TBB Asks- Vacation

OH my! July is already here! That means half the year is over! Yikes! But hey, Summer just started right?

Speaking of Summer, The first Monday of each month, the ladies of "The Blended Blog" host a linkup with fun themed questions and answers to write about and share. This is month it's all about Summer! So, I have decided to join in on the fun. 

The theme for July is "Vacation".
This will be my first "TBB Ask post". Enjoy.

1. Will you go on Summer vacation this year?
You betcha! Unfortunately, My job does not allow me but ten days a year in which I can only take one whole week at a time. I spread out five of the days and make long weekends. Then I take a whole week later in the summer.

2. Do nothing but relax or pack it all in vacation?
I'd say we do noting but relax. We will set up our chairs and umbrella on the beach and sit from sun up to sun down, relaxing, talking and making new friends. The only thing I pack in is the snacks!

3. What month do you like to vacation?
August is the month we take or week long vacation. We like this month because there are no crowds from the holidays. Also it gives us something to look forward to all summer.

4. Cruise: Yes or No?
No. I would love to go on a cruise one day but the husband is not a fan of being out on the waters. Hopefully, one day he will change is mind.

5. Favorite vacation tradition?
Our vacation tradition is heading out to this hamburger joint that we love so much. We have to make a visit every trip. (I mean unless you call setting up camp a tradition?).

6. Most memorable vacation?
I will say the most memorable vacation was our first time taking our daughter to the beach. It was so fun dressing her in those little cute swim suits and watching my husband play with her in the water. This is also when she took her first steps.

7. Pack light or pack it all?
I try to pack light. I can put a whole week in a small 22 inch suitcase. Even then, I rarely wear everything I take (but then there are shoes).

8. Hotel, Condo, House?
We own a Camper. We like having our own bed. 

9. Favorite thing to eat on vacation?
I love to eat some good crab legs or grill out. But nothing beats a good tomato sandwich on the beach.

10. Warm or cold destination?
A. Warm of course! I am miserable in the cold.

Happy Monday!


  1. LOVE reading your answers! Mmmm a tomato sandwich on the beach sounds so great and having a camper for sweet adventures!

  2. We just returned from a family vacation on the beach! It was wonderful and so much fun with all the grands!! Enjoy your August vacation!!

  3. I love reading answers to questions like this. I get tongue tied trying to answer. We have always liked our own bed on vacation also, even if it was a air mattress and a sleeping bag.