Fair Photo Contest Finalist

I am from a small town where very seldom anything exciting goes on. During the Fall, we see small festivals popping up in places we go but we do not have a fair ground. The biggest thing we have is a dirt race track and a ball field.

Well, our city has decided to put on a “Gaston All American Fair” this month. It will be held in the parking lot of our mall. Sounds more like a carnival to me but it’s happening and they are calling it a Fair. It doesn’t take much to get us excited around here. I mean throw up a tent and we call it revival. 

The fair starts on Friday the 15th and goes until Sunday the 24th. 
I can’t wait to see what its all about. I love the smell of cotton candy and popcorn as the lights from the rides blink in bright colors. Another reason I am excited is I get to have a part in it.
Yes. I entered one of my photos in the amateur photo contest held online. They picked the top “liked” photos from 4 different categories to move on to the fair. Mine was one of them. Not only did it have the most likes in it’s category, it had the most “likes” over any of the others. So it moved on to be displayed and judged at the fair.. 

It’s just a little photo taken from my iPhone as I was leaving the post office one day. It was rainy and gloomy but something about the dreary town with the bright American flags made me snap a picture through my windshield while I was stopped at the traffic light. Now it could possibly be a prize photo. 

I had to mount it on a 11x14 mount board or canvas and I will be registering it on Saturday to be displayed and judged on Sunday. The judging will take place between 1-3 on Fathers Day Sunday. The winner will be announced at 3:00. I will be there waiting to see if my photo wins. I do not have much hope as it will now be up against a photo of a cute little girl, a farm pig and a dog. I have little chances of winning with my “Cloudy day on Main” photo but it’s exciting just to be one of the finalist. 

Fingers crossed I win and go home with a prize but good luck to all that entered.

To be continued........


  1. Lisa, That is a great photo. I wish you the very best , hope you win. I love to get pictures in our town when it's very early and not people about. Of course our town is a small one also. The courthouse is the tallest building. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    You're up against a dog photo! That's hard to beat.

    But I'll cross my fingers for you.


    (and yes, it's a really nice shot)

    (90% of photography is being at the right spot)

  3. What a lovely photo Lisa! I hope you win! Good luck!

  4. I love that photo and it would be really nice if you won the contest Lisa. Good luck!!!

  5. Good luck. And it is a lovely photo.

  6. It's a fine photo and looks to have a good chance to win. I'd vote for it. : )

  7. It's a great photo. Kind of a vintage feel to it. Good luck!!

  8. Congratulations, I love the name. Just stopped to say I always enjoy the visit, and thanks for the encouragement on the Shipslog...

  9. PS: And I am seeing every day what you meant by the comments' e-mails. I do MISS THEM!

  10. So proud of you!! We have the 2nd biggest county fair in the country in our county every July. Our boys were always involved in 4-H, I was a scrapbooking judge and one year, won the Bursting with Blueberries contest, lol! LOVE the photo!!