Thinking of Change

Happy Saturday! This is the beginning of Independence Day week. I can start my week on a Saturday right? I have to work Monday and Tuedsay then I get Wednesday off then its back to work on Thursday and Friday. But hey, I’m just excited to get a day off. 

Do you have any 4th of July plans? We plan to cook out with family and enjoy a last visit from my nephew who will be moving to London for three years for work. We will probably go up town to enjoy the fireworks that evenening. 

I have been thinking all week on some blog changes. I have had this blog for since 2011! Im thinking of making another blog using a different platform other than blogger. Maybe try to monetize. I just do not know where to start. I am not that smart on computer language. Heck, I didn't even know what monetize was until I looked it up yesterday. I want to keep my blog as a lifestyle blog as I like to talk about different things instead of focusing on one subject. Hahah, Me focus? Yea right.

So I’m hoping to get some feed back here in the comments. I would love to know what kind of platfroms you use for blogging. Here are some of the questions I have rolling over and over in my mind...

What platform do you use? Blogger, WordPress, etc...
Do you have your own domain? 
Does WordPress cost? If not, is the free version any good?
How easy is your platfrom to use?
Did you purchase help to set your blog up? (I have a fairy blog mother ) 

Don’t worry, I will not just up and abandon this blog or my readers. This is just some thoughts I have had lately. I just want fresh and new. 
Looking for advice.

Now I’m off to the farmers market and thrift store shopping. Toodles! 


  1. No other comments yet. I'll have to come back. I'm interested in what others say. I do hate the quirks in Blogger, but the Wordpress sites I've visited are always so convoluted and not very 'user friendly' ... Seems it allows users to try a lot of things that they should never have considered.

  2. I changed my page around last year and used the page layouts that were free on blogger. The free designs are ok or at least I like them. Happy Saturday!

  3. I am far too lazy to even think of monetising my blog. Blogger has its quirks, but I believe WordPress has them too. And they don't play nicely together either. People with a WordPress blog often having trouble commenting on Blogger sites - and vice versa.

  4. I've been blogging with blogger for over 10 years and like it. No reason for me to change. My blog is really just my on line diary.

    Our town has a parade every year and it ends right in front of our house so we just sit on the porch and watch. Then late afternoon going to a friends house for a BBQ.

  5. I have a friend who likes word press, but I know nothing about it. I came to blogger because a couple journalists from AOL Journals came here. I must admit I am not too happy with blogger at present. I do not have a domain and don't know what I would do with it if I had one.

    I have thought about a better 'page' or 'domain' to show case my books but I think I am too old to make the change. Good luck at what you do. but when you do depart just let us know where you are headed.

    Love from this side of the South Fork...

  6. Blogger here. I do have mine forwarded to a domain. I use Adsense to monitize and I make a little but the nature of my blog doesn’t attract enough visitors to make much.
    I think if you focus on food and the best foods for maintaining weight, or do fashion, or something that has wide appeal and then partner with companies that sell some of those products you might have a better chance of making money.
    I really don’t know much about WordPress or other platforms.
    I think you have to build trust With your readers is key. People want to be informed not SOLD to...if that makes sense.

  7. You might talk to Brenda- Cozy Little House- I know she switched over and then came back and I believe she monetizes right on the blog she has now. You could easily use this blog platform to promote the weight loss you have experienced and would have plenty of people to support that.

    Good luck no matter what you do- I will follow you wherever. xo Diana