Red Tassels

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July.

I’m just glad I got the day off! However, my day did not start off as planned. I woke up with a terrible eye infection. It was itching and burning so bad, I was ready to gouge it out! It was red, filled with green puss and swollen. I literally looked like I had been in a fight. The doctors office was closed so my husband skipped his morning walk to take me to the nearest “minute clinic” so I could get started on some medicine. I was diagnosed with pink eye. I was pretty miserable all day.

Later we attended a cookout at my brother in laws. I really hated that I could not pick up my little nephew and get sweet hugs from him. I did not want to chance spreading my eye infection. I was told I would be contagious for 24 hours after I start the medicine. It did not keep me from over eating on banana pudding and fruit cobbler though! 

Before we left the house, I wanted a pair of red earrings to match my outfit. I wore khaki shorts, white eyelet top, a red bandanna in my hair and of course, my new red sandals (mentioned in previous post). I thought for a minute on how I can accomplish making a pair of earrings. That's when it donged on me that I have some red embroidery thread and some earring pieces in my craft closet.

I wrapped the red thread around three fingers twenty times. Then cut the loop to make straight strands. Then I added a little hoop to the earring hooks and put the clump of thread through the hoop then folded and tied it closed. I added an extra little hoop around the tassels to add some glam and also help hold it all together. 
It took me all of fifteen minutes to complete and I was ready to go. 

I took a goofy side view to hide my monster eye on the right side. I’m pretty excited how the earrings turned out. No beads or fancy stuff were added to them. I just wanted some accessories and you can’t go wrong with tassels. 

We never went to see fireworks. Our neighbors were texting for us to hurry home so we could all meet up and watch them shoot some off. They said they had enough to make the cops come! I was all in because who doesn't want to be a rebel sometimes, right? We got home as soon as we could but unfortunately we missed the fun so we sat in the yard and watched over the trees at other fireworks from around the block. It ended up being a nice evening and no laws were broken.  


  1. Very clever and you look so cute :)

  2. Aww sorry to hear about the eye infection and hope it heals soon. Your dress your mom made you many years ago is so nice and looks great on you. I love the cute earrings you made and goes great with the dress.

  3. My wife would roll you for those ear rings :)
    Glad your day turned out out OK.

  4. You are so clever, my friend. Hope your eye is better soon!!

  5. Oh so sorry about the pink eye. That is not pleasant. Hope it heals quickly.
    What a great idea for the earrings you made.

  6. Your earrings and the bandana in your hair are adorable! How smart you are.

    Pink eye sounds really uncomfortable to me. I've never had it but remember the kids getting it. It's really contagious, I think. Hope you are better now.

  7. ahhhh

    Maybe you've been letting that eye wander where it shouldn't :(

  8. Lisa, how great are these earrings! And so easy to make, too. I recently picked up a pack of different colored leather tassels from Michaels for under $6 and a pack of earring hooks for $3 and after about 15 minutes time, I had 12 different pairs of tassel earrings for less than $10 total! You really can’t go wrong with tassels so you need them in every color! I do hope your eye is better soon. I had pink eye back in December and it was so miserable. I hadn’t had an eye infection like that since my childhood. And I would rather leave that in childhood!


  9. Yo are the best with 'on the spot' creations. Good looking ear decorations. I don't know how I missed this, I must be sleeping. hahaha

  10. These are great. I did exactly the same thing about a month ago. We were off to a wedding that evening and I needed pink earrings to match my dress. I made tassels like you did and then slipped them into my silver hoops. I've made myself a load more in other colours since too. Tassels are very on trend at the moment apparently! Thanks for joining us at Handmade Monday to share these.

  11. Brilliant! These look so cute with your bandana! #bloggersbest

  12. These are so cool! Really suit the bandana and your hair too. Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x