Vintage Find- What is it?

I am in possession of the this cool looking antique gadget. I know it had to be used in baking but I just can’t find the connection.
The tag that was hand written on a sticker said “biscuit cutter”  but I'm just not buying the idea that this thing is a biscuit cutter. I have never seen biscuits shaped like this. Maybe in France or something but not here in the South.

So, What is it?

I searched the Internet for such a tool and found something newer but similar, called a “Hex Roller Cutter”... Ok but I want to know what exactly does it cuts???? 
I could not find anything else about it.

It consist of twelve hexagon shaped cutters and rolls like a rolling pin. 

My father in-laws parents were from Italy, so maybe it's a Ravioli cutter?

I’m thinking its some sort of pastry cutter.

Maybe its some kind of cookie cutter?

Could it be something that was used to make brick or cut shapes into concrete?

What’s your idea?

UPDATE: since posting this, I did some more research and it seems to be a “Moline Stainless Steel commercial Hexagon roller bisquit cutter” 


  1. I too think it has to do with concrete. Let me do some checking and I'll send you what I find if anything. No matter, it's super cool and you find great stuff!

  2. I've never seen an item like this before. I'm also interested in knowing what it is. Happy Monday!

  3. Some place we eat has that shape of biscuit, and I cannot remember where. BUT it seems to be for something thin so could be ravioli. However, either way it uses all the dough at once and it prevents the baker from having all the little strips and spots of dough to re-roll to finish the dough if you use a single round biscuit cutter. What ever it is, I like its efficiency.
    From crossed the South fork. Sherry & jack

  4. When you find out, please let us know!!

  5. UPDATE: since posting this, I did some more research and it seems to be a “Moline Stainless Steel commercial Hexagon roller bisquit cutter”
    Jack seemed to have the answer too!!!

  6. I would have said some kind of pastry cutter but looks like you've found your answer. Interesting tool!!

  7. Them would be some big honking biscuits.

  8. Lisa, I was going to say, Yes, that is a biscuit cutter. I would never use it because I rarely make more than 12 biscuits at a time, but it would come in handy for a farm, school or institutional cook.

  9. That would make a lot of biscuits.

  10. I love this cool vintage tool! And while it may be a biscuit cutter, I kind of like it as a ravioli cutter better...being Italian myself...but I suppose you could really cut anything you’d like with it, couldn’t you?! Super cool find!