My New iPhone Gadget

I’ll admit. I take lots of selfies. No one else can take a selfie of me, like me. Is that weird? Yes I think it's very weird that people snap pictures of themselves. I can’t believe that I actually will do this.
I will even take a selfie in front of people! I remember the days where I would hide from any camera much less take a photo of myself! I will take a dozen before I decide one looks ok enough to make a profile photo for social media. Until recently, I hid from cameras. I'm learning to have a better self esteem and not be so critical on how I look.

My daughter was always my photographer but now she no longer lives in the house. Now I have no one to take any pictures of me. My husband is not qualified.
You might wonder why this is important to me. Well I promise I do not think I look good on camera nor do I think I half way qualify as a model. 
You see, I get asked sometimes to take promotional photos of myself. Once I had to do a video for social media. For the video, I literally tied my phone to a pole with a hair band. It was awkward and the video was not so good.

Recently, I have been asked to do more social media promoting so I figured I may need more to work with. I went online and started looking around for ideas. 
I came across this flexible “Octopus Tri-Pod” for my iPhone.
I even have a cool little blue tooth remote to snap the photos with. How cool is that?

This cute little tripod only cost me four bucks and I’m already loving it and haven't even used it yet. It can bend and rotate in many different angles and I can use it anywhere.
I do own a digital camera, but my iPhone seems to take better pictures than my little Cannon.

Being only 6 inches tall, It's portable, so can throw my personal photographer in my tote and take it with me on the road if I need too. I'm actually thinking of making a few fashion post soon. I just have to get the courage up first.

This little doohickey will be perfect for those fashion bloggers or those who just want to take a fun selfie or still video. 

(I’m laughing now because spell check just corrected my spelling of "doohickey". It must be from the South too. Haha.)

Octopus tripod- EBAY
Wireless blue tooth camera remote-EBAY


  1. I love selfies! My Louis Dean will take pics of me but his hands are so big and my phone is so small! Sometimes he keeps the button down and one time it took 137 pics!
    I have a selfie stick! When I remember to use it! You are gorgeous and I’m always glad to see a photo when I visit a blog. I especially like the black and white one below the comment box!

  2. I've never taken a selfie with my phone. I never like pictures of myself!!

  3. So funny Lisa. That little tripod was twisted into knots. LOL. I think it's a great deal. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Yep, I have those devices and I use them all the time.
    I don’t photograph as well as you do but Jilda was a model for years and she said the key in photographs was to find comfort in front of the lens.
    You have found that comfort and now you have the tools to take even better pics.

  5. Rick is right. and YOU have reason to feel confident. We are proud to know you and your accomplishments.
    Just because Mr. Tripod 'can' get into all those positions, I am not sure he wants to! LOL Great post!

  6. I have to get one of these. I must take thousands, although I'm just too shy to post them! :)

  7. It's not weird at all! I like to take my own selfies as Well! I could use one of those tripods! I hope you decide to do fashion posts! I think you would do amazing with fashion posts!

  8. So you could hang with me and my sister just fine. We are the queens of selfie's and don't leave home without our selfie stick but hey, I'm loving this new gadget. I saw it on a Facebook popup thing, I'm glad to see it actually works It just might be the new thing for us too!!

  9. This looks like a good one for taking group pictures.

  10. Lisa, I also have a bendy little iPhone tripod with remote and it is the perfect doohickey gadget for taking your own photos and videos! I find though that I have to line it up properly and make sure I am in the frame with it facing the right way (rather than selfie mode) because selfie mode photos tend to come out a little blurry on my phone. But I have hooked that bendy little tripod to fences and gates and tree branches and poles and all sorts of other places! Sometimes it gets a little crooked and lopsided, but nothing that a quick edit can’t fix. I will say this though...when I am using this in public places, I still try to hide from people who may see me! I do feel a bit ridiculous posing there by myself snapping pictures of myself! I prefer my husband as photographer...and he has become qualified through lots of practice! Enjoy your new gadget and have fun with it! In the meantime, start training your husband for “Instagram husband” status!


    1. Thanks for the tips. I have noticed the blurr effect and yes I will still be hiding from people. Haha.