter!

  3. That's the way I always serve rolls or biscuits!!

  4. Strange thing. I just dug out a basket with builtin towels for a fresh loaf of bread. It was in the storage building at granddaughter's house. LOL
    I've noticed you are sorta partial to smaller towels.
    Sending good thoughts from this end of GAston county.

  5. The towels are adorable. Sometimes the old things have so much more character than anything you can find in a store now. Lisa, I host a link party every Friday morning and would love it if you would join us. It begins at 7 am est.