Cactus Rocks

Well what do ya know? I found a plant that I can’t kill. That's right. I do not need to water it or feed it. It’s cactus rocks!

I saw this cute little idea of painting rocks on Pinterest the other day and since I like to paint and do crafty stuff, I thought I’d give it shot.

Francilina stole three rocks from the Wendy’s parking lot and the fun began. 
(Name has been changed to protect the guilty).

I took these rocks outside one 98 degree day and painted away. I never even broke a sweat. (I ran a 5k a few weeks ago and didn’t break a sweat then either, but that's beside the point). Our large dogwood now hangs over the patio enough to give it a nice afternoon shade. I enjoyed my time alone painting rocks. However, it was not easy! 

The base color was easy but trying to paint the tiny prickly hairs that cactus have was ridiculously hard. Oh and by the way, don’t use paint brushes from the dollar store. The bristles kept coming off in my paint making them look hairyeeeee....Wait, I just had an idea. I should have just glued the tiny brush bristles onto the rock to really give a prickly look. Oh well, it’s too late now.

I know, I know, they look terrible, but from a distance I think they are ok. Sort of adorable actually. I think I will take them to work and put them up on a shelf in my office.

This would be a great idea for moms, teachers or babysitters. You can create many cactus rocks of different sizes and shapes. Purchase some small planters or cups along with some pebbles from the dollar store. The kids can have fun creating their own little cactus gardens over and over. I mean, it’s not like they will break. They are rocks! Just make sure little Johnny doesn’t stuff the pebbles up his nose. 


  1. Your project turned out cute and rock cactus don't bite you with sharp little spines.

  2. hi! New to your blog! The rocks are very cute, but sounds like too much work. Then again, spread out over the life of time you will have them...not so much. :)

  3. Love your cactus rocks. What a great idea and you did a great job. I'm sure mine wouldn't come out looking so good.

  4. Hey I gotta try that. My mama always said to me, "The reason you can't grow anything is you love it to death!" I just killed three of my tomato plants, but we did get some good tomato sandwiches out of them that are gone. LOL
    Way to go Crafty one, your plant is looking good!

  5. PS I like the new picture, looks great!

    1. Thanks Jack. Im not too sure about it yet.

  6. I love these cactus rocks - they have bought a smile to my face xx

  7. Your cactus rock are so cute :) I have been gathering round rocks, they are so much fun to paint. I would like to start painting them and leaving them around with a positive message on the underside. I have seen where people are doing that, and it seems like a very sweet idea.
    Again, very sweet project.
    Connie :)

  8. CUTE as a button! You’re the best!

  9. What a perfect gift! Especially for people who tend to "kill" their house plants but still want green color around. I love them! My mom paints rocks too and I should tell her to try making some of these. #Bloggersbest

  10. They're great, I've see these (and pinned them) on pinterest too but never tried it out. I've also had cheap paintbrush issues in the past - your advice it spot on!

  11. This is so cute at first glance I really thought they were real cactus. Great gift idea too!

  12. I have seen so many of these designs. These look fabulous!! Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x